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  1. Literally all I need from Dula Peep is another Future Nostalgia level glow-up in terms of stage presence (She went from a 2 to a 5.5 REAL quick. But to solidify her as the *legend* she deserves to be, we're gonna need her at least at a 9.) She's got the voice, she's got the look, she's got the industry push. She just needs to give us a little less Posh Spice and a little more Tinashe...
  2. It's no secret that since the 2010's, pop star's aren't "discovered" anymore. They're bought. All of the breakthrough acts within the past couple years either had a ridiculous amount of money to self-start (Billie Eilish) or have a gigantic industry machine backing them (Olivia Rodrigo). Gone are the days of the Britney's and the Jlo's being plucked out of obscurity at open auditions. Taylor Swift really paved the way for the girls to start buying their careers. Remember when Taylor Swift's rich bank-president father (ALLEGEDLY ALLEGEDLY ALLEGEDLY) bought 10's of thousands of copies of her debut album in order to land her in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 with an indie record with NO promo? Who's to say that Disney isn't (allegedly) doing the same exact thing right now for Olivia Rodrigo????????? Honey, it's payola.
  3. Let me clarify: Jlo is and will forever be my #1 pop diva. I've been a huge fan of hers since I was 6. I even studied Spanish for 4 years in college because of Jlo. And I totally agree about her busting her *** and putting on a GREAT show - which is why (like with Britney) I don't always expect live vocals from Jlo. What I DO expect from Jlo is impeccable dancing, immaculate stage presence, and honestly just that Jlo magic that we've all come to love and respect. That's why on the occasions when she does sing live, I get SO excited. Proving once and for all that she really IS that gurl. And to say that lip-syncing is lying is honestly quite disrespectful to all the amazing and talented performers (and drag queens!) out there who slaaaaaaay the stage with their lip-syncs. Not every single artist has to sing 100% live every single time they perform! At the end of the day, Jlo is an incredible artist, performer, and entrepreneur. PS: still patiently waiting for Sephora to ship out my Jlo Beauty order!
  4. Yeah I noticed that too.... It seems like 2020 was the year she finally embraced the fillers and the pump. And honestly do you blame her? With all the pressure we put on celebrities (especially female celebs) to be eternally youthful, I'm quite surprised it took her this long to begin with. I'm just PRAYING that Jlo doesn't take inspiration...
  5. I nominate Payola Jones aka Camila Cabello so we can finally cancel her once and for all
  6. I honestly believe her when she says this. If you check out her video demo-ing her face mask on Instagram she looks GREAT - but if she were as pro-surgery as people say (no shade) there are things she could easily nip/tuck. The fact that she's opted NOT to shows that either a) she IS all natural as she claims or b) she's recently given up botox within the past 5 years or so. When you listen to her talk about all the expensive facials she gets on a weekly basis, it DOES make sense that she could look this youthful. If you're having your skin/pores cleaned professionally 2x a week using the EXACT clinically formulated products that your specific skin-type needs, you'd probably start to look like Jlo too! In conclusion, I think Jlo's looks has more to do with a bottomless pampering budget (facials, spa days, therapy, staff to remind her to hydrate) AND don't forget: Jlo seems to have won the genetic lottery. At the end of the day - it's just not fair to compare yourself to someone with a clear genetic (and economic!) advantage over us common folk.
  7. Love the idea of this thread! Have already found so many great songs for my playlist! Here are a couple that have been on replay for me lately: Raye is such an underrated queen! Huge in the UK, but virtually unknown here in North America. One of my all-time favorite Britney b-sides. Also this live performance is everything. This remix really does it for me. Wish the video was longer though. I scoffed at this song when I first heard it, but lately I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Is it fresh, groundbreaking pop music? No. Is it a really effective ear-worm? Oh yeah.
  8. Omg I hadn't seen this performance until now but its giving me everything I needed for this song! Can we just IMAGINE how much different this era would have been received had "Shadow" been the first single? "Shadow" as the first single, given the big push with live performances (just like this one!) and surely she would have caught some of that P!nk/Kelly Clarkson mom-crowd pop vibe that would have made this era a little more impactful. Regardless, I bought the album on day 1 and I will forever and always be a Kesha fan. Just some food for thought I guess.
  9. It's funny how back in 2016, lots of people had her pegged as the next main pop girl... What happened? From what I can gather - she creates all her own music independently through TEN (a Swedish label) and then hands it over to Epic for distribution? No shade, but surely someone would have noticed by now that this doesn't seem to be working...? I feel like her songs are good (nice radio bops!) but literally no one gets to hear them? I pull up "Love Me Land" or "All The Time" on YouTube for friends often, and every time the reaction extremely positive. (And then there's the leaked stuff... "Back and Forth" would have been an absolute SMASH and coulda been her true North American breakthrough, but Epic had the sheer audacity to ship it off to that K-Pop group after "Ruin My Life" didn't pop off like they wanted it to? Sony, chile... Can we TALK?!) Basically what I'm saying is that I don't think it's her, or even the music specifically. I think it's the classic case of Epic not knowing how to have 2 horses in the same race. They seem to be placing all of their bets on Camila Cabello, and apparently don't know how to properly market 2 pop girls at once? Noooooo bueno.
  10. Not sure if anyone really cares - but the song is officially #2 on the Canadian Hot 100, officially passing Don't Start Now as her highest charting single here in Canada! I would say that she would have been a guaruntee for #1 next week... but I can easily see Save Your Tears by The Weeknd shooting up to the top thanks to it's new video. Guess we'll see!
  11. My 2021 predictions: Camila will release a single, it won't do well. Her team will turn to a PR breakup to help sell the album. That'll work. RCA will still remain to be the most trifflin' record label around - and continue to do absolutely nothing with Normani. Normani will push to leave citing creative differences (very Tinashe) and immediately be snatched up by Roc Nation, who will waste NO time making her into the star she deserves to be. We still won't get R9. Maybe a summer single if we're lucky, but it won't hit #1 and so Rihanna will go back in hiding for a couple months (very BBHMM/Four, Five Seconds/American Oxygen). Tinashe will announce new tour dates for Songs For You, and also drop another album to do a dual-album tour. Y'all still won't care. Nicki Minaj will release a cluster of singles in the spring, and none of them will chart well. She'll say she's too busy being a mom to release an album - but will suddenly have an entire roll-out ready to go once one of her random summer pop collabs starts heating up the charts. Doja comes back with album 3, but its WAY too manufactured / heavily pushed. She becomes the annoying industry girl that Sony is shoving down our throats. It suddenly becomes cool to not like Doja for a minute. Cardi will take another 6 months trying to figure out how to top WAP, and she'll eventually come out with a half-decent album that leaves us all wondering what the hell took so long. Ariana Grande will release another album in late 2021, and then announce a dual Positions/AG7 world tour.
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