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  1. Resist what? I’m calling a spade a spade, as I have always done! And, well seeing how you treated “some of us” back in Jan, during all of their obvious manipulation, lying and pettiness, you should be embarrassed. Growth mindset moving forward! Trust the community over some shady blow-ins!
  2. @Jordan Miller as their number one fan you should more embarrassed than anyone!
  3. According to Lufti himself - when he took the stand in his defamation lawsuit against Brit's parents back in October 2012 - he first met Spears at an LA nightclub in May 2007. He told the court that she struck up a conversation with him first, when she bl**tly asked him if she could have the hat he was wearing (he always wears a hat because he is balding). Lufti said he told her "no" and that Britney liked that he refused her request as she doesn't often get told "no" to her face. He further explained to the court that they hit it off that night, and she started calling and texting him from that moment on. https://www.newindianexpress.com/entertainment/2012/oct/24/britney-spears-self-styled-manager-testifies--418327.html https://nypost.com/2012/10/23/britney-spears-manager-takes-the-stand-in-defamation-suit/ Whether this is true of not is debatable. In May 2007, House of Blues was showcasing Britney's M+M’s act by night. While Ali Simms was busy stocking up on wigs and clothes for the comeback by day. If anyone knows when (and how) Brit and Sam met it's Ali. Maybe it's time for Jordan to do an interview with Ali!
  4. The soundtrack really stood out for me also. It elevated the documentary in a way that most mtv pop vehicles rarely do. Very special. I became a big fan of Benn Jordan (aka The Flashbulb) after watching FTR (I believe seven or eight of his songs are featured). At the time, I loved that Phil Griffin (the director and producer) choose to use Benn's largely unknown catalogue of ambient music alongside Britney, the biggest pop star in the world. What tied them together was their struggles. Benn is bipolar and a long term sufferer of anxiety and depression (amongst other mental health disorders); he has said that making music has saved his life. I also really like that M83 - Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun was featured. It's a brilliant pile of perfect sounds. Ans the way it is used at the close was very moving. Listening to it even now brings so many feels.
  5. I doubt very much "they" would want the publicity. Direct from the horses mouth We know for certain they are made up of one (semi) attorney - she never passed the bar and is now the director of a HR company providing legal staffing and recruiting services (LFB Twitter tweed her in a picture with The Weekend before the SB below), the other is a senior UX Designer. They appear to be pro Ingham and Lynne, but most of the information they are posting is "basic". However, their timing with regards to court documents says they may have a "source" close to action. Don't forget phi_rez too, I've seen him come for people on Twitter who call out LFB, he has also done the same on here (I can vouch for that).
  6. Here we go! Take it up with the official Trademark officers. They are the ones who rejected the trademark on the grounds mentioned/quoted. Not me. Friday for Future doesn't contain the name Britney (or any famous person's name) - which cannot be profited off. I believe Friday for Future is also an non profit organisation now, (which started as a movement) so of course there is grounds for trademarking. What has Porsche 911 got to do with Free Britney, a social media movement?
  7. Glad you made a video about this @Jordan Miller Interesting that your source/lawyer friend made a prediction that the application would be rejected. I just checked, and although the current status is "application has been accepted", it has in fact on further inspection been outright rejected (according to letters sent to the registrant, which they can appeal...good luck with that) on a number of grounds, namely: 1. Registration is refused because...the applied-for mark consists of or includes matter that may falsely suggest a connection with BRTINEY SPEARS. Although BRITNEY SPEARS is not connected with the goods provided by applicant under the applied-for mark, BRITNEY is so well-known that consumers would presume a connection 2. Registration is refused because...the FREE BRITNEY movement is famous as a social media movement that’s aim is to “FREE” BRITNEY from the legally binding conservatorship she is currently under and conveys support in the movement. Basically, #FreeBritney is a movement, not a product or service that cannot be profited off, let alone trademarked. Period. Good to know some peops are doing their job!
  8. The sauna business used to happen after swimming classes (we had to do physical education as part of our course). I was the only one in the "english stream" who wanted to do swimming (as opposed to hockey or basketball), so I got lumped with a load of Czech students. After the class all the (Czech) swimmers went to the sauna, (girls and boys together). I found it very open minded, and it helped with my Czech (if you need to practice speaking a language out of your comfort zone, getting naked in a sauna is one way to do it) I did not see much of the town, as we spent most of the time biking. But the bits I did see were nice. Pac a pusu.
  9. Díky moc! I used to love saying that. I actually had to attend Czech classes as part of my university course curriculum, so I learned quite a bit of the language. Alas, I have forgotten most of it. Though, I must say it is a difficult language to master. I guess Slavic languages tend to be. I really appreciate your answer. I am getting a bit nostalgic now thinking of Praha and Univerzita Karlova. The beer being cheaper than water. The yummy Knedliky dumplings and gravy. It was another world. Oh and the fact that the female and male university students happily shared a sauna butt naked, was open minded to say the least No need to be sorry hun. I am fine now. Well, as good as i can be. Right? It is true about being able to live anywhere with the right people. I honestly think you could live on the moon with your favorite people and be totally ok. You are too sweet. Funnily enough, the blast happened like only 5 minutes from my apartment in the city centre. My partner and I were working from home that day (there had been a snow storm a week before (blanketing Madrid in inches of snow, literally) and we were all stuck inside (also with Covid, we really were doubly stuck). Thankfully, the schools were closed and there wasn't too many folks on the streets. Still, 4 died, and 10 were injured. I don't know much about your home town, Pardubice, but I did visit Hradec Kralove with a friend. We went biking around the countryside. It has hoping for a "Call Me By Your Name" kind of experience, but it never came. Těší mě! Objetí!
  10. Yesterday, New York Times' journalist Liz Day (from their FBS documentary) answered 5 questions about Britney herself. I should probably say the the article (which is made up of 5 videos) was on the front page of their website. I was pleasantly surprised. The videos are concise answers geared toward the ever growing number of curious NYT readers interested in the Free Britney movement (she doesn't go into detail). I feel like the answer to question 4, would involve Lou Taylor, amongst the obvious. Sadly, she doesn't mention her. The five questions are: 1. What happened at the hearing on Thursday regarding Britney’s conservatorship arrangement? 2. Do you think Britney will be successful in terminating her father’s conservatorship? 3. Has the waning of paparazzi culture made it easier for celebrities like Britney to have private lives? 4. What is the goal of fans in the #FreeBritney movement? 5. Do you think Britney will ever regain total control over her personal and financial life? Here's the article https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/02/12/arts/music/jamie-spears-britney-dad.html?surface=most-popular&fellback=false&req_id=428380282&algo=bandit-all-surfaces-decay-decay-02&variant=2_bandit-all-surfaces-decay-decay-02&imp_id=825023677
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