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Rosalía dragged for calling herself a Latin artist

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Singer Rosalía, from Spain, called herself Latin in a video she made for Billboard in a segment called "Growing up Latino." 

It started a keyboard war about whether Spanish people should be considered / are latino. 

There's an article on The Washington Post about this titled Does Rosalía’s music belong at the Latin Grammys? It’s complicated.

I don't feel like it's my place to comment on. Is the outrage justified? Exhale, thoughts? 



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Cringe. I love Rosalia, her voice, her attitude and pretty much everything about her. But she can’t call herself latina. As a Venezuelan, and latino, we learn so many things about our culture and our history, specially in learning to love our roots, so for a Spaniard to take that identity for themselves, I dont think so. Latinx holds a great power behind, both our past, our heritage and our idiosyncrasy. You can pay respect to it and appreciate and love it, but you cant claim it if you are not part of it.

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I don't really know what motivated her to say that or the rest of the context, but as a Spanish person I wouldn't consider myself a latino, and neither does everyone else here. It's true that our language comes from a latin root, but when we use that term nowadays a 98% of the times it's to refer to the common identity that the people from Latin America share. I don't think I'm that informed in this issue and I'm afraid that I could mess up, but for me it's one thing to categorise her music into the "latin" category, but for her to speak about "growing up latina" doesn't make sense at all 

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As a spanish person myself, she’s white, not latin. 
Her music could be considered latin as the term latin is not the same in music as in race and ethinicity.

Also she should have known that the topic of races and ethinicity in USA is a very sensitive one and far different than how it is in Spain.

In spain, if you are curious, you can be the whitest girl in town and wear black braids without any person of color calling you out. That is because in Spain you could say that the term “cultural appropiation” does not “exist” as there is not a lot of immigrants or different races (Spain is almost entirely white) and the minority who are immigrant or of a different race than white are the ones that actively try to show their culture and get the rest of the (white) people to try it and accept it.

So yeah, as a spanish person myself I get where she is comming from, but she should have known a little bit better about the topic in USA.

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I mean I guess she's technically wrong, but at the same time Twitter folks love blowing things out of proportion. They're like sharks just looking for some celebrity to tear down over the most trivial matters.

Btw I'm Latino myself so don't anyone try playing the "you don't know what it means to be Latino" card or whatever else is in y'alls arsenal. :badthoughts_gun_kris_genner_thinking_debating:

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Just to illustrate this topic a little bit more, below there is a bunch of books and research articles that refers to the term of Latin Europe:


Altough I totally undarstand the confusion as this term is not used by mainstream media :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:

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She should be dragged for her ignorance on the subject. But the general idea is that spanish, french, portuguese and other romance languages derive from the latin language. So there is a grey area in terms of just considering "Latin" people from Latin America (which is called like that because of the colonialism and invasion of the spanish and portuguese in and after the XV century). But the general consensus is that "Latina/Latino" applies only to those who were born in Latin America, or those born out of it but raised with its customs and culture.

She is spanish, european, and speaks and sings in a latin derived language. In other words: Hispanic.

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As a fellow user has already explained, Latin means that comes from a Latin speaking country: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania. She is not latin american, she is latin. That is not a mistake. Why the hate? 

It is not cultural apropiation, she is making spanish music (Flamenco) with urban influences. JLO and Ricky martin used Flamenco in their songs and nobody complaint.

Edit: Sorry the complete list of Latin countries are: Italy, France, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, and the Vatican City.

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The answer is simple: She is NOT Latin.

Of course, the term comes from that particular group of different languages with a common origin, but obviously that's not the meaning we're referring to here. In this case, it means "Latin AMERICAN"; that is, from the Spanish speaking part of the American continent... So, NOT Spanish or Hispanic, like she is.

I love Rosalía, but she is NOT Latin. Actually, by calling herself that she's simplifying our cultures and misseducating people into believing that being Latin only means speaking Spanish, and that's not the case. In Latin America, we don't even speak the same Spanish that she does; on the contrary, there are many Spanish dialects here, and there are huge differences between them now. Beautiful, rich differences. I'm from Argentina (like Lali), and we speak a different Spanish than Shakira (Colombia) and Ricky Martin (Puerto Rico), for example.

Also, Latin countries speak mostly Spanish because SPAIN INVADED US. So it's not right for anyone, especially Spanish people, to come years after and pretend to be like us, or claim a spot. We actually had to (literally) fight to be independent and have our own identities, so it's nothing less than blind and careless to speak so lightly.

I guess the same happens with black culture in the US.

Having said that... I just hope she can have this same conversation that we're having here with friends wherever she is right now. She needs to think about this. But other than that, she's smart and talented so she'll eventually get it and move on and keep on making great music and even greater videos. In Spanish. FROM SPAIN.

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As a Spaniard myself, I'm sure she got confused and meant to say Hispanic. Because we speak SPANISH and we have that in common.... among other small things like,... well... we conquered America. 

We, Spaniards are white Europeans, and proud of it.

All Latin people whining about this make me laugh. Chill the **** out and enjoy her music.



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40 minutes ago, bitbitboi said:

Also, Latin countries speak mostly Spanish because SPAIN INVADED US. So it's not right for anyone, especially Spanish people, to come years after and pretend to be like us, or claim a spot. We actually had to (literally) fight to be independent and have our own identities, so it's nothing less than blind and careless to speak so lightly.

Puhlease.......  "Pretended to be like us"  NO COMMENTS lol 

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