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  1. I agree! I mean, I have no problem with reggateon even though it's not my favourite genre, but it seems like everyone resorts to that same urban sound when they try to sound "latin" and it's starting to get too stereotypical and even ignorant when there are so many other influences that they could incorporate in their music. I mean, wouldn't it be cool if we started to hear salsa, bachata, mambo, bolero or tango mixed with pop? Artists like Nathy Peluso and Mon Laferte have done it and it seriously sounds amazing, it would be a breath of fresh air tbh.
  2. Good for her! I mean, she never said she was done with the music industry period did she? We don't know what the exact reason behind her depature was, but I'm sure she was open with the rest of the girls, after all they spent soooooo much time together and they must've known which aspects of their music career were the ones that were hurting her, so if she can continue her own path on her own terms I don't think they're gonna be mad about it
  3. The fact that I came into this thread just to say that Birds of Prey needed to be on that top 3 and the first reply already mentioned it! I have just one word for this list: T A S T E
  4. Cantante de día, profesora de español de noche, Rosalía really IS every woman
  5. It is, kind of, I would also say that it's like a political statement, but that's not necessarily a bad thing at this point of history. I feel like minorities who have always been discriminated need to be spotlighted first in order to be normalised in the future. It's a slow process, but we need to get through it before being able to say that you don't need to specify a person's gender identity when they are outsitde of "the norm".
  6. All I ask is to have back what 2020 took away from me
  7. I wouldn't be THAT annoyed if she at least announced when this or that album are delayed, because the fact that we have to wait for the supposed release date to come to realise that nothing is coming out is super messy
  8. Why are you so critical with a singer for releasing songs? Isn't she supposed to be promoting her music? I see nothing wrong with her putting effort into her craft and aiming for a number 1 or whatever, at least she's not resorting to cheap publicity tactics and things that have nothing to do with her art
  9. The fact that this is not the regular girl group breaking up situation with one of the memebers leaving because she wants to go solo or because she doesn't get along with the others makes it even sadder. I hope she gets better and she finds the happiness that she deserves
  10. The way they made an evermore song sound like it belongs on reputation, ugh, the talent
  11. To think that being topless is still considered the most shocking thing a woman can do is kinda sad isn't it? I think she looks great and so comfortable in her own skin
  12. What's Your Pleassure by Jessie Ware Sawayama by Rina Sawayama Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa Brightest Blue by Ellie Goulding Disco by Kylie Minogue I'm the worst at ranking stuff, especially because this year there have been sooooooo many amazing albums that have come out, but you get the idea
  13. He's very attractive and handsome, but I'm a little bit tired of "***iest man alive" being a synonym of "manliest, most muscular man alive", like, there are maaaaaaaany other ways of being ****, not just being traditionally masculine and having pecs
  14. You don't even know how popular Aitana is in Spain, so don't shade her just because she's not a star from the US
  15. We've been waiting for almost two years, it's about TIME
  16. Those titles sound so spacey, so glistening and so beautiful! And I love that there are so many new songs, it feels like so many artist are releasing shorter albums so I'm relieved that this is not the case. Come through alien disco queen
  17. Going to court to end the conservatorship and all the pigs that have been profiting from her like
  18. I don't really know what motivated her to say that or the rest of the context, but as a Spanish person I wouldn't consider myself a latino, and neither does everyone else here. It's true that our language comes from a latin root, but when we use that term nowadays a 98% of the times it's to refer to the common identity that the people from Latin America share. I don't think I'm that informed in this issue and I'm afraid that I could mess up, but for me it's one thing to categorise her music into the "latin" category, but for her to speak about "growing up latina" doesn't make sense at all
  19. I feel like people are being way too harsh with her, the album is full of cute bops and she's really talented! The songs are very lighthearted and enjoyable and I think that they're perfect for this time of the year, when it's still sunny outside but the weather is slowly getting chillier and you can feel a fresh breeze entering through your window as you do your chores
  20. They've been slaying me with their latest releases, I love how they've successfully transitioned into dance music without losing touch with their essence! Sam looks gorgeous on the video btw, I wanna lay my head on their chest
  21. Why are people from the US obsessed with calling artists "flops" whenever they don't do amazing in the States, as if the rest of the planet didn't exist. You can be successful in literally any other country but if you don't chart on the Hot 100 you're gonna get called a failure, isn't that a bit unfair?
  22. It's beyond me how it hasn't happened yet, could you imagine those two legends together on a disco-influenced dance banger? My little gay a*ss would probably never stop moving
  23. So are we getting an album or not? Don't play with our emotions Anyway, the performances were fantastic and she looks incredible, she can make the ugliest hairstyle work
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