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  1. is that a bad thing? Both really want to get the views, and get to the charts. At least they are keeping it more interesting in the video department than most pop male girls, that just do the minimum effort. I prefer Lil NasX being outside of the classic comfort zone, all feminine, queer, and strong, and just different than the norm, even if it is perceived as "he is trying to hard" For example, I like these two songs, but their videos are................ just plain karaoke screens, I wished they would have done something else
  2. Hi, I was wondering where would place Rita Ora, is she a musician, if so, could she be labelled as successful? She does not strike me as the sales machine, nor streaming machine, nor critics baby, and fan favourite? not sure if she has a sizeable fanbase. Then she tried the acting department with 50 Shades of Grey franchise/Pokemon Detective Pikachu, but that didn't go far. Then she did some hosting and TV gigs, and this is also not something that you would call her massive achievement. She has done her share as a judge in Masked Singer UK and The X factor and the Voice UK/Australia. For fellow artists in her range (2 albums released) she seems to be stuck, and not really taking off much. Is it all related to some recording company drama? I remember she had some big issue between her first (2012) and second album (2018). What you think?
  3. Another Dr Luke production/songwriting, Doja sure knows what's working for her
  4. Hope all goes well @Jordan Miller, mostly since March 2020, everyone is going on a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, overload of news, frustrations, contradictions, and trying to process everything, and keep moving. It is a rough year for everyone. So whatever your life change is, keep your head up, count to ten (Kimmy Schimdt) and then carry on. Every change has its stages, the first ones are the tough ones
  5. Flops? Justice? Just cuz US does not have taste, does not mean that every band that is successful worldwide but not in USA means that they are a flop When will Justin ever hit Glastonbury.
  6. I think she will do a “remix” version, and filme the video with Normani. That would be fireeeeeee
  7. I was watching Promising Young Woman and I noticed that Carey Mulligan does look a bit similar to Britney with her wavy blonde hair. I think she could totally encapsule Britney in a biopic
  8. Not only it got nominated. IT WON.
  9. and in that you are right. Shakira and JLo promote the **** of anything they do. Shakira will not be where she is after 30 years in the industry. She promotes every piece of work as if it was the first one. She has under her belt three FIFA World Cup ceremonies, far higher and more watched than the Super Bowl, if we are going to compare hardworking artists then yeah Shakira, The Weekend, JLo are doing what needs to be done. Britney said it best
  10. Have you seen all the promotion for After Hours in 2020? Like SuperBowl was the closing set of that whole Era. I literally listed all the females that killed it in 2020. Selena did nothing in 2020 and wants to be recognized. Do we want to recognize half doing the job then she got it, but she did not promote Rare. Facts not a joke. List of females that did their thing in 2020 Little Mix Chloe x Halle Doja Cat Megan Thee Stallion Rina Sawayama Miley Cyrus Khelani Charli XCX Taylor Swift HAIM Jessie Ware Kylie Minogue Katy Perry Ava Max BlackPink Zara Larsson...
  11. 2020, we got so many artists doing the work, if you want people (masses) to listen you need to sing, make your voice heard. There are so many places where to promote. Little Mix Chloe x Halle Doja Cat Megan Thee Stallion Rina Sawayama Miley Cyrus Khelani Charli XCX Taylor Swift HAIM Jessie Ware Kylie Minogue Katy Perry Ava Max I have no listed any male artists, etc. I am not comparing how each of them do it, but what's key here is, they all promoted their work and put in the hours, each to their own ways. Consistency, effort and making your voice heard is what gets people to heard, read, and find your work. Selena's voice is great, I love it, she has a beautiful voice, and I know how difficult is for her to go on tour, huge crowds and how uncomfortable awards are for her, dont do that, find new ways of pushing your music into the world, specially in 2020 people found even newer ways to promote and entertain if you wanted directly from their homes
  12. She could have used that to get a do over. I think that she hates performing, kinda similar to Zayn. which is a fair point. But then you can't expect music to perform well, or be reviewed, listened if you dont a) promote it b) if the piece of work is truly outstanding, then it will speak for itself, or c) promote it, if the work is average, but you stand behind it. Promoting on Covid times proved to be truly creative. Katy Perry promoted her work, was it Teenage Dream no, but she promoted remotely without people, without crowds, and she did that. Same for Chloe x Halle. Selena could have done that, no crowds, no huge stadiums, but she had a blank canvas to promote that album
  13. please let's not use the women narrative. If I need to use the example for men. The Weeknd. He has promoted EVERYWHERE. Miley, promoted the F out of Bangerz, Younger, Plastic Hearts. H.E.R. massive promotion. I can go on. The narrative is simple. Whatever your gender is, you need to promote your work. That's the example.
  14. I guess if you want to be taken serious, you need to promote, do the work, get on concerts, like everyone else has / is doing -> Dua Lipa. She can't just assume that just because she releases something then that's it. That's half the job. It is what it is.
  15. Tame Impala 🌞would be the best, but I see this in Europe/UK/Australia, but in US, they are not known massively. Their sets in European Festivals are always well received and massively attended. The energy is great!
  16. Someone on Twitter said she was going dominate 2021/2022, and it was unrelated to Positions. So maybe? In between movies/ some new perfumes/ a would say a new album is on the horizon. Super Bowl would be perfect to kick World Tour in 2022
  17. After the Super Bowl, he will get huge streams. He might go back to #1 with Blinding Lights.
  18. The only one promoting the F out of an album, an era. That's it. Queen Dua
  19. Do you think that there is a BreatheHeavy version by someone in 2021? Like someone that has a site to stan, I dont know any of these teen idols. For example, Jojo Siwa, or anyone below 20, and it will become what BreatheHeavy is now, just their focus is not Britney for X...
  20. But was any of the videos on the Revival era, forced on her? As per Wikipedia: Also, if your sister asks, well... it is part of adulthood to touch and dive into feeling yourself and liking your body and your ***uality, not everything needs to be child oriented. I feel that it also teaches a lesson to kids that you are allowed to grow and connect with all aspects of your life. If Selena felt at that moment that she wanted to be more ****, or film something in that context, then that's great, she is an adult and can do that. No harms there. Kids do kids stuff, adults do adults stuff.
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