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Is Exhale gonna die?

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This forum is nowhere near it's death :gagacrash:

While there is very often recycled threads and "pointless" games etc, we still manage to get super popular threads with 15+ pages, +100 replies and +5000 views every so often :zoomzoom:

Pretty good for a niche forum for an artist that had her last #1 hit in 2011, when will your faves? :chrissy:

Also please note that altho there's a very often the same super active posters posting messages to every signle thread, we still have a lot of lurkers who don't post anything at all :goat:

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I have seen many sites break in the past, including a forum where I was a content curator. But the exhale is different, there are more than 60 thousand people here. And honestly, let's respect Britney's legacy. It is not because she is on a cship that things about her will stop. Even if she never performs again, she is an event. We are still going to watch her children grow up, as it will be in the media (because yes, they will be seen by the media), she never saw being overlooked by the GP. ****, she's Britney Spears.

I don't even know what else to say. Definitely not. We shouldn't even talk about it. Unless Jordan doesn't have any more time to spend on it.

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