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  1. "Playing PEEK A BOO! in SHEER nylon"... Love you girl but these ads were just... She looked hot though!
  2. I was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago. The pricing, the products, and the promotional commercials were all very bad. No offense. It just didn't feel right. It felt try hard for Britney which is very rare. Came across as corny tbh.
  3. The paps haven't invaded her like this in years. I bet Daddy and team con are sending them out and tipping them off to add pressure. Let the women be. GROSS.
  4. HELL YEAH!!! The #FreeBritney era is honestly more giving than her past two musical eras and its not even her label releasing this stuff lol. I'm so happy for Britney right now. Redemption time baby. We are FOR SURE the best fan base! Hope this is good but I already can feel it will be! So excited!
  5. I can't believe how far we've come. It truly all started here on Exhale. You guys can hate on CNN all you want but its still going to be more exposure and based on the people listed it sounds pro Britney.
  6. This song is EVERYTHING. The video REALLY sells it though. Such a VIBE. I ******* LOVE Charli. THIS is how you do it. Total serve. Flawless!!!
  7. Dude, if you really loved Britney you wouldn't be making cheap appearances talking on behalf of her personal life and letting media rehash your 55 hour marriage. Its all so trashy. Inside Edition is basically the National Enquirer. Jerry Springer has more class. This is just so gross. He needs to move on with his life already. Do something, ANYTHING but involve himself with Britney.
  8. I have to admit that the timing does feel weird because she's in the middle of a very public legal battle. I understand where certain people feel like now isnt the right time to be posting this type of stuff. Its like that Oprah interview. It just feels to soon in the middle of all this stuff. Fans can agree to disagree. Its that simple. As far as the pictures go, she looks amazing. On a positive note I think its wonderful that she feels reborn and can reclaim her body. I'd also like to add that it was ok when her team and James profited off her completely naked body in the Womanizer and Criminal music videos but not ok on IG? If they even try holding that against her, that would be my first argument. Also she's aware of the timing and ultimately this is her taking control. " anyways I bet you’re wondering why I’d expose my body NOW "
  9. I'm 1000000,0000% here for this but after the situation is resolved. It doesn't make sense yet as the story is far from over. I also think it would look bad legally. They can and will hold her words against her.
  10. I agree 100% The gossip around this situation is not needed and I was personally disappointed when the movement turned into entertainment last year with the TikTok conspiracies. I only focus on what happens in court and spreading that information.
  11. This is a bop! I disagree with the majority of you! It sounds like a pop song. It might be shorter in length and has more of an instrumental chorus, but its fun! Music seems to be shifting more pop again and thank GOD! GO LIZZO!
  12. CONGRATS BRITNEY!!! This is a MAJOR stepping stone! I do wonder why he decided right after the judge denied Rosengarts requests? Maybe they've found some alarming evidence in this investigation? Rosengart seems pretty solid on taking him down! I want the tea! This doesn't feel real!
  13. You guys need to relax. Just because Britney hasn't posted in a few days doesn't mean anything bad lol. If anything that's good because they can't hold her posts against her in court. Rosengart may have suggested that himself tbh. I think keeping it light on social media right now is appropriate. Also Jamie Lynn is always posting. That's nothing new. Its also not shocking to think her father is planning as he's literally fighting to keep his job. Nothing has changed. Britney has a very good defense system who will protect her. I think you guys are just antsy because you've been used to constant news or IG posts on the daily and its recently been a little quiet. Quiet isn't bad. I would respect her privacy instead of tweeting theories right now. She will post again lol. What matters most is what happens in court and thats not too far away. Let Rosengart slay. I have complete faith in him. He wouldn't have accepted Britney's case if he didn't think he could win, and he doesn't lose. Vivian is about to be road kill and one of the biggest jokes in the legal world once he gets done with her. They have no defense lol. She could barely come up with a solid reason to keep Jamie on last court date other than saying it was "inappropriate" which is a blatant lie.
  14. This entire family needs therapy. I feel like this is being done on purpose. They obviously have a plan. They know what Britney wants and they are using that against her. I bet Jamie Lynn is doing this to spark Britney as she KEEPS publicly responding. I feel like they recently parted ways with whatever third party social media company they had in place to post Britney's IG account with the hopes of her posting all these erratic posts. That way they can go back to the court and be like "See this is why she can't be responsible for herself, and this is how she will get into trouble." Jamie Lynn purposely posted that picture with her husband looking at Britney's account and then posted it again on her stories with his phone blurred because she wanted to send the message that she see's Britney. To me that means that anything she says now is intentional and part of a plan. Britney has the right to post anything she wants however if I were her, I would cool it and play the game until she's free. This isn't over yet and they are going to fight tooth and nail.
  15. Your daughter doesn't want you in her life nevermind controlling her estate. It's a major conflict of interest. You have a restraining order set in place from your grandchildren. You have been accused of awful crimes. Many people in the industry have accused you of being too controlling and felt something was off. You are most likely going to be investigated. You've publicly humiliated your daughter. Your history of financial burdens and emotional abuse are large. Your health is in terrible shape and you should be focused on taking care of yourself. Yet somehow you still believe you are the BEST person to have ANY control over someone else, especially Britney? I can't think of ONE good reason you should be. Its absolutely insane! This isn't about Britney's mental state, its about you making the right decision before it needs to be forced. You are truly digging yourself into a deep hole.
  16. I think her career was extremely manufactured in the beginning and where she danced and sang with that baby voice, her team pushed playback and lip syncing. We all know since the cship that her brand has been cheapened and her Dad is capable of anything for money. I'm sure the seventeen year old Baby vocals in POM were part of his doing and maybe Britney wasnt fully aware or had control even if she was. The only time she's sung live since the cship has been other artists songs. Sometimes I wonder if Britney is used to playing the "game" though like they had her do earlier in her career. I do know the paps are animals but sometimes I wonder when she claims they change her photos, or she claims to sing live, ect. Who knows. I'm just interested to see her creative standpoint if she decides to continue her career after being free. That will tell a lot!
  17. I agree that the album felt “Britney” but I do think she’s more of an innovator and where it felt honest, it wasn’t evolutionary! Blackout was her last sense of artistic growth. Glory was her last personal growth. B10 should be all the above if it happens.
  18. The way she did Whitney here 😢 Britney was even younger. I give her so much props. I don’t understand why back then the goal was to destroy people’s PERSONAL lives. Talk about the music. Britney is a MAJOR SURVIVOR. Even today the media plays a major part in public perception. Thank GOD they are fighting for her but I pray if that changes again, Britney will be stronger and always in control of her narrative.
  19. Yes that’s what I figured. It’s just an odd situation because Britney herself isn’t technically in control so her father has to sign off on this? I mean I’d imagine he will if it’s court ordered but it’s a little confusing as I don’t know the technical legalities.
  20. You need to relax. Considering how crazy this situation has been for the past 13 years, I think it’s valid and fair to ask these questions. The “law” is manipulated everyday and I want to make sure that there’s no way Jamie can fight this off. It’s been corrupt for this long and nothing surprises me. You have some nerve. I’m not a lawyer and I’m trying to better understand ALL possibilities in this situation.
  21. You’re speaking as if Britney is a free women though. She can sign off on a lawyer but her conservator has to sign the contracts as well regarding payments from her estate.
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