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  1. I agree that the album felt “Britney” but I do think she’s more of an innovator and where it felt honest, it wasn’t evolutionary! Blackout was her last sense of artistic growth. Glory was her last personal growth. B10 should be all the above if it happens.
  2. The way she did Whitney here 😢 Britney was even younger. I give her so much props. I don’t understand why back then the goal was to destroy people’s PERSONAL lives. Talk about the music. Britney is a MAJOR SURVIVOR. Even today the media plays a major part in public perception. Thank GOD they are fighting for her but I pray if that changes again, Britney will be stronger and always in control of her narrative.
  3. Yes that’s what I figured. It’s just an odd situation because Britney herself isn’t technically in control so her father has to sign off on this? I mean I’d imagine he will if it’s court ordered but it’s a little confusing as I don’t know the technical legalities.
  4. You need to relax. Considering how crazy this situation has been for the past 13 years, I think it’s valid and fair to ask these questions. The “law” is manipulated everyday and I want to make sure that there’s no way Jamie can fight this off. It’s been corrupt for this long and nothing surprises me. You have some nerve. I’m not a lawyer and I’m trying to better understand ALL possibilities in this situation.
  5. You’re speaking as if Britney is a free women though. She can sign off on a lawyer but her conservator has to sign the contracts as well regarding payments from her estate.
  6. Idk if I would put that past him though. He’s holding on tight. I just want to know how this all works. In my head if a judge orders that and it’s paid from her estate, it’s a done deal. However Britney doesn’t technically control her estate so if her father doesn’t sign the contracts can anything move forward at that point? Or would a judge have to overrule that as well?
  7. Yes but her father controls her estate so if a judge approves this, wouldn’t her father have to as well? That’s his job.
  8. I mean I agree but personal feelings aside, how is she going to afford a lawyer? In my opinion it’s part of the reason why she hasn’t been appointed one of her choice. Lawyers are expensive and why waste money they’re trying to steal on someone who will fight against them? It’s all about the money. I just truly wonder how she’s going to afford it. I bet lawyers have offered Pro Bono left and right once this went public. I don’t know her restrictions though and if she’s had any opportunities to actually chat with this guy.
  9. Yes so my question is how? It’s clear to me that the reason she isn’t allowed to choose her own lawyer is because of the fees. They don’t want her spending her own money. She is clearly of sound mind. She only receives 2000 a week probably on a card with restrictions. How is she going to pay a lawyer? Or is this a Pro Bono situation?
  10. I personally feel that Britney is better off without a lot of these celebrities from the past. Hollywood is a gross and dangerous place behind the scenes and it changes people for the worst. Lance’s husband. The first thing I that comes to mind is how uncontrollably drunk he got on Lisa Vanderpump’s new reality show to the point where he busted his lip. There might be some celebrities speaking out, out of care, but I also believe some of these people are just bad. Britney has been betrayed by the world, and now her own family/state. She doesn’t need leeches anymore sliding in for attention. If Lance himself wants to talk so be it but he never had a personal connection with her and it’s disrespectful. I don’t know the guy but this is such a complicated situation where we can’t all put these celebrities in one box if they choose to speak out. My gut is telling me his intentions on speaking aren’t pure and I wish I could explain why because I’m not one of these fans on a witch hunt. I think my biggest worry about her freedom are the wrong people once she’s free. Like I said, Hollywood is full of bad people and I just want her to be healthy and happy.
  11. Why though? If she’s not directly posting her content but choosing what to post and the captions after getting approval that makes complete sense. Comparing that to letting Britney physically see others are two different things. They don’t want her to get access to a phone or drugs or whatever the case. Fans make it seem like she’s a prisoner in her own basement with leg shackles and a dog bowl. The reason most of the posts look old is probably because she doesn’t have a life sadly and likes to post the few engagements she has with Sam. Or when she puts effort into these photo shoots which aren’t everyday. The only odd part about that is that she can’t just say so herself. She has said she’s bored before and I think more than once. She most likely has a social media quota to match and even if not, again she’s very sheltered and there’s only so much to share. I barely post on social unless I have things going on myself. I also think everyone needs to keep in mind that we just had a year with a global pandemic and Britney technically (not including staff) lives alone. She had A LOT of time on her hands.
  12. This entire case is a joke. A literal joke and they should all be ashamed and embarrassed at how utterly stupid this is. I have no question if Britney will be free anymore it’s a matter of when. I think the ones who have dropped out know this as well and are striving for grace once Britney is free and starts coming for them all. Go ahead and keep pushing her you fools. I know Britney will sue for embezzlement and I think she won’t have to settle for a settlement. I think she can get her money back AND send some of these crooks away. Even if none of them get jail time, they’re reputations are over. No respect, no work, no future. It’s hilarious that a civilian who happens to be a fan can connect these simple dots. This is why Sam had to go. I hope her lawyer of choice DESTROYS them all.
  13. Regarding your first topic my mind always goes back to the day when 17 year old me watched FTR with my Mom. I remember asking my Mom so many questions as I didn’t understand her answers to the fullest extent. Being older AND looking back now I get what she was trying to say. I’ve rewatched that doc multiple times and the even though it’s very sugar coated I give her so much credit for going there publicly that soon. Almost no time to process the situation honestly and I bet she feels different today. Regarding your second topic, I don’t think she ever meant to put her story in her art. I think it naturally came out subjectively through her self conscious!
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