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  1. I’m sorry but all I can think about whenever Nancy Grace comes up is her OBNOXIOUS voice and point of view. I appreciate the support but darling do your homework and learn the rest of this story before you blabber about a story you know 20% of. She triggers me lol.
  2. I’d also like to add that performing after being honored did not start after this award lol. Many artists honored their wins by performing way before that. I would personally do the same as a reminder and thank you for the recognition. That award is young but very respectful and normally I’d say no matter what award big or small, validation is the ultimate respect, however that’s like a lifetime achievement award and deserved a performance.
  3. Britney wanted her voice to be heard and after years of being silenced and personal issues AND media attacks resulting in the ignorant world turning on her she crashed. I’m watching the new season of the Selena series on Netflix at the moment and at one point her father made her leave the man she fell in love with. What did she do? She married him at the courthouse in private. It’s also parallel to Britney because when her father separated her from her future husband for months she struggled on stage because she wasn’t personally happy aka FFney and a lot of Britney’s career over the past decade. It’s nearly impossible to shine on in the spotlight when you’re unhappy yet they’ve made her work. Vegas was a meet in the middle type of thing and even after that it took almost two years and a revamp until she looked happier again aka 2015/2016.
  4. I mean I’m a major fan of Britney but as an artist she’ll never be respected until she sings live and writes more. She’s really an entertainer and singer but even the singing aspect was never respected because of her baby voice. It’s no offense. No one can deny her dancing and performance art earlier in her career. She was MJ level in that regard. Her music was also catchy but when you look at the person from an artist point of view I can understand why she didn’t always win. And honestly again, it’s selfish that they used her anyways for ratings but didn’t respect her work. That’s bull lol. I can understand not awarding artistry and lip syncing however you can’t use that same person for ratings. BUT! As I always say, awards are never remembered. They don’t matter. Songs and performances (of her level) will always be remembered. She’s an icon. Lucky never won a VMA or went number 1, but everyone remembers it. Random example lol. My point is that numbers and awards don’t matter as much as people think they do. Impact does.
  5. Fans get lost in personal feelings and forget that showbiz is literally just that. A business. I feel that’s half of the problem over the years and not just the conservatorship as she started rebelling years before it was even put into place. It’s a nasty and hard place to work for. Money talks.
  6. I’m a little lost with your point? I do stand behind what I said and I believe Britney’s team contacted MTV or vice versa that year and did so for ratings. FF era was Britney at another commercial high after the anticipation of the the Circus era. Behind the scenes her team knew she wasn’t focused on her career 100% hence BJ and Vegas right after. Her team most likely wanted her to be honored or even MTV at that point. All it did was add to her icon legacy and help sell Vegas seats a couple years later. You guys forget that world doesn’t keep up with every award Britney’s received. They do know her as an icon and especially with MTV so after her breakdown, comeback, and follow up era it made sense for ratings alone. Good for the networks ratings and great for Britney’s public image. Win win.
  7. Got a notification that you’re following me. Just reaching out and saying hello! Enjoy Exhale!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TakeYourHand

      Haha well I’m glad you enjoyed. I have more stuff coming down the road.

    3. -BoxerInTheRing-

      Righteous! Going to the hearing in june?

    4. TakeYourHand

      Via Zoom? I will try lol. I’m not flying out. I’ve got a household to keep afloat and planning my move down to the Caribbean by early 2022! Im just here to help be a rational fan and keep this movement alive by objective thoughts. Sometimes subjective as I don’t have all the facts but more or less common sense and a human point of view for Britney. 

  8. It wasn’t their way of apologizing lol. Britney was at another prime commercially and the conservatorship promised she would show up and accept the award given by the worlds new biggest biggest pop star (Gaga) at the time (hence the kiss reference aka passing of the torch) and they knew it would generate bigger ratings. It’s a business and that’s literally all it was about. I’m sure Britney was honored but she had personal issues galore at the time and didn’t even want to perform as every other artists does and would. The timing was trash. MTV doesn’t give a damn about Brit. They were always helpful in her rise but again that worked two ways.
  9. She won three awards in 2008 for the same reason she lost them all in 2004. Ratings.
  10. I’m going to make a final mix within the next couple days. I have too. This instrumental is TOO good. I have a fake Blackout2 playlist with this and that tbt Danja instrumental and Candy From A Stranger, ect.
  11. This makes complete sense. Britney has to want to end the cship and that means she’s going to be responsible for a lot of things she hasn’t had to deal with in years. Maybe she’s content not dealing with certain responsibilities at this time. When she goes to court and requests herself to end it, I’ll be more against it myself. I think with Jamie aside she’ll be able to breathe. I don’t like the cship but it doesn’t appear she’s trying to fight it off quite yet. And if she’s happy that’s all I care about. Let’s start with getting Jamie out and see where it goes. I think with him gone, she’ll have more peace of mind to really think about what she wants moving forward. And yes she did fight it more in the beginning but her kids are grown now and that time has passed.
  12. She’s probably aware but that’s a completely separate case. It’s doesn’t look good on him but it doesn’t correlate to the conservatorship specifically. This is why it’s important for Britney to speak up.
  13. LOVE IT! That baseline in the chorus is so hard. I love Britney’s hard hitting bangers because people always associate her with bubblegum pop. Bravo Danja! I also remember this was the first song to leak from Circus even though it wasn’t real and the real version leaked right after. This instrumental STILL bangs and fit the theme very well. It also sounded more like Blackout and I remember being so excited 😆
  14. The way fans treat Britney like she’s some clueless and helpless idiot is ridiculous. She’s a grown women. She’s in a terrible situation but it’s up to her to fight and make changes and all we can do is support her if she chooses to. This is her fight. Her life. If Britney doesn’t take action this situation will never end. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but after two years of this movement, public attention, and court documents stating she’s aware of the movement, the ball is in her court. All this other speculation is silly at this point. We don’t know what’s really going on. We do know she’s aware though. It’s like some of you are fighting something she’s not even as focused on at the moment. She’s taking baby steps. It’s truly up to Britney herself. You don’t think Sam and her Mother don’t keep her in the loop? I mean on one hand you all say she’s a grown adult with children who deserves rights but then victimize her and act like she’s some slave who can’t help herself at the same time. Brits a grown women. I have faith that she knows the business and the system set around her better than any of us. Just be patient at this point and respect Britney. This situation is a damn mess.
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