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Camila Cabello covering Beyonce's "Single Ladies," JLo's "Let's Get Loud" and Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" in Cinderella soundtrack

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I don't care for Camila in the slightest tbh. BUT, this whole cancel culture is so stupid and sheepish.

So many people having things dug up from 6/7 years ago and used against them is pathetic.

Are you the same person you were 6 years ago? Are you defined by your biggest mistake?

Some of you really need to grow up, the culture we had back then was less educated and highly ignorant. People would unfortunately use words but not know the dark history behind them.

Should we condemn the things said? 100%. Should we hold it against them for the rest of their lives? Absolutely not.

Holding bitterness and resentment is going to eat you alive. Move on and educate people.

Focus on stuff happening NOW. Things being said NOW.

Some of you are so closed minded for people who are supposed to be so liberal :jlostare:

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This is so dumb. I’m sure there will enjoyable elements of this production bc billy porter is an amazing singer, but how much more can you pander? Single ladies?!? R they trying to piss theatre ppl off?

the brandy version of Cinderella will never be topped and the dummies at Disney don’t even have it on their streaming service.

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5 hours ago, jj_boha said:

I can’t see her as Cinderella ...can girl even act ? And we’ve seen the destiny’s child tribute fifth harmony did once.... Camila just didn’t fit the songs so I can’t even imagine  how single ladies is gonna go 

she's a great actress tenor.gif?itemid=12679000 (SAID NO ONE) :tifflmao:

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Notice how there are only songs by POC? They’re really trying to cater to the feminists (she’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man), the LGBT (with Idina Menzel and the OTT fairy godmother) and POC (with the soundtrack having mainly coloured people singing them and having Camila Cabello playing the lead character).

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Wow am I late to this thread

and LOL are u serious?! :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

Camilla has a VERY annoying and nasally voice,

there is no way she can pull of any of those songs (especially Beyonce and I dont even like her)

There trying to make this movie politically correct and its STUPID!

We dont need another Cinderella movie, we have a sh!!!!t ton of them!

The only POC cinderella I love is the one with Brandy and Whitney Houston.

Now that was a Cinderella musical done right!

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