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  1. That’s plausible and Ive made the same excuses for Sam in the past. But if he really loved her he wouldn’t have been able to watch her live this shell of a life for so long. He would have made the sacrifice of getting canned by team con so he could speak out for Britney’s basic human rights. They could still reunite after she got her freedom. He could have started the Free Britney movement. But he didn’t want to give up the clout and perks of dating Britney. I’m not saying he has no compassion, but he’s an obvious narcissist and will always put himself #1. Britney deserves way better. Period.
  2. Wow he wore a tshirt after witnessing and ENABLING his girlfriend’s enslavement for half a decade. It only took 2 years of constant pressure from Britney’s fans for him to speak up. Someone get this man a medal.
  3. It’s easy to call anyone who disagrees with you a troll. A troll wouldn’t be spending time on the front lines of this movement going to the actual courthouse for over two years. Unlike others who have a history of promoting Team Con rereleases, the Zone, her IG, defending Cassie, etc. the irony of a Britney forum banning free speech when Britney has been put thru the hell of censorship for so long. Calling attention to a shady male figure in Britney’s life ≠ trolling
  4. The irony of a Britney fan using this gif. Don’t act like there aren’t ulterior motives to banning any criticism of Sam. No other person has gotten that kind of special treatment before. Lots of people see it, they just get banned from threads and blocked from responding.
  5. No wonder any criticism or literally any QUESTIONING of Sam gets you banned from a thread on this forum if not worse. Just like I told a mod in their DMs last week, it’s clear Sam (as well as other elements of Team Con) have an alliance with BH. They tried to act like it was the most laughable things they’ve ever heard, but the few real ones left on here BEEN KNEW.
  6. Lou posted him on her ig story just a few weeks ago and he reposted it on his story. Hmm
  7. How many users commenting on this thread are sock puppet accounts? This forum is RIDICULOUSLY censored, you’re not even allowed to question her boyfriend’s motives. Pretty sure you’re allowed to do that on atrl. And watch me get banned from this thread rn further proving the OP correct. Anyone who would have spoken up for the truth in this instance has already been banned from the site. Get real.
  8. We all knew Brit was being blocked from getting married and having kids. It’s all she talked about wanting for over a decade yet there was no action. Maxi knows nothing.
  9. I have less respect for this man than Lou m Taylor. No lie. What a worthless creature.
  10. She legit sounds AWFUL. Are they purposely trying to make her come off bad?! Bc that “acting” at the end was also terrible. No comedic timing. not to be evil but I enjoy seeing bad things for her lol
  11. Cinderella is an old fairytale from many different cultures. She can be any race... Disney was not the first
  12. There is no argument. She was paid to be a backing vocalist. Even if she knew she was gonna be singing lead some of the time, how was she supposed to know Britney didn’t want a ghost singer? It’s not her responsibility and she wouldn’t have been able to get a straight answer from Britney or her team anyway.
  13. Leave her tf alone why is Britney’s fan base such a mixed bag of the best and WORST of humanity!? How juvenile to verbally attack a struggling artist who was simply paid to do a job
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