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Lady Gaga "Stupid Love" music video comment party

Jordan Miller

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7 hours ago, nosleep said:

This is pretty spot on! This fashion style has a name actually, it's called the Y2K aesthetic, it's getting bigger and bigger these days with the early 00s nostalgia. Tight leather trousers, silver eyeshadow, shiny clothing, Oakleys, gradients, blobby electronics… For a brief moment at the end of the 1990s and the start of the 2000s, it appears popular culture really did catch the millennium bug if the y2k aesthetic is anything to go by.

theres a whole blog dedicated to it on tumblr : 




i vaguely remember that time, the angsty 1990s were behind us, the dotcom bubble was swelling and yet to come was the market bust and “war on terror”. y2k – the supposed turn-of-the-century bug that would bring our infrastructure to a terrifying halt – had failed to materialise and for a brief moment there was nothing but glittering utopian futurism and faith in a new age of boundless possibility. this brief moment was characterised by a distinct aesthetic period, encapsulating fashion, hardware design, music and furnishings shiny with tech optimism – sometimes literally.

Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Thanks for sharing that, I had no idea that this elusive optimistic cosmic period has such a following now.

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On 2/28/2020 at 11:57 PM, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

Yaaasssss, she has physical singles on her web store! Picture disc, CD and cassette! Physical format is really making a comeback, loves it!

It's nice to see an artist releasing a CD single. I hope there is a B-side (instrumental or remix). Like for the Pretty Girls CD.

It will be pretty expensive to ship to Europe I guess, though...

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2 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

The Pretty Girls CD... I so wish that wasn’t her last physical single!  :wontcry:   :haha:   :tiffanycries:

It's also the last CD single I bought but I hope that Britney will one day release again a CD single. :crying1:

(I may buy the Stupid Love one if it's sold a decent price in Europe and if the song grows on me).

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The song itself is OK (I guess I'm the only one that haven't listened to that leaked version :imok::queenriri:) It's not bad, but for me it's not good/powerful enough for Gaga and for being first main single from a new era... :ohdear::heresthetea:and those lyrics are extremely basic in some places (and I oop).

When it comes to music video: again - it's "ok". I appreciate that she went for some kind of theme/aesthetic, and I appreciate that whole "love and peace" message (it's better than making songs/music videos about violence, drugs or whateva :checkit:) but that music video is cringey in some places... :gross: her dancing is fire tho! :bop: I like that choreography :pumped:.

So overall everything is "ok". The song is not bad. The music video is having some amazing moments and cringey/embarassing moments. I just wanted something "more" from Gaga's first single... but I'm excited for next singles and the entire album! :divaney::verycool:

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good for her!, her breakup was a good choice.

the song didn't catch me at all sadly, the music video reminds me of rita from the power rangers with nicky minaj pink friday look. and the song is similar to born this way. 

but good for her fanbase she's back., i saw she was #1 in more than 30 countries as overall songs charts. congratz. 


btw i'm not a gaga fan but i'm glad she is back to her old persona again.

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