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  1. That's actually already a lot brought to the table. You do not see many gay rappers doing this well while fully embracing their queerness.
  2. You're the most iconic of us all! (I haven't indeed posted in a while. My life was so busy lately that I was not able to be connected when Britney started her very own rebellion: I'm sure I've missed a lot!)
  3. Same, I fear that she is following Shakira's path: lyrics that are more and more basic. At least she is not featuring with every random rapper... yet. I do like a lot Man's World and Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, but it's not as good as her first 3 albums.
  4. Ok, makes sense, it could be a source issue, indeed! Anyway, thanks a lot for your great work. I have been comparing your videos and the official "HD" ones on my 4K TV and yours are noticeably better. I wish YouTube's bitrate would be decent, because there is still a lot of banding in your uploads, which is I guess due to low bitrates... I will still continue collecting DVD rips and master ProRes because they look the best on my TV (which has good upscaling). But anytime I will need to use YouTube, I will watch your videos.
  5. I think you are doing a great job overall, but in that case, how can you be so sure that this tint was not the intent?
  6. No, you're not. I have always liked it, it's different and very unique. But I do agree that the fanmades using the inlay picture are even better.
  7. Nightcore? More like chipmunk version.
  8. The song is amazing but it deserves a better music video. (Also no clue about the egg nor the whole country theme).
  9. If you like open worlds: a bit cheaper than Zelda: Breath of Wild (that others mentioned) but with similar gameplay, there is Immortals Fenyx Rising. There's also The Witcher III: Wild Hunt or Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection. To play with friends, I recommend Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. TowerFall is also a nice multiplayer game (if you are not afraid of the retro style). If you like horror games, I heard that Alien: Isolation is very good. I have it on PC but I am afraid to play it. If you like platform games, Ori and the Blind Forest (or the sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps) and Hollow Knight are recommended. Hollow Knight is quite hard for casual gamers. If you like roguelikes, Hades is very well-known.
  10. Happy 17th birthday BreatheHeavy, almost legally adult in Europe.
  11. Wow, very daring performance. Would be ok for any female singer, but for a guy, this is very transgressive! I like him more and more. You're on a Britney forum and you are disgusted by a little bit of skin and some sëxy moves?
  12. Not a big fan of the outfit, but Britney looks good nonetheless. (This is clearly one of Randee's best pic; we are not blinded by the light, for once!)
  13. It's not a bad song, but she has so many amazing tracks that this one does not shine in comparison. And the lyrics are not subtle, nor very clever. I am a big Marina fan, so I am hyped nonetheless. The title of the album is great!
  14. I am not a fan of her country past, but I may listen to it just to compare. And kudos to her for re-recording her whole discography. She has released 3 albums in less than a year. She is that impressive.
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