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  1. It's not a bad song, but she has so many amazing tracks that this one does not shine in comparison. And the lyrics are not subtle, nor very clever. I am a big Marina fan, so I am hyped nonetheless. The title of the album is great!
  2. I am not a fan of her country past, but I may listen to it just to compare. And kudos to her for re-recording her whole discography. She has released 3 albums in less than a year. She is that impressive.
  3. I thought it meant "Work Betch Kween" or something like that. I've reached my grandma era!
  4. I never understand who is paying $10 or $15/month for a few nüdes. Like, do people really have so much money at their disposal?
  5. But... you're profile picture is literally Link being sëxually assaulted by his evil twin.
  6. Hyped for that, though I would have prefered such a duet to be a brand new feature.
  7. Exhale's servers being destroyed by fire just when Lil Nas' satanic videos hit #1... coincidence? I don't think so. I am really happy for him and it's great that such a LGBT anthem is successful. I also read that it may be still in the top 5 this week, which is great as I was fearing a major fall.
  8. Many of the clothing items people love, including Nike's shoes, are made in sweatshops, sometimes by children. This is the blood price of these items, not red ink with one drop of blood freely donated, according to the company making them (I actually doubt there is even blood at all, it's likely just for the shock factor). There are so many things to get offended by. This is not one of them.
  9. Wow, this is what I call a daring and iconic video! Clearly way above any male artist these days. And he's going even harder than many female pop stars. A bit tacky maybe, but he deserves praise for not caring about what people think. All his videos have been very creative. He's impressive. The song is good, though is voice is a tad overprocessed at times. This pole scene!
  10. I love her, but... How many reissues does she plan to release? She should have made one great reissue instead of the half-baked one we got.
  11. It's a good pop song. And the music video is classy.
  12. An amazing bop, and one of her best videos (the stairway scene!). And the controversy on the meaning of the chorus is the icing on the cake.
  13. The UK Royal Family is most likely racist and bigoted (at least some of its members). Though it does seem to me that Meghan and Harry are using Oprah's platform to also gather publicity, as they have signed deals with Netflix and Spotify. I have a hard time relating to their struggles, as many people face much more hardship in their lives. The talk about being financially cutoff was particulalry disrespectul for millions of people who have difficulties paying the bills. They're freaking millionaires, who bought in August a $14.7 million house. The inheritance Harry received from his mother and great grandmother is estimated to be over £17 million. They're not your friends, but they will profit off your compassion. I'm French, so we cut the head of our king centuries ago. Maybe the UK should also do some cleaning there. But it should come from the people, not some rich kids displeased about how their family treated them.
  14. Agreed. Some J-Pop singers would have been more logical. But this I Only Wanna Be with You song is ok.
  15. This futuristic look is amazing. But yeah, crying over an expensive car... Man of the people, eh?
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