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  1. Right-wingers act like political correctness and cancel culture are something new and inherently left-wing whereas if Britney suffered from public scrutiny and outrage it was entirely from a conservative point of view. All the creepy virgin questions, sl**-shaming and ***ism she was subjected to. I don't think it can get worse than that.
  2. Ah, right. I didn't notice that weirdly placed text (how convenient by the way) and was actually wondering how they were going to spin it as speculation. But now I get it. Sneaky
  3. Also why does it say MARRIED IN HAWAII in huge letters if she supposedly only proposed?
  4. She definitely does not post herself. But whether the stuff we get to see is really coming from her and is simply uploaded on their behalf or rather completely made up by team con? That's where I'm not sure. I'd like to believe it's not her honestly but given that we saw some videos where she said those things herself (skinny as a needle, etc.) I'm leaning toward it being mostly her but edited or arranged in a way that suits a certain narrative.
  5. Has any blind item ever stated anything specific that hadn't been speculated before? If so, did it turn out to be true? I'm asking seriously because I don't follow it, only when someone posts it here and it's always things we already suspect might be true
  6. I don't know anything about American justice system but the fact that she went there personally makes me think she is taking matters in her own hands. Like she making sure whatever she wants to do is being done, rather than letting other people do it for her and risking being deceived by them. So I guess it's a good sign?
  7. I was 'GP' at that time and I knew she had an album release only because my friend (who happens to be gay) told me about it. Otherwise I was only aware of the personal issues, VMA and the Gimme More video.
  8. I misread the title of this post and thought this would be Britney's brother
  9. I think Womanizer was hyped but its perception among GP might have been overshadowed by the context of Britney's personal issues. Like "oh, she's back already after all that stuff and seems to be doing fine? Good for her". People still like this song but it seems to be kind of forgotten when compared to her other hits like Oops, Baby or Toxic. Whereas Oops was instantly iconic and it was referenced all the time in so many movies, songs... It still is actually.
  10. The prerecorded vocals is one of the reasons why I love this performance so much. But I don't really understand why her team bothered to include them in the first place if they did not see any problem using cd vocals from 15 years ago in POM on a regular basis.
  11. I agree that the original song sounds unfinished and lacks direction. In that regard your remix is much better. I like how you extended the chorus. And the overall vibe is much more coherent in style as you said. There were brief moments were I felt that the vocals and the instrumental were slightly out of sync or something though. I don't know how to describe it, as I know nothing about music. Good job
  12. I'm still wondering why she was allowed to release songs like Lucky and Overprotected back in the day. I know, technically it was before the conservatorship, but a lot of people already talked about how she was a manufactured pop star, a product, a puppet for her label. Maybe they wanted her to address that, maybe they wanted it to be on the nose, or maybe they just didn't even care. The last one seems the most probable to me. We need to remember that when Domination was being produced, conservatorship hadn't been that widely discussed by GP. Freebritney started to gain traction after the residency was cancelled.
  13. I just randomly stumbled on this song on YouTube and went here to check if it was already posted. It's a bop a YouTube link for those who don't use Spotify:
  14. I wouldn't say I prefer it, at least now that I know it's something she had to fake. However, I acknowledge that it might be what made her interesting to me and a lot of people in the first place. I think it's actually complicated. We now know how entertaining her performances would later become, with lip syncing and dancing, so it's nice to see her actually sing instead of dancing for a change. However, I can imagine her executives watching her perform this way and thinking that her voice alone might not be enough to captivate the audience, and for that reason making her take a more dance and spectacle-oriented direction. I don't know what's worse: that they came to that conclusion? Or that it apparently worked?
  15. I never found Mona Lisa creepy, probably because I didn't pay attention to the lyrics and wasn't aware of the backstory when I listened to it for the first time. Mysterious yes, but not creepy. I think My Prerogative is creepy though, mostly because of the video. That black wedding seems... vaguely satanic Lyrics wise Lucky and Overprotective because of how prophetic they were. But even before the conservatorship it didn't make sense to me that she was overprotected and yet... she was singing about being overprotected. It's like hiding something in plain sight, which makes me think of conspiracy theories. Edit: I don't know if remixes count but...
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