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  1. I love how she dgaf about what people say and just does her. Queen behavior.
  2. I can't remember this! Anyone knows why she's laughing so hard here? LOL I WANNA WATCH!!!
  3. Sounds legit tbh. There are no bonus tracks because she probably couldn't afford those...
  4. I get where you're coming from... But I think it's bigger than Britney here. It's about human rights violation, and that there are thousands of others like Britney who may have it worse than her, making it a very important social issue for sure.
  5. "...begging to put my new music in my show for MY fans" makes me think that she does love some of her work post-blackout. Maybe she's referring to Glory because that album is a gem...
  6. I feel like MAYBE it's really her with that last post. If team con uses #FreeBritney, then they're just so stupid... Especially when they lost big time today. Also, Sam liked and used the hashtag too which he never did before until now. Whether it's her or not - it's giving a lot of attention to the movement for sure. It's something team con doesn't want... But she's still in the conservatorship and the Britney estate which includes her socials, is under team con? I hope Britney or her attorney lets us know the truth so that fans will stop questioning lol Being a britney fan is so hard ya'll.
  7. Damn sorry to hear that. What a vile person. I hope she and her band of roaches have been exterminated But the thing about roaches is that they'll keep coming back...
  8. Tbh I remember there were a lot of trolls/anti-fans(?) making fun of her and just being complete a-holes on this forum. Not sure if they are still around. But I remember one of the psychos' username was lilith or something. loool
  9. dont want her to go back to LA tbh.. Ugh... she needs to be protected from those predators and abusers...
  10. Britney can be the biggest star if she wants to but our humble queen is not greedy or power-hungry. She IS still huge because of her star power alone. I think she knows how lonely it is to be at the top. There are way too many fake people around you when you're that huge and successful. Also, I can't imagine how hard it is to trust the people around you especially after going through what she's going through for more than a decade.
  11. I know that they're not obligated to speak on it BUT I wish many would especially with their platforms and huge following. This is a serious issue. And it also shows how much they care about the issue.
  12. I think I was more of a Disney kinda gal. Lizzie McGuire >>> The only Nick shows i was into were iCarly and Victorious loool but that's like years later.
  13. Am I the only one who didn't care for Zoey 101? That show was honestly shait.
  14. She has no right to weigh on the movement after what she's been saying about Britney and her mental health. She fake azz is part of the problem.
  15. I think she needs a breather, a long one. 13 years of constant struggling and abuse has taken a huge toll on her. She can come back whenever she wants, if she wants to. But I can see her wanting to stay away from the lime light for a very very long time. I hope she heals from all this. And if making music helps, she should be free to do that. Whatever she wants to do with her life, we as fans should really respect that.
  16. I think Swimming in the Stars for me. It's just melancholic and hopeful at the same time. Like, she longing for something
  17. Glory is so underrated. It deserves more exposure and recognition...
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