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Lady Gaga "Stupid Love" music video comment party

Jordan Miller

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22 minutes ago, RebelMe said:

How is this even possible? :surprisedney: 

It's really good sis. :carpoolney:

I almost gave in and listened to the leak but Gaga typically delivers with a visual so I wanted to wait and indulge the package as a whole. Her first singles are typically growers for me...cept perfect illusion. Artpop and Joanne didn’t do a lot for me as a fan but I think shes coming full circle with the next album. A star is born also reignited my love for her along with her netflix doc. 

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I hate to say this but I’m disappointed by the video.... I had high hopes but the dancing is just kinda awkward... and since it was released so long after the leak I feel like I’ve already listened so times... not enough variety in the video... idk. Hopefully it’ll be successful on the radio because I do love the song especially when I first heard it

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Song sounds better while watching the video because it takes your mind off of the stupid lyrics. Dancing was good, she looks horrible in the video. Her waist looks like she just gave birth few months ago ... and the whole thing looks like an episode of Power Rangers. 

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