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I heard Overprotected in public for the first time in my life!

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Last time I heard it I was at Walmart when the BJ album came out, they somehow had a Britney day, don't ask me why, I assume one of the employees was a Britney fan or idk and then like 3 months ago I was at the fitting room at a clothing store and Overprotected and Lucky just came on, I did a brief performance while trying those jeans on, the audience was insane tho :rihclap:

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23 hours ago, DWADette said:



OMG! I never hear “Britney” era songs in public. You’re so lucky. All I ever hear is Toxic.


I heard Boys (Co-Ed Remix) and I Love Rock N Roll in Lush recently.

I would die to hear Overprotected in public :crying2: it was the original version righr? 

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