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  1. I just woke up and I need to watch it!!! Does anyone have a link for me to watch it or download it? Please help me out
  2. I just finished an 4 hour marathon on all four parts and I just feel heartbroken right now. I support Britney since 2011 I think (I was 9 years old back then ) and I was definitely too young to understand what was going on, I still remember being in absolute shock once I found out that she shaved her head back in the day. Nontheless, I always craved for a sum up of her entire life, especially the craziness of 2007 and 2008 and Part 2 and 3 covered this brilliantly, and I felt like there was a big coherence in action - reaction and having everything lined up finally made sense why Britney acted the way she acted back then. So I just wanted to express my appreciation on this. More depressingly however, I just can’t fathom how mistreated she is by literally anyone who has come close to her and I think the biggest regret she will ever have is leaving rehab early in February 2007 and then shaving her head two days later. If she just would’ve stayed, how things would’ve turned out for the better... that’s what I think at least. I really got anxiety seeing these images of her chased by paparazzis, everyone making inappropriate comments to her and asking disturbing questions, it’s amazing how the whole world was against her and yet, she still somehow kept going. Her soul must be so strong, her faith and love for her kids are so endearing and it is just amazing to see her gain so much power from this. I think I would’ve cracked under the pressure. She has so much **** going on in her life, and it is just Heartbreaking for me to see how I didn’t see through any of this until the tape from Britney’s Gram podcast. I feel like I betrayed her as well, the signs were always there... and my primary thought the whole time watching this was how I want to start majoring in law in college and specialize in conservatorships and get Britney out of this. She deserves to be finally free and just live her life outside of the spotlight. After seeing what she has been put through FOR OVER A DECADE now, no one else deserves this more than she does. I really hope she gets to reach happiness again, she deserves it so so so much. She doesn’t even care about the money. She is fine with the conservatorship on her business affairs, she just wants personal freedom, see her kids and the opportunity to marry and have more kids whenever she wants, with whomever she wants. That they blackmail her with this only desire she has for years now is just devastating. I really need time to process these videos, for my emotionally unstable Britney Stan-self, this was a lot to take in lol I might make another post which is a bit more rational and not emotional driven, I have so many thoughts after watching this I still need to put in order P.S. I am so happy to have the DVD for For The Record, thank you 10 y/o me for getting it on Amazon back then lmao
  3. You are a little late We already have a confirmed 2nd unreleased album called Rebel
  4. YOU ARE MY HERO THANK YOU SO MUCH I just woke up and definitely wasn't ready to read 50 pages
  5. This is so disturbing. She looks defeated, tired, scared and sad all at the same time. I really do hope the best for her - these are really mad times to be a Britney stan.
  6. They barely play Britney in Germany. But when I travelled to the US two years ago I went to Target twice and they playing Britney INSTANTLY I lost my **** they played Lucky, Oops, Baby and all the soft Britney songs
  7. POM tour is like that nightmare haunting you every now and then...
  8. My Prerogative should open and she will step out of a huge Prerogative perfume bottle. Two birds with one bullet
  9. Probably Marta was the one who touched Britney's *** in 2006
  10. Britney was my 2nd most listened to artist behind Jorja Smith this year. But not one single song of Brit made it into my Top 100 the **** But if I had to guess I'd say either Make Me or Gimme More are the top Britney songs for me this year.
  11. Wuhmanizer [Creepy Deep Voice-Remix] Do Somethin'
  12. Wow, that were nice 17 minutes. I was so invested in watching that. And it is crazy to think what embarrassment we were sold in 2018 with the Europe tour. So glad POM is finally put to sleep.
  13. Gotta be You Oughta Know for me. She nailed that song live, her version is even better than Morrissette's in my opinion. And she looked HOT. Jesus these pants snapped my wig into the Pacific Ocean. She had so much attitude during that performance and you could tell she FELT that song after everything with K-Fat. I need this performance back so bad
  14. ...and I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting... but I'm here now
  15. It'd be easier to list the opportunities that were actually taken, then not taken. Because I'd be sitting here 10 days later still listing chances Britney's team was too lazy- or too stupid to take. But the one that really still gets me, is the Make me video. The original version would've caused so much controversy- and put in on par with a more exciting VMA performance to show Britney is capable of more than dancing on the floor with a leotard, maybe a bit more production value to the performance and a controversial moment, like kissing G-Eazy (HOW IT WAS INTENDED TO BE!!) - Brit would've had herself a "glorious" era.
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