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  1. Make Me… Great song but shouldn’t have been the lead single. Also the tragic official music video.
  2. My main takeaway from this article is this girl cries a lot. She cried when Britney was supposedly “mean” to her, cried when she heard Everytime on the radio, cried when she got her publishing check, like damn did she cry when Britney farted too?
  3. Omg been waiting forever for this to leak, can’t believe it’s finally here! She was clearly born to perform, she knows how to work the camera and the audience at such a young age. Her off Broadway years on Ruthless really shows through here.
  4. With For The Record, I think her team knew she had to address it to some extent, but she’s very vague about it. She doesn’t use the word “conservatorship” at all in the doc. One could assume she’s talking about feeling trapped by her fame, but we obviously knew the real deal. Yes I agree about many of her songs predicting her life being slightly eerie. It just goes to show you that Britney is a lot more artistic than a lot of people give her credit for. I’ve always felt like Britney has found refuge in her music though. As she says in FTR “art is therapy” for her.
  5. LMAO! That was me as a matter of fact. I literally never thought she would actually answer my question and was shocked that she did. I also had no idea this tweet would become so iconic.
  6. Yikes the way they edited “Womanizer” is horrible. Makes the lip sync almost unwatchable.
  7. I been boppin to “King Of My Castle” since it’s the latest leak.
  8. I know the "Guilty" remix is an official remix and it was in fact considered for B In The Mix Volume 1. Regarding "Burning Up," I do know Britney's team asked Nick to remix the song for a possible single release, and they may have considered it for B In The Mix Volume 2, but there is no confirmation of this. Regarding "Kiss Me All Over," the Sean Garret collab remix is real as he's the producer of the song.
  9. Thank you for the list, I think you got most of them correct. I usually group Original Doll demos into the In The Zone group because there is so much mystery surrounding the Original Doll sessions and little to no confirmation on if the particular songs were recorded during those sessions or not.
  10. OMG this is such a great idea! I've been wanting to do Britney movie night with other fans... Would be fun to do a Zoom thing so we can talk and stuff?
  11. That was fun and easy. I got all them right except for the ringback tone question. I had no idea for that one.
  12. Exactly! Btw, watch this interview Britney did for this flawless fan named Jenny on the same day as this. It's actually a very good interview.
  13. No worries, for some reason I seeked this out recently and watched it. I remember wanting to punch Sophia and Rosie for interrupting because we all know Britney almost never does live streams.
  14. This cafe looks amazing! I'm so coming there someday!
  15. To be perfectly honest, It's always been difficult being a Britney fan in the fan community. Even if you take away the drama surrounding Britney's life/career regarding the C-Ship, I have learned over the years that a large majority of the Britney fan base is VERY critical, negative, and judgmental. Don't get me wrong, I have met some amazing fans in person and online, so this doesn't apply to all Britney fans, but a very large majority of them. Anyway, so over the years, I have learned that's just the way this fanbase is, so I don't fully engage into it. I can still enjoy Britney without all the negativity just by doing it on my own time. For example when SITS and Matches were released, I avoided this forum all together because I know there are fans that will rip apart both songs and cloud my own personal enjoyment of the songs, so I just don't engage during those times and I quietly am able to enjoy new Britney songs. So I guess the main point I'm trying to make is sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a break from this forum and just enjoy Britney on your own time.
  16. Overprotected vs. (I Got That) Boom Boom
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