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  1. I think she absolutely will. There's no way once she regains control of her life and career that she's just gonna abandon her main creative outlet instead of exploring it. I think it's gonna be amazing. <3 Don't get me wrong, she has every right to retire if that's what she wants and I support her in whatever she chooses. I just don't think thats what's gonna happen.
  2. Smh. So, to be clear, what are you insinuating exactly is going on? That she doesn't write any of the captions, doesn't submit those videos to be posted, and that someone is literally just posting stuff on her behalf without any input or direction from her to do so? This is what you're saying? They're just writing stuff and posting stuff to sway public perception, and Britney has nothing to do with it?
  3. They really have. It's gotten completely ridiculous. I can't say how I know, but I know for a fact that her Instagram isn't inauthentic. It's controlled and filtered, but not inauthentic. She's quirky and different, and people referencing 2007 and prior communication styles as some form of proof that its not her - NEWSFLASH: She's a very different person nowadays who's seen a lot of sh!!t in her life. I don't write or communicate the same way now as I did 10+ years ago. Of course it would be. When he spoke to the media yesterday or the day prior, the first question after his statement was literally about her Instagram lol
  4. You also might notice that nothing will be said about it - reason being theres nothing to be said. Again, if its doesn't come out in court in some way, Britney most likely will clear it up herself at some point.
  5. Exactly. And she can freely and confidentially speak to him, so it's not like she wouldn't be able to communicate that.
  6. I'm not arguing that, I'm just saying thats not what's happening. This will all come to light soon, either in court or at some point Britney will address it. If you think her high powered lawyer and Britney herself wouldn't bring up the fact that someone else is posting on her behalf to push some type of agenda, you're out of your mind.
  7. Thank you. My F&%ck!ng Lord its really not that complicated. She submits the stuff herself, it gets filtered/edited if needed, and it gets posted. Certain things will be rejected if its a topic she can't talk about. The account is censored, not fake. And with the recent posts, it seems they're censoring her less and less as a result of the very public pressure the whole cship team is currently under.
  8. Even if they could use it as evidence in some way (which they can't), that wouldn't help them. Some emotional/quirky social media posts in no way justifies a probate conservatorship. There's no connection there.
  9. Freedom, marriage, a baby, and a creative outlet that she is happy and fulfilled with, in whatever capacity she wants. I want her to have everything her heart desires. She deserves that.
  10. I can just tell. The way things are written, it just feels authentic to how she is - it's a very strong gut feeling. I don't know anything factually with concrete proof just like you or anyone else doesn't either, I'm just giving my perspective. Also, I've said this before, but I don't know why fans are so black or white about this whole Instagram situation, it's not as simple to say it is her or it isn't her. The likely scenario is that some of it is completely her, and some of it is filtered through an edit by a third party to adhere to certain 'rules'. That said, I'm sure there are things Britney has wanted to post that she hasn't been allowed to, but again, that doesn't make the entire account fake.
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