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Most underrated producer(s) Britney has worked with?


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No Danja or Max Martin BS I mean really underrated

If I had to pick one it would definitely be Fraser T Smith, even though he only worked on Femme Fatale they came up with a lot of songs from the released Trouble for Me and Scary to songs that were cut like Unbroken to songs that she recorded but haven't leaked like I Dare You and Rules of Attraction (check those two demos out if you haven't already Bonnie McKee does a great job on 'em) to other songs she never got to record like Vertigo or Love is War 

Plus she barely retouched her vocals on an album that well was really edited to say the least

And not only that but he recently came out and said how professional Britney really is

A true king :hibebe::hibebe::hibebe:

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Just now, Spearsfan said:

I really like him but he said her voice is played with a lot in that very article so idk where you get he left her voice untouched :toocute:

Any ways his work with other artists as well is great. TFM is one of my favs on FF 

Its fun and we need fun in this messed up world 

I meant that he himself didn't want it to edit them as much or maybe I'm confusing him with another producer because I do recall Giorgio Moroder saying how Britney was the one who asked for the vocoder effect on Tom's Dinner plus the Trouble for Me demo also keeps most of her moans and the lead vocals here and there

I don't know girl I'm such a mesa  :lowkeyno:

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I was gonna say him too, he's a really good producer and has produced loads of other good songs for other artists (mainly here in the UK). Trouble For Me and Scary were both BOPS and I still can't get over the fact Unbroken was unreleased! I wish she would work with him again.

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I would say Kara DioGuardi. She's great and always comes up with catchy bops not only for Britney but some others:

Britney - Brave New Girl, Ooh Ooh Baby, Heaven on earth 

Enrique Iglesias - Escape

Belinda - Bella Traición 

Hilary Duff - Come Clean, Fly, Someone's watching over, With Love 

Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away 

Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend 

Cobra Starship - Good Girls go bad and many others 





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6 hours ago, Paulino999 said:

 THE ones who produced...

and then we kiss...

 breathe on me

touch of my hand

toy soldier

ooh ohh baby 

the hook up...

dont know the name of them but those songs are perfection 

And then we kiss remains one of my ultimate favs... it's very different.  So is Breathe On Me. But I like that kind of sound.

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