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  1. Public apology - I wanted to believe in Sam I. Sorry to those who warned against him. You were right, I was wrong. Someone complicit in the cship for so long could never suddenly grow a heart or a conscience. Sam must go. If only we had any say.
  2. BRITNEY SPEAK OUT FFS. Sick to death of this and she must be too. 1 step forward 2 steps back. Sam I is in cahoots with Jamie, they're both milking this. How long before Penny says "Bessemer forms were rejected and never resubmitted so my original ruling is scrapped. Mr Spears retains full power oh and now I also approve giving millions to the guy behind MJ's death what a great biz manager." I just feel like the only way Britney will escape this is in a box Is Conrad Murray out of jail yet? I'll bet they hire him to be Britney's new doctor. FFS this stuff is disgusting!!!
  3. Only a mass exodus would have any impact. If she lost millions of followers her team may panic or they may celebrate IDK.
  4. I think from her caption she wants us all to stop talking about the c-ship and for people to stop making exposing documentaries about it. Right Cassie/Team Evil?
  5. Is there a z-lister artist called Red who will feature on a future Britney song? Like Tinashay and Iggy Iggz?
  6. It's seriously giving me Me I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse vibes
  7. Michael (MJ) should've been Money (as MJ would've been turning in his grave at an album of b-sides with added vocals from voice impersonators.) Britney Jean should've been MIA or The AWOL Sessions Lotus (Xtina) should've been Marigolds
  8. By "out of this world" I assume he means the props and the stuff around Britney because we all know Domination featured yet more posing and laying down and being lifted. Sorry not sorry.
  9. I wish Madonna would let her music do the talking. I feel like the whole body exposure thing is something she's done so many times. It's not an age thing, it's just reductive at this point
  10. I genuinely can't hear Britney on Work ***** and never have. The fact she's performed it for years is hilarious to me more than anything. It's like Milli Vanilli on speed. Britney's nose job really messed things up for the Britney Jean recordings tbh.
  11. People used to say things like that about gay people, it's a shame you're no better than them tbh. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Homophobia vs hatred of freedom of opinion/speech = as bad as each other. You don't bully homophobes and cancel their careers. Not all us gays are militant woke warriors some of us accept other people have DIFFERENT VIEWS and that's their right. Obviously someone like Gaga who loves the gay dollar will have to take action for fear of being cancelled herself but I hate how opinions are now dictated by a loud minority who think they own the world.
  12. Ok but what happens if Jamie goes and we see massively positive moves from Britney eg. she takes real control of her social media, starts talking openly about the c-ship etc etc... If Britney is truly happy with the changed c-ship, would the B Army go against her wishes and fight for her freedom when she may not even want further changes?
  13. We always have to think about the motivations behind secret sources. Was this Sam? Because he wants to marry Britney, knock her up, divorce and live a K-Fed life? Was this Jodi? Because Jodi comes out of this well? Was this Billy? Because maybe Billy and Jodi are friends?
  14. Here come the cancel police. Everyone take a deep breath. Opinions are opinions, don't let yourself be offended by them. Repeat after me "I am not a victim. Water off a duck's back."
  15. Xtina fans would call Britney a copycat though as Xtina butchered this song live a few years back
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