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  1. Still something she’s repeated over the years tho
  2. a masterpiece doesn’t have to be super successful, most arent quality >. Sorry you don’t like it much but it’s a fav for a reason. First album in a while that Britney herself was invested in too her 9th album after 20 years led by a botched lead which went platinum. Still went gold! Had they not taken so long w single 2 maybe would’ve fared better
  3. I feel like it would’ve fit better with a different song like stronger but good try! Obsessed with thus
  4. I think then “movement” is rooted in real stuff happening and some shady stuff but it’s gotten outta hand and maybe they’re trying to not have it become a **** show. Any court hearing and especially when it has to do with medical stuff is very sensitive i honestly believe that Britney is more than capable of being on her own and isn’t this dumb fragile girl some ppl make her out to be. She’s probably really stressed w dad’s health , court stuff and trying to Get out of conservatorship. weve got to not bombard her but cheer her on.
  5. I think it’s therapy and not a giant spa. I’ve been to these kinds of places but not electively
  6. I keep thinking of that pic in. The circus tour when she was crying seeing her fans rooting for her. That’s what it seems like with the GP. We’re rooting for you Brit and Spears family. You’ve given us bops, humility, goofiness, triumphs and lows that we can. Relate to our lives and and AMAZING career to be the soundtrack.
  7. I kinda love the idea of the music video being auditions for the song but randee needs to be banned from Britney
  8. I’m actually glad Domination didn’t happen today. Make us miss you, come back WANTING to. Best of luck to her pops
  9. The way it is I’ve come to laugh at how bad it is but it also has basic bops. Britney inventes Christian EDM
  10. She needs a team that doesn’t cut corners so much and finally with Glory she just made whatever she wanted. she’s generally killing it (music, performing, personality) but everything is sloppy, tired, and misguided. Like we don’t need 19187 Fantasies- a perfume for a new album is cool. Prerecord. All I want is for her to make a banging album for B10 and gives us a solid creative era
  11. I dont think this is gonna be one of those long ones like Britney's.
  12. Christina, I love you girl, but for GWEN STEFANI to do one before you is just sad. I mean cool that you're performing again and released a great album but you, Mariah, JLO and britney should've been the big pop girls to do it. At least Gaga is doing something different with hers with having a pop show and a jazz show
  13. Yeah, hopping on some collabs wouldn’t be too much. Keep her name floating around even if they aren’t singles. It’s also BIG TIME that she’s not really doing anything innovative with her eras anymore and the quality control is not there. Madonna is still high tour seller because she changes up massively- she isn’t afraid to try something new and (most of the time) it comes out looking great. The energy is back but what’s bringing new and old fans in for round 2? A new perfume? The new excitement that does come ends up messed up at the end. OVER AND OVER to the point that it’s painfully obvious they are throwing **** together and expecting it to make $$$$. It’s a shame cause even w the mess that Make Me was it did pretty decent, if people see that she is still invested in new things that’ll only help! maybe I’m delusional but she could do an album tour still but not arena level. It would be a small theater tour (Mariah still tours new album) Yeah the big producers probably wouldn’t give her their best (or maybe they would) but she does enjoy working with new people. So she getthe best from the rookies if Karen Kwak and Larry is reading this (as if): keep making great music but let’s try something new with the era. Anything. Don’t do anything new unless she really commits to it PRE RECORD. If Britney is bored, then change the set list, she has enough songs! FLATTERING CHOREO AND COSTUMES. Doesn’t have to be complicated CROSS PROMOTE- Prerogative could’ve been a cool way to bring in new dark theme for Domination. Release the song used in trailer. (don’t mind the perfumes but there’s a difference between 81726th Fantasy and this) HAVE A PLAN WITH NEW THINGS Please take your time with this new show and album and really give us something that BRITNEY HERSELF IS PROUD OF
  14. Those random videos and pics were great! Too bad they never actually used it. Plus it fits with Glory
  15. Well at this point she shouldn't be making music exclusively for radio and charting. She's had that already. I'd rather her make good music and videos (at least 3 singles) and tour. She can shape a show that highlights her greatest hits in a new way and still have the new stuff. but what you're saying about her artistry is true. While Glory was good she needs to keep that same energy and amp it up
  16. Actually kinda glad... I mean Feb 2019 right after a tour of your 4 year show is already overkill. Ok bit of a reach. b10 will come but we don't know when
  17. yeah i don't listen to the whole episodes at once. it's nice to listen to podcasts while doing things around the house or running errands
  18. I've been a fan since 98 too and theyre sooooo detailed! I've had to look up some performances and shoots to see what they're talking about. true. I would say people have a sense of humor with gaga and rihanna. but the newer fan bases are CRAZY, they cant take a joke and spew terrible things online.
  19. yeah i'd rather have pre recorded vocals for anything before ITZ than overprotected
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