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  1. I still firmly believe that both Lawyers for Britney and Meaner 03 got their accounts hijacked by people within Britney's camp so they could derail the movement from the inside
  2. I posted this on a separate thread but this is are all the key elements from the artictle that I believe didn't make it onto the documentary "Her boyfriends were required to sign strict nondisclosure agreements, Mr. Vlasov said. An agreement signed in 2020 by her boyfriend at the time, Sam Asghari, who is now her fiancé, technically forbade him to post on social media about Ms. Spears without Mr. Spears’s prior written approval." "Mr. Vlasov said that Black Box Security had billed more than $100,000 in 2014 for investigating and surveilling Ms. Spears’s boyfriend at the time. The boyfriend, David Lucado, told The Times that he had been aware at the time that he was being followed by private investigators, and he said he had called 911 twice because of dangerous tailing situations. He said he believed he might have been more of a target because he was encouraging Ms. Spears to understand her legal rights under the conservatorship." "Black Box prepared a “threat assessment report” dated July 2020 that included background information on several fans within the movement, including people who had popular podcasts and social media accounts like “Britney’s Gram,” “Eat, Pray, Britney,” “Lawyers for Britney” and Diet Prada. One activist, described as a young mother in Oklahoma, Megan Radford, was classified as “a high risk due to her creation and sharing of information.” "An email from August 2020 sent by Mr. Yemini discussed the possibility of surveilling Kevin Wu, a fan who runs the prominent Twitter account Free Britney L.A." "The fees for surveilling Ms. Spears’s boyfriend and the Free Britney participants, Mr. Vlasov said, were billed to Ms. Spears’s estate."
  3. The article contains the following portions of information that were omitted in the documentary You can read the full article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/24/arts/music/britney-spears-conservatorship-documentary.html
  4. "Without approval from the subject" She literally doesn't even have a say on her own body but he somehow expects her to give imput on multiple exposes regarding the conservatorship
  5. Watch the teaser trailer here (Only available in Germany): https://www.prosieben.ch/tv/zervakis-opdenhoevel-live/video/13-preview-freebritney-britney-spears-schockierende-geschichte-clip For those outside of Germany, @britneysvault reposted it on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stories/britneysvault/2670071834944951006
  6. Interesting. This essentially confirms that the documentary originally was pretty much pro c-ship or at the very least was presented in a way which may have led the viewer to believe that the people around her act in her best interests Now, the real question is, will Louise actually be featured on it? That would explain why she met with a Netflix executive and why the film went through numerous changes
  7. This. I wonder if they're going to include this clip when they go over the abuse she has endured from the media throughout her entire career
  8. Aren't you the same person who started the rumour about the Glory re-release by spamming a bunch of songs from Julia Michaels' publishing all over the place?
  9. According to Bloodshy himself the last time they worked together was for Britney Jean Also back when The New Yorker's piece about the conservatorship first came out most people assumed that the producer that they talked to was him which would explain everything (They started working together when she was 21 years old)
  10. God, I've wanted her to talk about this for the longest time, too bad that the duet itself doesn't actually exist though Also we finally got confirmation that she recorded several songs with Damon Elliott from 2006 to 2008 besides Dramatic... that we will probably never get to hear
  11. Yeah I doubt she recorded any of these to be honest The same people who used to say that she recorded some of those songs (e.g. 180 Degrees) back when Glory first came out are now flip-flopping and saying that while there might some sort of re-release in the works the songs themselves are unrelated to the project even though just a few weeks ago they were claiming that Beauty Sleep was being traded around and that it was a duet with Selena Gomez Before that they were also claiming that B10 was roughly 25% done but now are backtracking and saying that she never recorded anything to begin with If there's one thing I've learned is that not a single person in this forum is trustworthy, myself included. At the end of day, we're all just merely speculating based on what we personally think is going to happen including those who are always claiming to have insider information Also feel free to @ me whenever you want -- I always love reading your posts!
  12. Could that red bracelet on her left wrist mean that she's following kabbalah again or am I reaching
  13. Psss I posted this as I'm being accused of hitting my dog keeper ✨ ✨ ✨ !!!!
  14. That guy is a liar. She recorded the entirety of Blackout in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City There's no way she would've been able to record overseas at that time as she was either pregnant or in the midst of her custody battle with Kevin Also I think it's so funny how they act as if they actually produced the song Why would both them and Britney fly to Denmark to record a single song? And if they really produced it and own the master recording, why would they use the LQ version that leaked online for this unauthorized remix that they tried to release back in 2009?
  15. This poem she wrote that got sent to Jordan is heartbreaking too
  16. Britney is under investigation for an alleged battery incident involving one of her longtime housekeepers, TMZ reports (so obviously take this with a grain of salt. Maybe the whole shaker). They claim Britney and the housekeeper had an argument over one of Britney's dogs. They report: “Ventura County Sheriff's deputies were alerted to the incident Monday at Britney's house. According to our law enforcement sources ... the housekeeper told cops she had taken one of Brit's dogs to the vet, claiming there were issues with the treatment of the pet." It goes on to say the housekeeper claims Britney "confronted her when she got back from the vet, they argued about the dog's wellness -- and then Britney allegedly slapped the housekeeper's phone out of her hands." The housekeeper initially called police to come to the house, but then went to a Sheriff's station to file a report. TMZ says their sources claim deputies attempted to get in touch with Britney to hear her side of the story, but she would not speak with them. TMZ says that is not unusual because most lawyers would advise a client not to have such a discussion. A source connected to Britney denies there was any physical altercation and claims the Sheriff's Dept. assured Britney's people the case would go nowhere. "Britney and her camp say the housekeeper is making it up and the case will go nowhere." "An official from the Sheriff's Dept. tells us the Dept. is still investigating and will submit the file to the District Attorney's Office, which will decide whether to file a misdemeanor battery charge against Britney."
  17. This. Last time she took a break she was sent to an actual insane asylum with nothing but a ******* flip phone A lot of you seem to forget that the one thing we know for certain about her social media is that the pictures and videos she wants posted on her page need to be approved beforehand Again, that's only the actual content of the posts and not the captions. She can't possibly write the captions to her own posts and even if she actually could, they could just as well twist them to fit their own narrative as they've done in the past Anyhow, why does everyone get so caughted up about her social media posts when she's literally fighting for her life as we speak? Learn to read the room
  18. Also remember when "she" reposted Delta's selfie for no reason too? Now we know why
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