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  1. This. Its court they have to have legit receipts. I don’t think anything that was wrote so far is bad but if Britney would do a live interview or something and say stuff it could maybe hurt her. That’s why I think for Britney herself to just keep things in court. Which seems like she is doing depending on what you think of the Insta posts
  2. I guess I don’t really see the point in her team posting stuff about themselves to save face. I mean...what is that gonna do. It doesn’t make sense to me. We heard Britney testify. She was all over the place in her own words. (She obviously was nervous and wanted to say what she all wanted) I don’t see how making her Instagram post all over the place is her team’s master plan. Maybe they did it but... they are just playing themselves until Britney talks in person. She really hasn’t been close with her family since ITZ. The distance with her family already was noticeable when Britney got with Kevin.
  3. What am I looking at? I think her team has posted a lot of stuff on her Instagram obviously. That doesn’t mean that some things aren’t Britney. I don’t think the current post is that radical to not be Britney.
  4. We know Britney hates the past being brought up though...she literally said that in her owns words in FTR. So it makes sense the doc would bother her even if it’s meant to help her. I don’t think they will let Britney out of the cship without an evaluation. She has her own lawyer now so he should work in her best interest. So the truth will come out either way. That they are framing her or what.
  5. Everyone changes and everyone has different layers to their personality. Ppl even act different when certain friends are around. No we don’t know Britney personally so we never knew how she was. I think Britney is generally nice to everyone unless you give her a reason not to be. Sometimes I think Britney also is very self unaware...
  6. It obviously is Britney. Her team wouldn’t drag themselves. That being said I don’t think posting a huge amount of stuff dragging her team is good until after she is out of the cship.
  7. This isn’t shocking. I still hope we get one last farewell album when this is all said and done. I honestly think she will just have kids and retire.
  8. This isn’t surprising at all. I’m pretty sure a chunk of funds will get cut if she is let out of the cship.
  9. I think she does have a few things. That is my opinion. I don’t know that for sure and the ppl saying she just has ptsd don’t know either. 2007ney’s age is around the time things start to appear. That being said her team obviously doesn’t care to try and make her thrive. They just seem to medicate her with what ever will get her to work at the time. Which is alarming.
  10. Britney keeps to herself. If this happened to another artist I doubt Britney would say anything. So I don’t judge other artists for that reason. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about her but it’s life. Madonna also uses ppl for spotlight so I doubt they were close
  11. Honestly most fans are really understanding. We have been here for years. We obviously love Britney the person or we would have left at BJ regardless of the circumstances (beyond Britney’s control or not) We can still hope for music one day and hope she finds her happiness. Like both those things can exist. Also fans freak out about appearance because it makes her generally look bad in the general public’s eyes. Ppl saying she looks bad or a mess has contributed to the cship staying in place for so long.
  12. I know a normal person in a cship so I guess I don’t find it that radical. The state tells you what you can and can’t do instead of a family member. The person is in really bad shape though.
  13. I love it! I’m waiting on that re-release of the vinyl now. The era was underwhelming... I feel like she talked about the album for a day and that was about it.
  14. Just say the real reason... ppl don’t buy CDs much and your label doesn’t want to make them and call it a day. She could have just had it on her site and they would know the demand for physical... so very little waste.
  15. People kill other people and aren’t arrested for years and then the trials take another couple years. The court system is slow as molasses. Britney testifying is the first step. It’s what needed to come first before the cship could ever begin to end.
  16. The head shaving was blown out out of proportion itself... the act. Britney during that time wasn’t. Something was wrong. I think kfed knew she needed help but wanted her to fall so he could live the good life. It worked. I think the cship could have been prevented if someone did actually care about her and got her help right away.
  17. Something was wrong in 2007. People feared she wouldn’t make it another year. We know the current situation (sort of) so it’s easy to down play 2007 now. That being said her team/father should have ended to the cship right after Circus tour. She proved she was responsible at that point. A normal father would help their child out without the legal stuff.
  18. I’m happy Britney has finally said something. We knew most of this stuff. I just want Britney to be okay. I don’t know what that looks like in reality.
  19. I think Britney always wanted that though. The problem is she forced it with kfed because she was tired and it was hard to meet ppl. It was for the wrong reasons Honestly the more I get older the more I understand why ppl want to get married by 30 tbh It gets lonely... everyone at this point is full into adult life and you are sort of left alone. It makes sense more now. It shouldn’t be forced on ppl though as a norm. Some ppl want to be single and do their own thing
  20. I preordered both right after it was announced at that funko convention. I guess it just depends where they were ordered like you said. It looks great though.
  21. I guess I will always have a different opinion because I don’t think Britney should be in the restraints she is in. Her team hasn’t put her health first over the money. I also think she cant do a lot of stuff by herself. I think she needs extra help over a normal person. Which is why if Sam doesn’t step up with responsibilities Britney could be in a lot of hurt if she has a baby. I know it’s what she wants though. I hope she can be truly happy one day.
  22. What? I thought it didn’t even release until July. I just got Toxic. It was pushed back for me from last month.
  23. The passion has been gone for years. I think fans hope ending the cship will bring her back passion. The truth is once out of the cship she will have a baby. (Which I think will be a huge problem for her imo) The only reason why we got music after Blackout is because of the cship. I hope you are right for my own selfish reasons. I don’t see why she can’t release even a single. I just see no sign of her caring about her career. Obviously I hope I’m wrong.
  24. I have accepted the fact we probably won’t ever get new music again. It’s really hard... I hope they release the stuff she recorded for old albums.
  25. Why would Britney cry because of the doc? That makes no sense. Looks like damage control from her team. Who can really tell...
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