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RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!

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The RCA record company is getting control of the new album coming out next year. Now that the Planet Hollywood contract is coming to an end, they are going to focus on the new recording project and introduce Britney to the most important producers of the moment. The new project will have much more promotion.


Why do I find it hard to believe this... oh wait cause 75% sounds hard believe cause 

Promo don’t equal Team B :NYcackle:

Sorry if AP, but idk, what you ******* think :imok::bang: 

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25 minutes ago, ItsEJBitch said:

Was there any confirmation on the second residency rumor?

There's no confirmation of anything so far... no new residency, no new album, nothing :lemmetellu:

We all know robotney will be shut down the first couple of months, and we need that tbh. She needs to find out what she really wants to do with her life and legacy :meltdown:

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Not that I'm taking the rumour as true, but why a new album now? :imok:

It would be much more coesive to have a greatest hits album like Madonna's Celebration with 2 new songs to be released as proper singles. I would like to see  Britney touring the world celebrating that, no one is near to achieve all the things she has had so she should be able to celebrate that with her worldwide fans. BLIC was so good, take that to next step Brit please and make a "tickets+GH album" bundle and you're good :plzney:

Then an new album in 2019, with a more stablished and strong fanbase to embrace it, and superbowl and another world tour focused on the new project... sometimes I wish too much and I know that's not gonna happen :anxiety:


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