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  1. Thank you for beauitful and continuous time in the industry. Your music got me through times when I was bullied, outed in high school in 2012 by my bestfriend and me coming out to my family 4 years ago. Your music has helped me with my depression/anxiety. I have had suicidal thiughts in the past .. I'm a very lonely person who has experienced heartbreak over and over. But the kindness of my heart has always pushed me to keep going. But more importantly your beauitful music.thank you
  2. Honestly she could still do these moves if she wanted too. It's all Sharp Armney moves and a few leg movements.she is just using energy in all the right places. Hope she finds passion again. Some of the dominstion rehearsals I saw the energy and passion at times. I was impressed but hope this hiatus does her some good
  3. No. Work ***** was her last decent hit. It gets more recognition then make me and work ***** did better... plus I like alien, now that I found you, passenger dont cry and hold on tite. Till its gone. Not ashamed of it
  4. I saw this too. honestly I'm happy shes disappearing a bit and taking a break. She deserves it. She will be back refreshed and ready to slay. Glory 2.0 era this time what the original glory era suppose to be Finally she doesnt have to rush anything. She needs more me [britbrit) time. We very well might have a great era, when it does start. I'm so proud of her
  5. Good lord. Some of thesecomments are disgusting. i dontsee how someone can sit on the internet look at a picture and predict everything shes doing, thinking etc. YOU DONT KNOW HER. You people act like you do.good lord some people just fight through the pain and sadness. who are you to say she isnt taking care of her dad or checking up on him? Are you with her 24/7?! I remember when my mom recoveredfrom an illness I was sad but still going through life. but when shedied. i did the most random ****. I bought a lottery ticket, messed with picture puzzles, and just would be lazy and get Wendy's. I would be with my boyfriend more than my family sometimes because I just needed my companion. Everyones mentality is different. Quit picking the poor woman apart. I'm sure she keeps in contact and has plans with her dad, but keep in mind. Jamie Lynn spears lives in Louisiana. Britney doesnt. You dont knowwhat priorities she has to take care of on a day to day basis..her dad is in charge of her conservatorship..I'm sure in a contract it states, if a serious illness of her dad , or desth occurs during this agreement blah blah this, this, and this will happen, this is how to go about it while still being there for him bhlah blah. I'm pretty sure thiz woman has legal issues andtasks to face on the daily before she is able to or allowed to make a sudden change of her environment, a process she has to take. She is not a free woman, I mean she is but she isnt, Give her break...I'm pretty sure she wants a hiatus anyway. I was hoping she would take one. The fame and the performer will always be there when she choose to put on that coat again that's on the hanger.
  6. You could tell she was into this guy. Lol
  7. Noooo. I love HIAM. ththe whole music video was slayage... the tvs... the fight... the rise to fame and downfall..and comeback thing. And it's a bop. That song was on 24/7 when I sat in high school
  8. Whether he is expected to recover or not... they are missing the point. Its freckin family, they forget when us children get older...so do our parents. I dont blame Brit for spending more time with her dad and rest of her family. For Gods sake this man saved her career and her life. vegas can wait. It will always be there. Its britney spears. I honestly think shes being overworked again just like through in the zone...I mean 4 year POM SHOW then the tour....then few months later new residency and rehearsals etc... she just needs to excuse herself, I'm proud of her. She needs to take a lengthy break... at this point idgaf about new music, when your family is hurting. That's always number one. I'm glad she made this decision. Proves that she IS in control of her life. Take all the time you need queen.
  9. I'm still bitter over the make me video fiasco, stans just dont forget..
  10. Yep. Just like with any contract, act of god.. blah blah blah. You get the jist of it.
  11. How about you jump off a bridge. Britney is in charge and she is the boss. She can do what she wants.
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