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Verbally attacked for listening to Britney :(


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Hey guys. Have any of you ever been insulted for listening to Britney? It just happened to me for the first time yesterday and I do not know why I can't stop thinking about it.

I love driving around in my car and listening to Britney on full blast (mostly post-Blackout Britney songs). I'm a guy so I've gotten used to the curious, confused or sometimes disgusted looks I get from other drivers on the road. However, yesterday, a group of guys were in the car next to me on a red light and I was listening to Make Me. They were all staring at me and laughing and making jokes. I ignored it but they continued driving along the same road as me.

I pulled into a gas station to fill up gas and the car full of guys pulled up behind me. One of them got out of the car and came over to my window. I hesitated opening my window but went ahead and opened it anyway. I turned off the music and said "hi, can i help you?" He looked at me and said "you know that music is for faggots, right? What a ******* pu$$y. Turn that **** off. No one wants to hear it." He then pushed the roof of my car and yelled out "******* faggots and their music" to his friends. I was shocked. I couldn't believe that they thought it was okay to speak to me that way for my choice in music. 

I do not understand why there is a stigma with Britney music. Why does society feel like we can be mocked and insulted  for being fans of Britney? Sadly, I've immediately become more reserved about my music. While driving today, I kept my music at half-volume to avoid looks or another verbal insult. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? How have you dealt with it? 

Btw, sorry for the long post but I just needed to express my emotions somewhere. I do not know why such a stupid incident has affected me so much. :(

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Those guy didn't insult you just because you were listening to Britney. They insulted you because they'e insecure and immature little boys who want to look big in front of their equally stupid friends. Seriously, what kind of grown adult goes around judging others for what music they may like or don't like. You do you honey and don't let these ******** get you down. It's 2017 and they're using such disgusting slurs as f@ggot as an insult, they have no right to judge anyone else. If Britney makes you happy, no one else has the right to take that away from you.

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Guest Diamond Horse

Wow this is nasty. In protest I have the urge to play Make Me at full blast right away. But then again, I don't drive cars, this must be horrible, apparently :/

And Make Me is such a nice song :/

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Omg that is horrible!

Please try to think nothing more of it - it's THEM who have the problem, not you! Think about it - what normal functioning person would abuse someone over MUSIC?!

Remember there are lots of people who DON'T care about what music you listen to, it's just that they're not verbal about it! 

Stay strong x

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Aw that's horrible!! Hate when people do that!! I don't, my sister hates her music and teases me saying aw shes rubbish, she cant sing etc but its just sister banter. I remember she bought me Crossroads on VHS when it first was released in 2002 [obviously I now have it on DVD] and she went 'when I gave it to the woman at the counter I did say to her 'by the way I'm not buying this for myself its for my brother' because I didn't want her to think I was actually buying it for myself'. But its just sister teasing/banter and I know its nothing else

I know how you feel though because I was a big fan of JLS [Some of yous in America might not have heard of them, they were a UK boyband who was big here, came 2nd in UK X Factor and had 4 successful albums here. Tried it in America but didn't work out. They split in 2013]. I had a carer [I have cerebral palsy] who was a bit of a idiot  who everytime he was on duty with me used to take the piss out of me being a fan of them. Always used to go on about how **** they were, everytime they'd come on the TV and he had the remote he used to smile at me, turn the channel and smile/laugh. if I had the remote he would moan/groan and refused to come back into the room until I was finished watching them. Thankfully I don't have him anymore and haven't seen/spoke to him ever since. [I would like  to point out he was never abusive to me and he did look after me and he was a nice guy, he was just immature for a 40 something year old and a bit of a idiot. Just wanted to make that clear]. And it used to really annoy me because it was everytime he was on duty 'aw JLS are crap', 'why u a fan of JLS?','Im not listening to this rubbish',everytime for 5-6 hours.  And at first its funny but after a while it did start to piss me off. But thankfully I don't have anything to do with him now

So I get what you mean OP but just try to laugh and ignore them. And do what I did with that carer and JLS, everytime they walk in the door, put Britney music on and just laugh  haha

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Stay strong! There are *** holes in this world who still think it's cool to gay bash, well it was never cool but being gay in 2017 is no secret or anything that should be insulted like that today the way they did.   They are jerks and I'm so sorry that happened to you.  we all go through our days where we are made fun of. But people like that... who go that far... aren't happy with themselves, they don't live a happy life, so before you feel sad or upset, which I would be... I would ask myself, is a human being who acts like that truly happy? 

They are trash, be proud of who you are! There is someone who will always look up to you. And sexuality doesn't define that any  less.  

We love you on exhale!!:)

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Its probably not even about Britney, coulve been any female popstar. Im sorry this happened to you. These people are immature insecure bullies trying to impress their immature bully friends. In my opinion it was even kindof harassing you. Dont take it personally and always be careful. 

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It's really sad that this happend to you. People judge what they can't understand and by that we can tell that ignorance and hate rules their hearts. Poor those who cant see a moment of happynes of another without having the decency to respect someone else space. One day my ex was driving us to his house after we went to the movies and Don't Hang Up started to play, so I got in the mood and kissed him. Some guys in the car behind saw the kiss and started to follow us screamming to the very point they were literally window to window trying to hit my ex's car. My heart literally stopped beating.

These people think they have the right to mess with us because we are different, little they know that in this life everything has price. Most of them are cowards and just mess with LGBTQ+ people when they are not alone. Wait for the day they find someone who feels the need to beat their ***** and they will stop playing around.

Hope you are ok babe. Stay trong and don't let anything ruin your days from now on :bigkiss:

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Jokes on them, cause Make Me is amazing:staysalty:

Seeiously though, I'm so so sorry to hear. I woke up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep so I grabbed my phone and came on, and now I'm definetly not tired :/ I can't believe how hateful some people in this world could be. 

Just remember one thing, these individuals are nothing but poor, sad little boys. A real man would never go around doing such things. They're miserable in their own lives, and feel a need to prey on what they think are others 'weakness' to make themselves feel big. The reality is, they're children who never grew up, and probably never will. They're ******* idiots who will never find happiness because they're too busy tearing others down. 

You do you man, bump that **** loud and proud. In fact, on my way to work tomorrow I'm gonna blast Brit extra loud because of this. Don't feel pushed around because of some pu$$y ********! :hugs:

On that note, now that I've gotten that out of my system I'm back off to bed:weusay: Rest easy ya'll

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I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. It actually happened regularly to me during high school because I love female popstars (Britney, Madonna and also Gaga at the time). For some reason, people think it's cool to bully you because of your sexuality, weight, even music-taste... it might seem like nothing but ignoring it caused me to beggining dislike myself because people aren't stopping. If this ever happens to you again, try to take the number of their car plate and call the cops. Things like that shouldn't be left unpunished.

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