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  1. whenever britney does something unique and artistic half the fans hate it and list it as one of her worst songs.
  2. I never got why Fantasy is the most populair. Are teenage girls buying her stuff? Curious was way better. **** and mature. Classy. Fantasy is more girlish and candylike.
  3. I never interpreted the song as being only about relationship love. I feel that doesnt do the song justice to say its just that.
  4. i dont see her aging, i just see her cosmetic surgery ****.
  5. no one said it's a big deal, it's just a thing I came across and shared.
  6. https://mrbellersneighborhood.com/2001/11/defacing-britney Saw this article... kind of pathetic all the stuff they drew and did to her posters. Also so damn typical all the things they did to it. This picture in particular. Beaten up with a ***** ******* into her mouth...
  7. it seems like that because the extentions pull on it etc.
  8. what was she thinking with that ******* video. is she mentally still a teenage girl? stupid girlygirl **** for such a great song.. and the first video that was scrapped seemed great and all, but also not fitting for the song.
  9. She really sucks as an artist right now and she can stay gone if she doesn't step it up
  10. f**king idiot. How dumb are you? and Britney didnt get a nose job in 2003. She prob did 2001/2002.
  11. Uhm... of course it isnt a bad album? Im sorry but if anyone consideres it a bad album i imagine them to be little idiots. “ItS So DaTed!”. Well yeah, duh. Whats your f**king point? Its a great 90’s album, cohesive, soulful, and great vocals.
  12. I think the music video, the hate and the unlikeable Iggy (Esp then) wrecked the song for most. The song itself is fun, but unoriginal. Britneys vocals are quite nice actually. The video is just cringeworthy. Britney comes across as an unfunny mom who thinks shes acting funny. She also looks really bad. That valley girl **** is just terrible. One of her, if not, WORST music videos.
  13. Just because she aint on those social media pages doesnt mean she isnt with them OBVIOUSLY. She’s Britney f**king Spears who obv wants to keep a low profile. They arent gonna wreck that for her by posting stuff of her.
  14. I’m glad she’s away from the spotlight and she should stay away a lot longer.
  15. I dont give a **** about that animal killer, sucky mother who teaches the new generation cruelty. OH HOW DARE I SAY THAT, as long as she doesn’t kill humans right?! Blegh, people.
  16. Unless you had tickets and all that , i dont see why its so dramatic
  17. Uhm, excuse me? I don’t know what type of people you surround yourself with but I can’t name one single woman that I know or have known who has done plastic or cosmetic surgery. Most people don’t do it.
  18. This is old news. Britney auditioned for that movie. It can take years with auditions, making the film and the film being released. And yes she was lying. She prob bit ashamed.
  19. Britney is iconic so an immediate threat to their fave. She’s also an easy target because if you don’t know what fans know about Britney, then you’d think she’s talentless. Then they get annoyed about someone being so and more succesfull than their fave because Britney doesn’t deserve it according to them. it’s all so f**king childish. You can like multiple female artists. Pathetic pitting of females against eachother. Its like when people like either Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Harry Potter. They are all so different from eachother yet people act like you have to chose one. Wtf. Liking Xtina doesn’t take away your love for Britney. You aint cheating! And it isn’t a contest. ALL THESE PEOPLE would be happier if they would just be open to all music and enjoy. I mean they love pop so they would love a lot of music by these pop girls. They are robbing fun from themselves. Spread love and be open.
  20. It aired yesterday I think, it was because of the 50 year anniversary of the comeback special
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