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Found 5 results

  1. https://forums.netphoria.org/showthread.php?t=168832 COURTNEY LOVE: "...Knispel Azoffs boy, Wietzman counsel for 6 yrs who got me to sell off some EOM based on forged TAXES! and heres Azoff collatorising the purchase of Ticketmaster, with the ESTATE OF KURT COBAIN# END OF MUSIC# and note the Monster Career Criminal Steifelman @! OMG!thats where Poor Britney comes re PBOC, shes ****ED< her money is banked wherever for show but REALLY its at 10100 san but i would always always find ( Britneys a lost cause her rents are insane and read Jenny Ellscues Dec RS for the closest youll get to that poor chicks reality ich sounds like a nightmare atleast i have my iq and i care) KURT at 1154 summit bev hills( Pickfair actually) 90210 w 2 azoff family llc properties next to it, wow, it gets wierder wierder wierder."
  2. Courtney love has called out Olivia Rodrigo, the current angst queen of today. But that's not all she sent a cease and desist letter to Disney, Geffen records (Olivia's distributor since she owns her masters). And Olivia as well. She also shaded Disney kids, saying I hope they can read and write, and understand foul language (Should be noted Olivia's album is marked explicit and has a wal mart version). But the problem is The cover of live through this, is a model, not Courtney love and Ellen Von Unwerth reminded everybody that Courtney love was inspired by the 1976 film adaptation of Stephen king's carrie..so there's no copying here or infringement my dear. Side note @Easy There would love Chris Crocker's comments saying it's time Courtney is given her flowers by the industry how a Canadian was able to take credit of what you started cos she was sober, completely sober (alanis Morissette and jagged little pill) is unfair and pure erasure, so what if you did ***** like the boys did.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted, but I don't remember seeing it & I'm surprised... Courtney Love posted about Lana Del Rey's new album Chemtrails & in the caption mentions that Sam Lutfi has been in contact with Lana?? It's in reference to a lyric on 'Dance Till We Die' where Lana sings "Court almost burned down my home" She says Lutfi "told her" she would burn it down. I'm confused whether Lana and Lutfi are regularly in contact or if it's a one-time thing. Say what you want about Courtney but I think, and always WILL think, that she knows a lot of deep stuff about what goes on in Hollywood. (Like her comments on Weinstein years before **** hit the fan).
  4. Update: The following text that's crossed out is defamatory and false according to a demand letter from Lou Taylor: Courtney Love was almost placed in a conservatorship by the same people who put Britney Spears in one, and she says it nearly killed her. A user on Instagram asked: “Is it true that Lou Taylor – who planned the conservatorship for Britney with her father – wanted to put you in a conservatorship too?” Courtney replied, “Short answer is yes. Lou did try. for a mutated strain of a conservatorship. She and the ‘jeryls’ made an attempt to control kurts name and likeness and all nirvana songs (96 per cent). Then sell the publishing, by which time I’d be in a conservatorship or more likely? Dead.” “I was successful at blocking only Lou, that’s just because I chant a lot which makes me lucky. But, not her buddies. I just looked at Britney’s account. There’s no point in sticking my neck out for her now, her pack of wolves almost killed me and my only child,” she continued. Courtney added that Britney “looks damaged, fu**ed up for life.” Courtney had a platonic relationship with Britney's former manager Sam Lutfi for years as well. “I just got away from (Sam) lutfi after 8.5 hellish years. Bad as he is? He doesn’t hold a candle to those people,” Love said. “I’ve tried to lobby attorneys for years with a glimmer of humanity to take on Spears situation and they always p***y out,” she continued. “And frankly I’m done with it.” Courtney added she knows “more about the Spears case than almost anyone there is. There was a time I’d have told you anything. Everything”. “It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen done to another woman and trust me I’ve seen it all,” she continued. “But I’m OK now in Europe recovering from a near death illness that probably happened due to the stress of out maneuvering those ***holes for pre-Britney, 25 some years … we finally have a manager they’re all scared of and we are safe. I’m OK and most of all frances is OK. I’m not dragging us though the PTSD and trauma that Lou's name brings up in me.” She finished with: no one can do that to us again”. “In exchange for that security. I don’t get to talk about the particulars. I’m keeping the security. I’m sorry but I can’t help you further .@vanityfair Britney ‘expose’ was a lazy farce. If that’s all there is for justice? **** it. I’ll make my own government. And do as I’m told.” Related:
  5. Courtney Love's new Instagram caption is wild. I can't really follow it. I actually had to read it twice, and both times were dizzying. She posted two photos - one of them was a post "she" made a while back praising Britney. Love claims someone was a very terrible influence on her, and she regrets a lot of her recent past. I'm wondering if she's referring to Sam Lutfi. Read the caption and you be the judge. Let the speculation begin...
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