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  1. On March 15, 2016, Britney Spears and brother Bryan appeared at the Grand Ole Opry to introduce Jamie Lynn Spears who was performing that night. Should the title read "This Day in Country"?
  2. I’m confused. The Grammys did her dust? And for what??? @GODNA IS A QUEEN we need to discuss
  3. She imitates Jamie Lynn at 25:00 its hilarious she does it so good! She even imitates Britney at the beginning of the show, I loved the whole podcast.
  4. Remember this video from 2007-2008? I remember when I saw this video I was so proud of Jamie Lynn defending her big sister. They seemed to have such a close bond. Britney has always loved Jamie Lynn. Something must have happened after 2008 between the two. There's definitely some things we don't know about. After all Britney herself said in a recent IG post that she's not even close to being done with what she has to say and exposing what's been going on the last 13 years. I really hope Britney gets the freedom she deserves and that her family gets on their knees and prays for God to forgive them and even Britney. This whole situation is sad. I'm proud of Britney for speaking up. You can tell she has had enough. Nothing worse than A Woman Scorned. Does anyone have more info like what happened with the relationship between Jamie Lynn and Britney after 2008?
  5. I found this video from this YouTuber I subscribed to his content is always informative you can tell he cares deeply about Britney. He was the one I wanted to join this site to learned about her story. His journaling is always correct it comes true. He basically a reliable source. I’m sharing this video mostly because I’ll thought it was interesting. Please keep comments to yourself. I need a mod in case it get intense. Please do not send hate to Sloan he just doing his job. Or me either. I have no time for your rubbish.
  6. Can the group provide advice on whether members of Team Con should chose orange or black and white stripes for their prison (ALLEDGEDLY) jumpsuits? Team Con members may not want their outfits to make them look washed out since their 13 year scheme is washed up. I am a fan of orange and think horizontal stripes don’t look flattering on most people but that’s just me (ALLEDGEDLY). HELP!!! #ALLEDGEDLY #FREEGRAPES
  7. Apparently JL's new book has changed the author (or she used a fake name) - Jaime Smith. I typed in "Jamie Lynn Spears Book" on both Amazon and BNN, both got the same results. What is going on here? Plus, why does she still want to publish this trash now that Britney is almost free and the whole world knows who she really is?
  8. So allegedly the reason behind newest tension between Britney and Jamie Lynn is the fact that Matthew Rosengart opened Britney's eyes and she realised that Jamie Lynn is playing both sides and therefore Britney cancelled meeting that was supposed to take place this month. And therefore as well Jamie Lynn is deleting her Instagram posts so Britney won't see them.
  9. Do they live together? I see them together a lot more than Jamie Lynne with her husband.
  10. Deadline just release an article about Jamie Lynn condition after Britney raged online yesterday. you can see the article here: https://deadline.com/2021/07/jamie-lynn-spears-solid-stable-still-after-britney-online-rant-1234795348/ it’s worth mention since June 23rd, Deadline a high profile entertainment news website is reporting on Britney almost daily.
  11. How is this okay: But this is an added example of how Britney is an unfit mother per the Spears family and Kevin Federline: I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, but come on. Team CON used the public perception of this incident to add to the reason's Britney didn't deserve custody and to get a CONservatorship over Britney and her MONEY. Yet, Jamie Lynn let her first born drive a vehicle that was meant for an older child, and Maddie crashed, was submerged under water for about 4 mins, was in a coma, was subseptical of brain damage and hospitalized. Now she and her husband let's their toddler ride around on a motocross bike? Why hasn't child protective services checked up on Jamie Lynn Spears?
  12. But I guess nobody told the fake Southern Blanche, that Twitter doesn't give you the option to block mentions, I guess it's time to show This C U Next Tuesday bish, time to erase all platforms so you know nobody likes you, you had us fool when you were in your single digits, but at 30, you are one of Cinderella siblings jealous of the real queen of the ball
  13. I understand all the accusations and allegations made against Jamie Lynn, but what about K-Fed? As I've explained in other posts, he used to get $20,000 per month in child support which was largely sufficient to not only feed his kids w/ Brit but also his four other kids (Britney's not responsible for) + him + his wife with much enough money left for clothes, toys, security and some activities and trips (and savings). He then asked for $60,000, and he did obtain an unspecified raise. To this date, I still haven't gotten a logical and valid explanation as to why he'd even consider asking for $60,000 per month! Has Jamie Lynn ever gotten that kind of money from Brit? As Britney explained, her family has been living off the c-ship for 13 years, and I'm sure Jamie (who's made $12 million from it) has given Lynn, Jamie Lynn and Brian some money or gifts over the years, but I highly doubt Jamie Lynn has received anywhere what K-Fed has. We all know Kevin has not only spent all that on Preston & Jayden, and I doubt he'd have gotten all that money was Britney not under c-ship. Jamie Lynn was appointed as a trustee (whose decision was that?), but she resigned last November, and Lou Taylor did resign as Britney's business manager around the same period. Lou has definitely made a whole lot of money from Britney's work, and there are rumours of siphoning, etc. Is it true Lou has hundreds of millions from Brit stashed somewhere? Unless Jamie Lynn secretly got piles of money from Lou, I don't think she's any worse than K-Fed. What do you think?
  14. A petition has been made that asks Netlifx to DROP Jamie Lynn Spears out of "Sweet Magnolias" season 2. Hashtag #DropJamieLynn is also used. Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/netflix-remove-jamie-lynn-spears-from-sweet-magnolias Go and sign the peition and tweet at Netflix, you never know what might happen. This piece of **** deserves NOTHING but the worst.
  15. Just noticed today that she's down to 385 posts, which seems like a big decrease. Everything pre-2015 is gone, same with her twitter. Is this a recent thing or has it been happening for a while now?
  16. It looks like Dan Schneider might be a lil creepy... This video is really good and I recommend Y'all watch it! They mention the spears family too and how they were possibly complicit or assisted the cover up of what ALLEGEDLY could have happened too. Puts a bit more weight onto what happened to Britney between 2006-2008 and shows there may be more that happened that we will never know.
  17. Jamie Lynn Spears is featured in Nylon. She talks about the Zoey 101 reboot. Related:
  18. Jamie-Lynn's first hearing public hearing as trustee of SJB (Britney's trust for her assets pre-conservatorhsip) is on November 2nd! According to Lawyersforbritney the SJB Trust hearing will address the Trust documents filed by Jamie-Lynn in August 2020 (the IG post below has reference to this). UPDATE: The hearing may be re-arranged to coincide with Britney's next conservatorship hearing on November 10th...
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