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  1. Julia responded to a fan posting this photo of them in the studio together in 2015.
  2. Wow! It’s been revealed that the third rerelease edition of glory has a new cover of a nude Britney in Maui 🏝it will also have two new songs and one of them features Vicky T, her friend and assistant, and she’s also shooting the music video for it with her iPhone, what a bonus! 🤩
  3. It was alleged by a YouTube channel that “Famous” was a demo for Glory but turned out to be a duet song by Scott Horton and Wesley Smith Jr. but After revisiting it multiple times it would actually fit with the deluxe tracks, it’s kinda good even though the raps sound like something G Eazy would come up with. Who recalls any more that were fake but were good or bad?
  4. Britney has lowkey announced that she's staying clear of the industry, is done touring and doesn't wanna be "britney spears" again. Personally I'm content with it, I have favourites from it. In terms of Britney herself, she EP'd it with Karen her A&R and she's proud of it. If Britney Jean was her last it would be very unfortunate that her last album is sung by someone else and that she generally wanted everyone to forget about it. Comment below your thoughts on Glory being her last ever record Alright here's my image I created used in the thumbnail (by demand) https://imgur.com/j8e2qkc
  5. If Britney recorded a Selena Gomez song from her album revival that inspired britney’s glory, which song would be perfect for her?
  6. This is Apple Pie released by a Korean pop group Fiestar in 2016. I did some research and found out the writers are Melanie Fontana and Michel Schultz, he’s also the producer on it, they both also written mood ring and Breathe heavy that was supposed to appear on glory but was released by the K-pop group BP Rania. The rumours started in 2016 and 2018 after Britney was posting apple emojis to promote her Prerogative commercial. Is this the song we’ve been looking for or is it coincidence?! 🍏🥧 Also in the video, one of the girls pays what looks like homage to air hostess Britney ✈️
  7. After the huge acclaim of previous thread "It's Time To Stop Pretending Brave New Girl Is Bad"...here's another one that absolutely nobody requested, but i did, so yay! The revolution continues, and it's now the turn of Private Show! PS was officially released on August 4th 2016 as promo single for its at-the-time upcoming 9th studio album Glory and it peaked into the Top 5 spot on iTunes USA chart! It also served as the 'soundtrack' for the commercial series of her omonimous perfume, in which she looked absolutely stunning: So yeah, don't be slow, and stan Private Show!
  8. Apparently BritneyOnline posted a preview of it on November 12 when Britney got free with "freedom" written on it and obviously David himself could put it out if we all demanded it. BritneyOnline preview: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWMY-dlFsMu/
  9. On December 11, 2020, the second reissue of Glory was released on digital platforms. This time it didn't only include Mood Ring (by Demand) as the first one earlier that year, but it also included two previously unreleased tracks, Swimming in the Stars (released on December 2nd), and Matches (featuring Backstreet Boys). On top of that, a new remixes of Mood Ring was also included as bonus track, bringing the grand total of 23 songs. The new cover from the previous release was also reworked showing a zoomed out Britney, and a different background. A vinyl was released earlier that month, which included new pictures we'd never seen before from the David LaChapelle photoshoot.
  10. On December 02, 2020, Swimming in the Stars was released as a single to promote the second re-issue of the Glory album. It was written and produced by Matthew Koma and Dan Book with additional writing by Alexei Misou. Emily Wright was the vocal producer and Klara Elias provided background vocals. It was written in 2015 and recorded in 2016, but didn't make the cut of the album tracklist. According to RCA Records, the song was released to celebrate Britney's 39th birthday, and they announced it would be included on the upcoming re-release of the Glory album, which came out on December 11, along with other unreleased tracks and images. A visualizer was uploaded to her official channel the day of its release, where it's reached over 5M views. Back in 2015 Matthew Koma talked to PopCrush about his experience working with Britney Since a few weeks earlier, Urban Outfitters had already announced a vinyl for the then unreleased track as part of the "11/11 Singles Day", which became available for pre-order on November 11, but didn't ship until January 2021. The cover of the single was a previously unreleased picture from the David LaChapelle 2016 photoshoot, where we can see Britney at the beach with a night sky behind her, wearing a golden attire, while covering her mouth with her hand, and broken chains around her feet. The song only charted at component charts in some countries, including the US Digital Song Sales chart where it peaked at #18.
  11. So there's 2 Instrumentals claiming to be from Glory. They're the same song titles that were going around a few months ago but anyway, check them out
  12. So the "FIRE unreleased BRITNEY SMASH" that Sam Bruno asked us to ask Britney to release is apparently called "Dem Chicks Be Like". Sam confirmed she was recording music with Britney in 2015. https://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/153689-photosbritney-spears-recording-new-music-with-singersongwriter-sam-bruno/ Apparently the title was confirmed by her on Facebook in 2O18. https://twitter.com/TemptationBrit/status/952471453387186176/photo/1 Should we bombard Britney and Sam Bruno on Instagram with the hashtag #demchicksbelike ??
  13. I've been playing our Girl a lot lately. The Femme Fatale and Glory albums to be specific. Those are the ones I play non stop since like they were like released like... Gasoline, SIWAK and Better all could have been hit singles but we know why a lot of missed opportunities happened during these eras because of Team Con and we don't even know actually how she feels about these albums. I've always had an idea of her making music videos for some fan favorite tracks. Heck I would even take that over B10. So many songs had potential for music videos. I know we all wanted a video for Get Naked and Freakshow in the Blackout days here on Exhale. Which songs would you like a music video for if and when Britney decided to rerelease some tracks as singles? She did it for Circus with Radar after all @Jordan Miller @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Urbanney @Puppy What tracks would y'all want Re-released. Are you here for this idea?
  14. On November 18, 2016, Britney Spears released the Slumber Party video featuring Tinashe, two days after the new version of the track was released on digital platforms. The music video was directed by Colin Tilley, a relatively new director that had already worked with people like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. The video was shot in October, and both Britney and Tinashe posted about it on social media. Various pictures from on set were shared, revealing the collaboration which wasn't originally on the album's tracklist. In an interview for Extra with Mario Lopez, she talked about the video saying: "[...] we just did the video and it's kinda like a younger "Eyes Wide Shut" theme. So it's kind of a little risky, it's very ****, it's very moody, and it's, um, fun! It's fun, yeah." When asked about Tinashe on an interview for MTV, Britney said: “Tinashe is so sweet. I just always see my fans talking about her online, and it just made so much sense to collaborate on this song. She was amazing, and would love to find another way to work together in the future!” On this videoshoot was where Britney Spears met actor Sam Asghari, who played the love interest in the video, and who would later become her boyfriend (and they're still together to this day). According to Sam, he didn't have to audition, instead, he got hand-picked by Britney after someone that was working on the production who was close to him, sent his pictures to the casting director. He had already appeared on Fifth Harmony's Work from Home video earlier that year. The music video premiered on her YouTube channel. Originally, fans were happy because the video used a different track than that from the digital platforms. The version of the video didn't have Britney's high pitched vocals at the end of the song. However, the audio was later replaced to match the one from iTunes, Spotify, etc. but the original version can still be found in some websites. The music video was well received by fans and critics alike, comparing it to her 2002 Boys video. For a while it was trending on YouTube, even above Shakira's Chantaje which premiered the same day, but eventually lost momentum. 5 years later, it still hasn't hit the 100M views mark, but it's very close. Slumber Party is Britney's last video to be released under her conservatorship, and to this day, is her latest overall; ever since its premiere, this has been the longest period of time without a new Britney video in her entire career (5 years and counting). Previously the longest gap between videos had been Someday (I Will Understand) - Gimme More, but Slumber Party already surpassed that record in 2019 .
  15. Today this version of Exhaolic has been uploaded on YouTube, by the channel Xposed that has leaked multiple Britney demos. It has a good beat to it. Don't know if it's real or a fan-made remix but Check it out
  16. A little concept made by me, credit: @auly_mockup
  17. On November 16, 2016, Britney Spears "released" Slumber Party featuring Tinashe as the second single off her ninth studio album Glory. The song wasn't actually released as an individual single, instead they just replaced the original Slumber Party track (sans Tinashe) on all the digital platforms with the new version. We did eventually get a Remix EP in December though, but strangely, it didn't include the standard track, only the remixes. It was written by Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, and produced by Mattman & Robin. The reggae and R&B influenced song talks about slumber parties and teenage games such as "seven minutes in heaven" as double entendre of much more adult topics It was sent to radio on November 22. The song peaked at #86 on the Billboard Hot 100, however it went #1 on the US Dance Club Songs chart and #27 on the Mainstream Top 40. It was in October of that year when Tinashe hinted to be recording vocals for a "legendary collaboration" on her social media. A few days later, it was confirmed through Britney Spears' account, that they were already filming the music video for Slumber Party, with the quote "Neighbors say we're causing a commotion..." The music video was released on November 18, so come back in two days for the celebration of that :P The first live performance of the song, was actually the same day it came out, on November 16. Britney Spears added Slumber Party to her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. Tinashe performed the song with Britney for the first time at the KISS-FM Jingle Ball on December 2nd Then it was performed again at the Triple Ho and B96 Jingle Bash festivals. Tinashe later joined Britney at her Piece of Me show in Vegas on January 25, 2017. The song was also performed at the 2017 Britney: Live in Concert Asian Tour and the Piece of Me Tour in 2018, though it was removed from the setlist for the final dates on the latter.
  18. This song deserved so much. When I was listening to Glory when it first came out I was so shook and so slayed. It's still my favorite Britney album to date. But we ain't talking about Glory we talking LOVE ME DOWN heauxes. This song had potential to be a hit single Add a rapper or two on a remix like Drake and Nicki Minaj and we have a hit baby Glory deserved Love Me Down to be a hit single. Imagine the music video sis Discuss.
  19. Rumour is that this will be the first song to drop from the alleged Glory B sides release. The song title was revealed in September amongst 11 other songs that were added in the RCA books. It turns out it's a song from 2016 that's been remixed and features new vocals from Selena Gomez. The song is produced by Mattman & Robin that did most of Glory. Is this really happening? https://selenagomez.fandom.com/wiki/Beauty_Sleep This song is on genius lyrics: https://genius.com/Britney-spears-beauty-sleep-lyrics
  20. These songs are rumoured to be intended for a B sides version of Glory. They're registered with RCA but are yet to confirm them. Check out the titles below Blinds - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Justin Tranter and Nick Monson. Beauty Sleep - Written and produced by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larrsson and Robin Fredriksson. Bad Apple - Written by Melanie Fontana and Jon Asher. 180 Degrees - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Justin Tranter and Nick Monson. Do It For You - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Mattias Larrsson and Robin Fredriksson. Don't Count On Me - Written and produced by Julia Michaels, Sarah Hudson and Ian Kirkpatrick. Don't Wanna Be Cool - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Mattias Larrsson and Robin Fredriksson. Emotions - Written and produced by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larrsson and Robin Fredriksson. For The Broken - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Justin Tranter and Nick Monson. Hawaii - Written and produced by Julia Karlsson, Phoebe Ryan, Anton Rundberg. Human Touch - Written and produced by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Oscar Gorres. Open - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Justin Tranter and Nick Monson. Ropes - Written and produced by Julia Michaels , Justin Tranter and Nick Monson. Mother Mary - Written and produced by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larrsson and Robin Fredriksson.
  21. On September 28, 2016, Britney Spears was interviewed at The Jonathan Ross show, and she also performed Make Me..., the lead single off Glory. The show didn't air until October 1st, though. In the interview she talked about her love for rice, dating lizard people, admitted to farting onstage and also played some games, including singing Shake It Off after inhaling helium from a ballon. Most noteworthy, people who attended the filming of the episode revealed she also talked about drug use and the party scene in Vegas, but most importantly, that she allegedly talked about her conservatorship and the restrictions it has when it comes to recording her music. Such declarations were cut from the show when it aired on October 1st.
  22. The newly registered song "Drink To My Freedom" is made by the same creators that made Britney's unfinished song Exaholic, Antonina Armato, Tim James and Rock Mafia. The other "Free Your Mind" is created by Lance Eric Shipp, Nathalia Marshall and Rachael Kennedy, they did "Coupure Électrique". It's speculated by fans that this could be the "Freedom" song Britney was referring to at a Piece Of Me meet and greet in 2016 with a fan when asked what her favourite unreleased song was. Here's what Britney said to the fan "Oh...I don't know there are like 30 or 40...but there was a song I did called Freedom." Here's the Source
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