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Found 23 results

  1. A new femme fatale demo called Battle Royale by bonnie McKee has surfaced. Do you think it should’ve made the cut?
  2. New Cathy Dennis demo that’s rumoured for britney’s in the zone album. It’s produced by bloodshy & Avant
  3. Brandon tweeted that he pitched this song to Britney’s team which they dismissed. Do you like it?
  4. Skylar Grey went live in September 2020 and previewed the song apparently titled "No Pressure" produced by Diplo, Do we know if Rihanna recorded it, Is it scrapped and do you like it? No Pressure | Rihanna Wiki | Fandom
  5. It was alleged by a YouTube channel that “Famous” was a demo for Glory but turned out to be a duet song by Scott Horton and Wesley Smith Jr. but After revisiting it multiple times it would actually fit with the deluxe tracks, it’s kinda good even though the raps sound like something G Eazy would come up with. Who recalls any more that were fake but were good or bad?
  6. Very interesting that YT automatically recognizes this particular demo unlike many others out there...
  7. I had a twitter interaction with Steve Anderson, best known for co writing "Breathe On Me" & "State Of Grace" and says the unreleased song "Grow" is extraordinary and hopes it sees the light of day. Let's get it from him for BritneyOnline to put it out as an exclusive.
  8. The time where some people was losing their mind about a Britney Spears track about falling in love with a girl [Long Thread] Around 2010 and 2011, a supposed track sung by princess of Pop Britney Spears titled "Turn It Up" appeared on the internet. The track talks about a person falling in love with another girl in a party, where they tries to talk and meet more of her by asking the DJ to turn the volume up of their favorite song. The track was a supposed outtake from Britney's 2011 album "Femme Fatale" (while others sources citing the album as the 2008 release "Circus"). Following its apparition, various sources actually believed it was Britney singing the song, while others thought it was another person, usually pointing to singer and former backing vocalist Myah Marie. Actually she's not and was not involved in any way on the track. Since the time the track popped up, i don't think nobody even knew what was the person behind it, i was only able to find that someone here did the track by pitching the audio but i was not able to find any thread or something about it. (it's probably buried somewhere if that actually exist). Then i found that the name of the real artist was "Richard", which doesn't really help with a lot of people called Richard in the world. Recently, i decided to hear the track because despite sounding like a unmastered mess i thought it was somehow good. And i went to check the comments in the video up and found an account called "richluv0715" claiming to be the one who sent the song to Britney's team and that Britney wanted it in its original state (aka the original lyrics about a girl). Of course this is not true and this track was never sent to her and probably to any singer. Searching in their channel i found that is name is Richard Valley (also known as Richie Valley), and that they had a SoundCloud account linked there. So i went there in hope to find the original version of the song, and eventually, there it was. First of all, the "Britney" version (released on December 2, 2011) is actually a re-recording of the original song (released on March 11), since both songs have differences on how the words are pronounced and some minor lyrics can be noticed. Also it seems that this Richard guy was the one who created (and probably sung following a theory about the vocalist being a male voice pitched up to sound Britney) the Britney version since the song can be also found on their SoundCloud account: At the end, Richard should have been choosen instead of Myah on Britney Jean, jk "Turn It Up" ends in the void of fake songs and fake demos involving the name of Britney Spears, but this unmastered mess sounds way better that certain chill track you need to agree.
  9. Myah wrote what we should consider a bop in 2008 for the Circus album and is lyrically relevant to a free Britney. It would've made a great comeback single at the time Like and comment below if you like the song and wish Britney recorded it.
  10. The demo is produced by Bloodshy & Avant and performed by Sean Garrett, Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBb6PCt_q9c
  11. here is a snippet of a demo i have been working on. it honestly sounds like a blackout song https://voca.ro/1e98TeCXbYny
  12. In 2020, Danja revealed 4 titles for the 2018 version of B10 on his Twitter, now 2 more titles have surfaced. "Beauty Is A Beast" and "Be Yourself" were written by Melanie Fontana (Mood Ring writer) and Danja in 2018 but were scrapped. According to music insiders these were not recorded by Britney but were going to be submitted. They are also on BMI. Make of that what you will.
  13. Shelly Peiken who worked on Britney's legendary comeback album, "Circus", shared some info about the "Love Is War" song that we believed was intended for "B In The Mix vol.2" to promote the album. Peiken worked on "Circus" on the track "Out From Under". Peiken specifically wrote it was 2010. She imagined how she must have felt about everything that happened with her and Justin while writing the song. A demo with the same name leaked years ago on the internet along with other tracks such as "Sorry Adam" but none of them had Britney's vocals in it. Nobody knows for sure if these demos were actually recorded by Britney. At least now we know Britney never recorded this demo. The alledged demo tracks leaked around the time of the remix album's announcement. It seemed the track was intended for "Femme Fatale". I wonder of the other demos were recorded by her. Sorry adam, Red is the colour, ....
  14. Kasia Livingston, the writer behind Amnesia, Unusual You and Scary, recently confirmed a few tracks that didn't make the cut of Circus and Femme Fatale : Break the Circle, Venom and Pulse. The last one was a track for Femme Fatale, later scrapped and given to singer Mandy Capristo. You can check out the producer's demo down below: We recently got a snippet of Kasia's demo for Amnesia too:
  15. Heyy, has anyone had the chance to listen to her demo? How does it sound? i've always been curious on this!
  16. Can someone tell me if this was intended for Britney please? It sounds like a Blackout demo and the girl singing is clearly trying to sound like Britney. I’ve never heard this and it randomly popped up on my Spotify playlist. Thanks!
  17. Sounds pretty real to me but IDK... What do you think?
  18. A snippet of an (unconfirmed) producers' demo from the Britney Jean era has surfaced online, The snippet is quite low quality and nobody knows who produced it as of now. However it is most likely by Danja or Will.I.Am. Britney's vocals are not present as it is unknown if this demo was ever heard by Britney. It sounds quite different to the finished products of the Britney Jean era, if you can even call it an era.. The demo snippet can be heard on youtube here: Do you think this is official? Who do you think produced this? Would you have wanted Britney to sing on this? In my opinion, I like it, but I'm not sure if i would have wanted Britney to sing on it, it reminds me of a demo from 2008 by Fernando Garibay, "Superluva", which was later released by singer Starshell with the same title, which is a song I love. I'd love to know what y'all think of this.
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