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  1. On July 26, 2011, Britney Spears released the official music video for I Wanna Go (Desi Hits! Remix) which featured vocals from Indian singer Sonu Nigam. The video itself is just a shortened version of the standard song's video (it misses most of the intro), without any new scenes, which might be why it's overlooked by most fans. The main difference being just the Bollywood style of the song and the new vocals provided by Sonu. At the time, Britney posted on Facebook about the collaboration: And Sonu told Times of India: Earlier in June, another official remix of the single by DJ Frank E & Alex Dreamz had also received the video treatment. This one does scramble the scenes from the original video, and adds a warm filter to give it a different vibe. This video however, wasn't uploaded to her official YouTube account.
  2. I see many of u insult glory ( @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN) or question whether it deserves to be in her holy trinity, or say it isn’t her baby and is in fact Bazuuka Jolie part 2 ( @PokemonSpears) but I have something to SAY!!!!!!!! so let’s discount her entire discography for a second and just look at the music she released in the 2010s: Femme Fatale (Will.I.am thinks he executively produced this album), Balsamic Jerusha, or Glory? i personally think her best album from the 2010s is glory. I don’t love femme fatale but tbh…. The singles were catchy too. wooh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhh
  3. On June 16, 2011, the Femme Fatale Tour started in Sacramento, California at the Power Balance Pavilion, to support Britney's seventh studio album Femme Fatale. The original setlist included Hold It Against Me Up n' Down 3 Piece of Me Big Fat Bass How I Roll Lace and Leather If U Seek Amy Gimme More (Drop Dead) Beautiful He About to Lose Me Boys Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know ...Baby One More Time / S&M Trouble for Me I'm a Slave 4 U Burning Up I Wanna Go Womanizer Toxic Till the World Ends
  4. On June 13, 20111, following a poll on her official website, Britney Spears released I Wanna Go as the third single off her album Femme Fatale. The song was written and produced by Max Martin and Shellback, with additional writing of Savan Kotecha. This would be Britney's last single released under Jive Records, which was absorbed by RCA later that year. #justice4TripToYourHeart The dance-pop / hi-NRG song features a heavy bassline as well as a distinctive whistled hook that appears in the pre-chorus, and it talks about wanting to let behind her inhibitions and the restrictions that others put on her, tired of hiding her real thoughts and pointing out that "everybody is thinking it" anyways. At the same time she ironically apologizes for her urge for ***ual release. The song, originally registered as "I I I Wanna Go O O", was written and recorded in 2009 at Maratone Studios in Stockholm, along with other songs from Femme Fatale, such as Criminal and Up 'n Down, as well as The Singles Collection track 3. On February 22, 2011, Britney Spears retweeted a snippet of the song which was originally shared by Dr. Luke. In an interview for Rolling Stone, when talking about the collaboration of Max Martin on the album, Britney commented about IWG: I Wanna Go originally charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #73 on April, upon the release of the Femme Fatale album. After the single was released, it eventually peaked at #7, while topping the charts of Canada, Israel and South Korea, as well as the US Dance Club Songs, Dance/Mix Show Airplay and Mainstream Top 40 charts. It was Top 10 in several other countries. On July 15, a remix EP was released featuring Alex Dreamz, Desi Hits!, OLIVER among others. I Wanna Go never got any tv promo performances, however it was first included on the setlist of her Femme Fatale Tour in 2011, and later it would be performed in her Las Vegas residency Britney: Piece of Me from the beginning in 2013 until August 2015, when Pretty Girls was added to the show. Related:
  5. On May 22, 2011, Britney Spears was featured as a guest performance of both Rihanna's and Nicki Minaj's performances at the Billboard Music Awards. With Rihanna she performed S&M. The previous month, a remix of her single S&M had been released, and it featured Britney. Later that year, Britney would include the song on her Femme Fatale Tour in a medley with her classic hit ...Baby One More Time. After Nicki Minaj finished her performance of Super Bass, she started rapping her part from the Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix) released on April 22, which also featured Ke$ha. Britney joined her onstage to perform a shortened version of her song.
  6. Kasia Livingston, the writer behind Amnesia, Unusual You and Scary, recently confirmed a few tracks that didn't make the cut of Circus and Femme Fatale : Break the Circle, Venom and Pulse. The last one was a track for Femme Fatale, later scrapped and given to singer Mandy Capristo. You can check out the producer's demo down below: We recently got a snippet of Kasia's demo for Amnesia too:
  7. On April 14, 2011, DANCE Till the World Ends music video was released. It was the alternative cut that removed the apocalyptic scenes from the original video and focused instead on the choreograpy as well as the close-up shots of Britney. Even though it looked like they released this version just to clear up the rumors of there being a body double in the original video after this one premiered, it was actually reported since April 04, before the original video came out, that two versions of the video would exist. Maybe they saw it coming... The video was not as popular as its counterpart, and 10 years later it still hasn't hit the 10M views mark on her YouTube channel. Related:
  8. On April 11, 2011, Rihanna released the remix version of S&M, the fourth single off her fifth studio album Loud. It featured Britney Spears as a guest artist. The song, recorded in 2010, was originally written and produced by Stargate (Mikel S. Eriksen + Tor Erik Hermansen) and Sandy Vee, with additional songwriting by Ester Dean. It's an uptempo EDM track that talks about ***, sadomasochism (S&M) and bondage, though Rihanna revealed the lyrics were metaphoric and it was really about a "love-hate relationship with the media". It was released as the fourth single off her Loud album in January, and it had already reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 before the remix featuring Britney dropped. A music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas was released on February 1st, gaining a lot of positive reviews, but also the ban in eleven countries due to its explicit nature, as well as a lawsuit from David LaChapelle and Philipp Paulus who both claimed the video violated the copyright of each of their photoshoots. After the success the song had on radio despite the critics, Rihanna asked her fans on Twitter about potential collaborators to jump on a remix of the track. Britney turned out to be the most popular suggestion, and that's how the duet came about. In the new version, Rihanna and Britney both sing on the original chorus, but Britney sings a whole new second verse, written by herself. Rihanna talked to Elvis Duran on radio about this feature saying Despite Rihanna's interest in doing a music video for the track, this ultimately never came to fruition. The day before the release, Rihanna wrote on Twitter "I got a #**** collabo comin your way supa dupa soon!!!! OH YEAH!!! By popular demand. Its BRITNEY *****!!!! One of the biggest worldwide popstars! U gangsta #EPIC" to which Britney replied "You're such a tease! I like it, like it... You think they're ready Ri Ri?". The week after the release of the remix, S&M finally topped the Billboard Hot 100, after 293,000 digital downloads across all of its versions, the Britney remix counting for 66% of the overall sales. It became Rihanna's 10th #1 single on the chart, becoming only the ninth act to achieve this and the fifth female to do so, behind Mariah Carey, Madonna, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. It became Britney's fifth #1 hit, and her second one that year, after Hold It Against Me debuted at #1 in January. In May of that year, Rihanna performed the song at the Billboard Music Awards, with Britney making a surprise appearance towards the end. Britney also performed the track on her Femme Fatale Tour that summer, in a medley with her debut single ...Baby One More Time.
  9. Remember when the world ended on December 21st, 2012? Well, Britney gave us a teaser the year prior, when she released the Till the World Ends music video on April 05, 2011. The second video off the Femme Fatale era, was directed by Ray Kay, who would later direct the Twister Dance Remix of the song in 2012, and it was filmed in the basement of a meat plant, in Los Angeles. During I am the Femme Fatale, we could see a bit of the behind the scenes of the video. Britney described the set as being grimy and gross, and looking "like there was poop everywhere" but it wasn't poop though, just sweat. She also explained that she likes to watch the playback after filming each scene: "it's just to make sure it's right and that the costume looks right and the dancers are together and we all look in unison. It's an energy and it looks fresh. It has a certain vibe with it and it makes sense." At some point, she changed her heels for ugg boots, during the scenes where her feet weren't showing, to be more comfortable. According to an interview Britney did for the VEVO certified ceremony, her goal for Till the World Ends was to do something "mystical and urban and underground". She and Ray Kay came up together with the concept, along with her management, to put all these elements together. Britney also confessed that this was one of her most difficult videos to shoot. The director also explained the day of December 21st came from the Mayan calendar which noted that date as the end of the world, but also noticed they wanted to give a message of hope with the ending of the clip. The apocalyptic video shows Britney, who wears a leather jacket, and her dancers having an underground party as they wait for the world to end. The hot and heavy environment is reminiscent of her I'm Slave 4 U video, released 10 years earlier, as well as the scenes where she's seen in front of an illuminated background, with similar predominant colors. Throughout the video we see them performing a choreography, while buildings fall down as the entire city collapses above them due to the meteors and earhtquake. In the end, we see Britney now wearing a red bodysuit, getting sprayed with water along with her dancers as the sun rises. Britney then comes out of a manhole smiling, looking at the outcome of the catastrophe from the day before. The following week, on April 14, a different version of the video, ditching the apocalyptic scenes in favor of the choreography, was released as DANCE Till the World Ends. The music video was nominated at the 2011 VMA's for Best Pop Video, which it won, and Best Choreography, which lost to Beyoncé's Run the World. In July 2012, it became Britney's second video to get certified for more than 100 million views on YouTube. There's also another version of the video for the Culture Shock Remix, exclusive to Apple Music and TIDAL Related:
  10. On April 03, 2011, MTV aired a special titled I am the Femme Fatale. In it, MTV News' Sway Calloway interviews Britney Spears about the process of creating her seventh studio album Femme Fatale, which came out at the end of March of that year. She also talks about her childhood, the beginnings of her career, past music videos, we see her at the studio with will.i.am and there's also behind the scenes footage of the Till the World Ends Music video. There's also a bit of rehearsals and the actual performance at Rain Nightclub inside the Palms Casino Resort to promote the release of the album.
  11. On March 29, 2011, Britney Spears appeared on Good Morning America to promote her seventh studio album Femme Fatale, which was released that day in the US. She performed Hold It Against Me, Till the World Ends and Big Fat Bass. She also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel that night Related:
  12. On March 29, 2011 Britney Spears released Femme Fatale, her seventh studio album, in the United States. It had been previously released in Europe and Oceania on March 25, and it counted with both a standard and a deluxe version. Femme Fatale is mostly an EDM record that incorporates a lot of elements from dance pop, synth-pop, dubstep, techno, and electro. It is filled with club bangers that invites the listener to dance with lyrics about partying and love relationships, though some slow and mid-tempos appear occasionally throughout the tracklist. It was mainly produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, but it also included several other producers such as Ammo, Cirkut, Benny Blanco, Billboard, Bloodshy, Darkchild, Shellbak, will.i.am, Fraser T Smith, Magnus among others. Some of the songwriters that collaborated on the tracks are Alexander Kronlund, Kesha, Bonnie McKee, Mathieu Jomphe, Savan Kotecha, Henrik Jonback, Nicole Morier, Jeremy Coleman, Joshua Coleman, Ester Dean, Benjamin Levin, Sophie Stern, Claude Kelly, and it also featured Sabi and will.i.am on (Drop Dead) Beautiful and Big Fat Bass respectively, as well as Travis Barker from Blink 182, who played the drums on the deluxe track Don't Keep Me Waiting. Britney Spears started to record the album on July 2009, when she visited Sweden during her The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour, where she also recorded 3, the promotional single of The Singles Collection that was released later that year. In 2010, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and Danja, who had already collaborated with Britney in the past, mentioned that they were working on new Britney music, however, the claims were denied by Adam Leber stating that those who are actually working on the new project are not talking about it: "No new music news right now....Wish people wouldn't mislead you guys with BS info". It was in November when Dr. Luke revealed to MTV News that he was executive producing the album along with Max Martin: On her birthday in 2010, Britney wrote in a series of tweets: "Just wanted to thank all of you for the amazing birthday wishes you guys have been sending all day. My fans mean the world to me & waking up to all of your wishes really made me smile, so here's something that I hope will make you smile... I'm almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March. I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!" She also took the time to clarify some rumors about her then boyfriend supposedly having abused her: On December 13, Popdash reported that British producer Fraser T Smith had collaborated with Britney on three tracks, two of which made the final cut: Trouble for Me and the Japanese exclusive Scary (the only song on the album co-written by Britney): It was on February 02, 2011 that Britney Spears revealed on her Twitter the name and the cover of the album: "I've poured my heart and soul into this album over the last 2 years. I've put everything I have into it. This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way! I love you all! **** and Strong. Cool yet confident! "FEMME FATALE"" The Deluxe version has a golden font over the same Randee St. Nicholas picture from the standard. The same day, Rolling Stone published an article where Dr. Luke revealed that the album was still not done, and they were still choosing the songs for the final cut. He also talked about the lead single, Hold It Against Me, which had been released in January. On February 08, Britney tweeted to be at the studio with will.i.am. Though we didn't know at the time, the track they were working on was Big Fat Bass. He added "The song I did with britney is ganna be crazy fresh. from the super bowl to the studio workin on a mega smasher. can’t wait till its done". Though another William was not so happy, since he didn't make the cut for the final track. On a Twitter rant, compiled by Bradley Stern from Muumuse, William Orbit revealed his dissatisfaction: The next day, will.i.am was interviewed by the Associated Press about the new song, as well as some drama regarding the attacks he received from Britney fans, who he named the "Britney Army", after posting that some people don't tweet by themselves (Britney's Twitter at the time used to have posts signed by Larry Rudolph, Adam Leber and other people from her team). He clarified he was not talking about Brit, since he saw her himself tweeting when they were in the studio. He added on Twitter: "Britney tweets for herself I saw it with my own eyes when we recorded in the studio today. She's such a sweet heart she's a perfectionist. You guys read into things way to hard ... shame on who ever thought I was talkin about britney ... so sad people want to start things. The song I did with britney is ganna be crazy fresh. from the super bowl to the studio workin on a mega smasher. can't wait till its done." Femme Fatale was trending topic on Twitter for more than six days after its announcement. On February 10, she had Twitter chat where she talked about the album. "I would describe it as moody, edgy pop with A LOT of energy. I co-wrote a couple of songs. I think it's some of the best work I have ever done. There are a few mid-tempos that could be considered ballads. I have a lot of history with #MaxMartin and @TheDoctorLuke so it's always fun to collaborate with them. They make such incredible music. I'm so excited and I can't wait for you guys to hear it. I think its some of the best work I have ever done!" During this same chat, a fan asked for her opinion on Global warming and Lady Gaga, to which she replied a now iconic answer: In late February, MTV posted an interview with Darkchild, who talked a bit about the album: "Britney's always great to work with. I've worked with Britney for 12, 13 years now. It's always great to work with someone when you work with someone time and time again; it's always great, and it always gets better. And just to see her evolve as an artist, it's an amazing, amazing thing." Besides working on tracks such as the Darkchild Remix of Overprotected or I Love Rock 'n' Roll, he had also produced the demo of Gaga's Telephone sung by Britney that leaked in 2010. "She was very hands-on. She had a lot of ideas for me," he said. "She's great. She gets it. She is a top-notch veteran pro at this now." And when asked about Dr. Luke and Max Martin he said: "I never spoke to them, [but] those guys are just great, and the stuff that they've been doing is just really, really great stuff. I'm sure with their hands on it, it's great." The two tracks he worked on were He About to Lose Me and Don't Keep Me Waiting, both deluxe edition tracks. In the beginning of March, she went to Ryan Seacrest's radio show to talk about the album: On March 17, Rolling Stone published an interview with Britney prior to the release of the album. She talked about her involvement during the process of recording it: She also talked about the two collaborations on the album and how they came about, as well as her musical influences at the moment: When asked about Dr. Luke and Max Martin she said they were like "two peas in a pod. It's a total bromance". On Dr. Luke: On Max: In another interview, she explained the origin of the title of the album, among other things such as her favorite tracks and working with the people that collaborated on the record: Femme Fatale debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 276,000 copies in the United States, where it went on to sell more than 800,000 copies by 2020. It was also #1 in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia and South Korea, while being Top 10 in almost every other country it charted, except for Poland, where it peaked at #17. It was voted Favorite Billboard 200 No. 1 Album at the Billboard's Mid-Year Music Awards. A total of four singles were released in order to promote the album: Hold It Against Me, Till the World Ends, I Wanna Go and Criminal. It became Britney's most successful album chart-wise. The day of the release in America she appeared on GMA to perform a few songs in a morning to remember, and that night she also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. An MTV documentary titled I Am the Femme Fatale, aired later on MTV, where they showed another promo performance. From June to December, she embarked on The Femme Fatale Tour, performing in Mexico for the first time in almost 10 years, as well as some countries in South America, including several places where she performed for the very first time. In 2020, it was released on vinyl through Urban Outfitters, and it got a special splattered edition in 2021, as well as cassette release. Related:
  13. On March 04, 2011, Till the World Ends was released as the second single off Britney Spears' album Femme Fatale. It was produced by Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Billboard and Emily Wright, and it had additional writing by Alexander Kronlund and Kesha. The electropop, dance, uptempo track talks about literally, dancing till the world ends and it's characterized by a chanting chorus that repeats several times throughout the song. She officially premiered the track at On Air with Ryan Seacrest: The apocalyptic track was acclaimed by the critics, with Rolling Stone naming it the third best song of the year. It sold 117k copies on its first week, debuting at #20 on the BBH100 and eventually peaking at #3. It hit the #1 spot on the US Dance Club Songs chart and it was Top 10 in almost every country it charted, including #1 in Russia, Poland, South Korea and Spain. In 2015, it was voted the best song of the 2010's by Billboard readers. In April, a few days before the release of its music video, a lyric video was uploaded to her YouTube channel: She first performed the song on March 25 at Rain Nightclub, and it was later included on her sets for GMA and Jimmy Kimmel. It was later included on her Femme Fatale Tour. And it was also the closing song of Britney: Piece of Me for the entirety of its duration. Till the World Ends received several remixes, the most notable, The Femme Fatale Remix, was released in April and it featured Nicki Minaj and Kesha. Britney joined Nicki Minaj at the BBMA 2011 to perform a shortened version of the song. Nicki would later join Britney to perform her rap on the Femme Fatale Tour at selected dates. In 2012 the Twister Remix was also released in order to promote Twister Dance. It also received a remix EP titled Till the World Ends (The Remixes) on April 15, 2011.
  14. "Good morning, America, I'm excited to tell you on Tuesday morning, March 29, I'll be performing for the first time ever in a special concert in San Francisco's historic Castro district on 'Good Morning America.' And I promise you it'll be a morning to remember. See you soon!"
  15. On February 17, 2011, Britney Spears released the music video for Hold It Against Me, the lead single off her seventh studio album Femme Fatale, after a looong waiting accompanied by 14 teasers. The music video was shot in January at Paramount Studios, produced by Hagai Shaham and it was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, with whom Britney had fallen in love since she saw the Ray of Light video he directed for Madonna in 1998. Larry Rudolph explained that they never worked together in the past due to availability or timing conflicts. The music video is one of the darkest ones Britney's ever done. It's filled with symbolism and imagery, a lot of hidden details on top of the already bizarre, most obvious narrative that we see of Britney playing different characters, that engage in a fight, basically, Britney fighting with herself. The topic of the media seems to be present in the form of a ring of microphones, but we also see a Britney wearing a long white dress, surrounded by TV screens that show videos of her past career, such as ...Baby One More Time, Sometimes, Overprotected and even excerpts from For the Record. After the first day of the shooting, Britney tweeted a picture on set wearing a red outfit and surrounded by the microphones. Brian Friedman, a long-time collaborator of Britney, was in charge of the choreography for this video. The auditions to pick the dancers were held in December 2010. On his part, Brian Friedman also chatted with MTV News about what could be expected from the music video, without getting into too much detail: Larry Rudolph talked to MTV News about the collaboration with Jonas, comparing her upcoming album to Madonna's Ray of Light After the shooting of the video, TMZ released some accusations that said they had to use a body double for Britney because she didn't learn her moves. They also claimed she left the set crying after the first day of shooting, but her party denied it: "The accusations could not be further from the truth. Britney worked extremely hard on this video and rehearsed for six weeks prior to shooting. Brit and Jonas got along great. ... Fans will immediately see how inaccurate these claims are once they see the video." Jonas Åkerlund also told TMZ that "[Britney's] been great throughout the entire process. At the end of the shoot I got the warmest hug I ever got from an artist, and I look forward to hugging her again very soon! I've been around long enough to know when an artist gives it their all, and to me it doesn't get better than this. This video is gonna be f---ing awesome. It's all Britney." After the video was released, Larry finally clarified the confusion about the body double to MTV News. He explained: "Of course, there was a body double in there that she was fighting most of the time, which is where some confusion came in. ... I heard some rumors that she used a body double. The reality is, she used a body double for the fight scene, 'cause it's all the fight herself." About the concept of the video, and having the "two Britneys": Steven Ho was the martial artist that choreographed the fighting scene. He also talked to MTV about the process of rehearsal and the actual shooting of these scenes, praising Britney for her hard work. He also explained that it was very helpful to work with Brian Friedman on the set, and kind of incorporate the fighting scene with the style of the choreography Finally, he talked about a particular shot where we see Britney doing a quickstep in the middle of the fight, which was all her idea, and how the outfits that were chosen for this scene (designed by Jonas' wife, B. Åkerlund, who had worked with Lady Gaga in the past) represented a bit of an issue as well as a safety concern, and they actually thought about cutting them off, but they finally decided to incorporate them as weapons. B. Åkerlund gave a detailed explanation of all the people and brands she collaborated with for the outfits of the video, calling it a "punk-rock couture look, with a touch of glam". Tom Tom Fashions helped with the giant wedding dress, there were accesories by La Cracia and Dannijo; Faguni and Shane Peacock worked on the fighting scene dresses, with shoes by XTC. Skin Graft Designs, Tom Binns, Yasmen Hussein, Loree Rodkin and Bordelle were also named, and almost all of the outfits had some sort of decoration with Swarovski crystals. In Latin America, fans of Mexican pop singer Fey accused Britney of copying one of the looks from the 2009 video Lentamente, in which we can see Fey in a similar futuristic set, wearing a long white dress, similar to the one from Hold It Against Me, though the claims lack any support. Hold It Against Me music video is always subject of interpretations by fans, trying to decipher all the symbolism that appears throughout the rapidly changing scenes. More details can be better appreciated on the Director's Cut of the video, which can be seen on Jonas Åkerlund website, which basically removes most of the product placement. After getting behind the other FF videos, Till the World Ends and I Wanna Go, in terms of views, HIAM finally hit the 100M views mark in 2015, and it currently has over 130M views.
  16. On January 10, 2011, Britney Spears released Hold It Against Me, the lead single off her seventh studio album Femme Fatale. It was wrote and produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, with additional writing by Bonnie McKee. The EDM track with dubstep elements, was originally offered to Katy Perry, but the producers didn't think it really suited her. The song debuted at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming her fourth song to achieve this. With this, Britney Spears became the second artist in Billboard's history to debut at #1 with more than one song, and to do so with a second consecutive single (her previous single 3 also debuted at #1 in 2009), both records behind Mariah Carey. She also became the seventh artist to top the chart in three consecutive decades. It was also #1 in Canada, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. It also topped the US Dance Club Songs, Dance/Mix Show Airplay and Digital Song Sales charts. The song was made available a day prior to the original release date, following a tweet A demo by Bonie McKee had been leaked on January 06 However, the song wouldn't be performed live until March 25 at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino resort in Las Vegas. Here's the rehearsal, btw Then she performed for the first time ever at Good Morning America on March 27, though it aired on March 29. She also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the same day. Hold It Against Me was also the opening song from her Femme Fatale Tour later that year. She hasn't performed the song again ever since the tour ended in late 2011. A music video was released in February, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and choreographed by Brian Friedman, following the modest amount of 14 teasers but we'll celebrate that anniversary later. It's worth mentioning, after the song was released, the pop/country duo The Bellamy Brothers complained about the song being too similar to their 1979 single If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me. Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee sued them for defamation and libel, but the case was dismissed after the duo apologized. In 2013 Bonnie explained in an interview for Hollywood Reporter how the song came about:
  17. On October 17, 2011, Britney Spears released the Criminal music video, the last single off Femme Fatale. It was directed by Chris Mars Piliero, who had previously directed I Wanna Go. The video was shot in the streets of London, right before she started the European leg of her Femme Fatale Tour. She said in an interview for AOL "I've never shot on location out of the country of America for a video. So, it should be very interesting. It was partly my idea ... to see if it could to happen, and they were like, 'Yeah, it's a great idea,' so we did it." A few days before the production began, the details of the video leaked, as wells as the people they were casting for a role in the video which included "hot girls" for the fiance to be with at the party, a "chubby grocery store clerk", "male cop", "Chief of police" and a Britney body double. Jason Trawick, Britney's boyfriend at the time, was also in the video. According to Chris Mars, casting Jason for the video was Britney's idea, and he also revealed that he was hesitant about it, since he considered that a real actor would do a better job. He told USA Today: "When you're doing nudity, I don't think it was at the top of Britney's list to bring in some random guy while her boyfriend watches. [...] We definitely wanted to make some passionate, steamy scenes, but we also wanted it to be intensely beautiful. We didn't want to go for raunchy. We wanted it to be sensual and steamy." After images of Britney holding a gun replica during the filming of the video surfaced, a lot of controversy sparked in London for "promoting gun violence" after the riots that had occurred in England earlier that year. They wanted Britney to apologize for the video, but instead her team released a statement saying that "the video is a fantasy story featuring Britney's boyfriend, Jason Trawick, which literally plays out the lyrics of a song written three years before the riots ever happened." Chris Mars commented about the controversy "Holding the gun became a controversial thing 'cause we filmed it in London, and they don't have a lot of gun use out there. That doesn't mean that there's no gun use, so I did find it really interesting. For me, the thing is, it blew me away that members of [the British] Parliament were speaking about this. One, because it's a music video, and two, because don't you guys have television shows out there that show crime? It's really strange to me. I don't understand why pop stars are put on such a high pedestal over other celebrities. Why do members of Parliament feel that they need to scrutinize her for having a gun, and 'She's in the public,' and 'She should know better,' and 'She's a role model,' but what about every other celebrity out there? What about every other actor? That's very strange to me. I was really surprised at how much the gun use was scrutinized. Jason plays a professional criminal, so it makes sense he has a gun. We shouldn't censor ourselves." The video received mostly positive reviews, some finding the scenes of physical abuse surprising and her acting a bit stiff, but she also received comments such as "We can't honestly remember the last time Britney Spears looked so gorgeous in a music video" and deemed it as the best video from Femme Fatale." Upon its release, the video was flagged on YouTube, and only registered people above 18 years old were able to watch it. This hugely affected its performance in views compared to the previous Femme Fatale videos, which had been rapidly become the most watched videos on her channel. It wasn't until 2013 that the flag was removed, and it started to slowly get more and more views. Around 2016, it gained more popularity as a lot of fanfic videos of Harley Quinn and the Joker from the film Suicide Squad featured the song, and in recent years it went viral again due to a Tik Tok challenge. The video hit 100 million views in March 2019.
  18. On September 30, 2011, Britney Spears released Criminal, the fourth and final single off her seventh studio album Femme Fatale. Produced by Max Martin and Shellback, it was written by them in 2008 with additional writing by Tiffany Amber. Britney told MTV News that after she first listened to the song, she felt it was different and unlike anything she had heard before. The version of the single, Criminal (Radio Mix) differs from the album version and it was later included on B in the Mix: The Remixes Vol. 2. It was the first single released under RCA after it absorbed Jive Records. It has never been performed live. On August 5, 2011, Britney posted on her Facebook a poll to select Femme Fatale's next single. The other options besides Criminal were Inside Out and (Drop Dead) Beautiful. It peaked at #55 on the BH100 but it reached #19 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. It went #1 in Brazil and it was Top 20 in many other countries, such as Poland, France and Spain. The music video was released the following month, but we'll celebrate that later ;) In December 2011, an EP of remixes was released:
  19. I have been noticing this about Britney since a very long time.Even though I became a Britney Stan in 2018 after knowing about her and her life struggles.I followed her career and her eras since very beginning! Britney literally nailed every performance she had till 2004.Before her knee injury. Then came blackout era where Britney was a little messy and a little slutty but she still had it.Remember M&M’s tour?! Even after her breakdown,The circus era too had some great performances. Britneys performances had changed during femme fatale era completely.She wasn’t there at all.I feel something odd about that era.Even during Britney jean era she wasn’t giving her full potential. But then she got back during 2015-16 around glory era.Then again in 2018 her performances were completely messy.Her moves weren’t complete. Britney said in an interview that she wanted glory to be her baby.And we all know Britney didn’t had control over femme fatale album and Britney jean album. So is it because she gets drugged and her performances get bad or is it that when she’s releasing her own music she’s super excited about it and thought glory was her last chance and we failed her?? Im saying that about glory since Britney didn’t perform the same at all after glory era and even Jayden said Britney might quit music :((( what do you guys think?? Will Britney ever comeback or will she become a legacy artist..?
  20. Today is Femme Fatale's 9th birthday! Thanks to a few of you who PMed me. To celebrate, let's put our worries and fears aside for a moment and stream it. What's your favorite song off the album? Besides "How I Roll," obviously.
  21. This isn't a *conspiracy* theory thread so to speak. But i was watching some old and new videos and couldn't get past the weird and twisted fact of Britney being in an ACTUAL cage in her own work and imagery ever since 2007. Here's the list of the occurances and feel free to add more in the thread: 1.Piece of me tour : right after circus , she's in the cage dancing ( piece of me song) ...with "handlers" around her. In the middle of the song she gets out or the door is open but is shut again. ( so f**king strange and odd) 2. In the opening video of the femme fatale tour she's being sought after and is captured. After hold it against me ....up n down comes on and she's ...AGAIN behind BARS. Now the good thing after both those instances she does get out before the performances finish. 3. In a very recent event as we all know. In the original make me music video ...well , again she's in a cage. And is painted red oddly so. I don't know if this is looking at something "too deep" or whatever. But i just couldn't look at those instances or performances the same way after this year . I mean in a weird , horrible and twisted mind it's so happened to be that she actually is in a way living in a cage since 2007/08 . And the cage theme came up right after. Can you guys think of any other ones? Even slightly similar?
  22. Welcome to The People's Republic of Exhale, everyone! In this thread Exchange Express yourself!, I wanted to discuss our favourite album covers for every Britney album. It can be both an official album cover or a fanmade one, just an album cover you love. It also doesn't have to be only one, but also don't post, like, 15. So, without further ado, let's begin! Here are my picks: ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again Britney In The Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale This is the most covers I'll post in this thread: Britney Jean Glory The covers above are easily my favourite fanmade Britney album cover in existence... it's so amazing. I just wish higher quality versions of them existed... Those are all the covers I can think of right now. I couldn't decide on one, so almost all of the albums have more than one cover posted. Also, congratulations to Babblative Japanophilia for being the only Britney album of which the official cover I consider one of the best.
  23. Oh, Brinny! As displayed in a number of song teases and even first single "Hold It Against Me," Femme Fatale certainly has an emphasis on club bangers. And Spears reveals in the V Magazine chat which tune off the album she's most looking forward to having fans hear. "I really love 'On the Rocks' because it sounds so different from anything I have ever heard," she explains. "It's so cool and quirky." So, what happened to "On the Rocks"? Is it a hidden track on the album? Britney Spears Explains Her Definition of Femme Fatale Britney Spears In V Magazine, Calls ‘Femme Fatale’ The Best Album I Have Ever Made’ Spears: 'Femme Fatale is edgy, mature'
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