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11 years ago today, Britney began the 'Femme Fatale Tour'. Did you see this tour live?

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This was the last time I saw her


And it's so sad because I remember saying to my friend that I wouldn't pay to see her again between FF and Circus (where she ran off stage and left us in the dark for 40 mins) I had been really disappointed in the level of showmanship and professionalism

Over the years I regretted feeling that way and wished I could have seen her in Vegas but the timing never worked out for me

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1 hour ago, agustinmalandra said:

Yes, that was the only time I've got to see her live. 

it was basic as f (in Argentina) :neydedance_purple: and I saw her as she was an ant cuz I was so far away from the stage... but gurl, back then I was in heaven, living and cheering. :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:


Saw her in Argentina too.

I cried when the Meet & greet was sold out and could only get the Backstage pass.

I was expecting to be disappointed, because they removed lots of stuff for the South American leg, but right there, live, you forget about all that stuff. And she looked gorgeous in person. Seriously videos didn't do her any justice during FF era. 

Oh, and she wore the original outfits for the Buenos Aires show. Not the leotards she wore in most South America shows. So I was happy about that lol.

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14 minutes ago, DougfromBrazilIsBack said:

I like to think that she sang live but the fans screaming Britney Spears Smile GIF

i think she did that during the first leg

either way i was very pleased with the prerecorded vocals cause it felt like an actual live experience 

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16 minutes ago, ChrisBritSlo said:

I was there too. And when Sean Preston joined her on stage in the end:fakecry_christina_aguilera_xtina_crying_tears_wipe_sad:

Or was It Jayden?:fakecry_christina_aguilera_xtina_crying_tears_wipe_sad:

were you front row? :airpls_gaga_wheeze_eyes_wide_breathe_lady_lmao_lol_haha_hehe_omg_surprised_shocked: i was seated during the show and i was so jealous at the people standing and cheering :fakecry_christina_aguilera_xtina_crying_tears_wipe_sad:

and idk i cant tell them apart either sis :fakecry_christina_aguilera_xtina_crying_tears_wipe_sad:

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45 minutes ago, toysoldier88 said:

I saw her for the First Time ever in Zurich for Femme fatale. I actually cried because I was so close and her face looked like a doll that night:yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad: the show was good, not the best ever but i really enjoyed it, and most of the props were still there:pieceofwhat_britney_awkward:

she looked stunning during the European leg 



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