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  1. Also, it’s worth noting that record companies tend to keep all the demos and songs in their catalog. This includes rejected and unfinished songs for artists as well as raw vocals. They keep these recordings in the event that they can be used in some capacity in the future such as background vocals, stems, groundwork for new music, and demos for other artists. Sia’s album, This is acting consisted of tracks that were rejected by big name artists such as Shakira, Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jlo, Demi Lovato, and maybe even Britney Spears. She indicated that each song had been
  2. I’m confused. Did she actually record a full version of Rebellion? Many artists often record snippets of songs to determine if they are good fits for them. Britney might have not finished the song because her label shut it down or couldn’t complete the rest of lyrics. It’s important to note that Britney most definitely has access to all her unreleased songs. If there is a full version of Rebellion, she probably has it somewhere in her house but isn’t keen on leaking it to the public. There’s been speculation that many of the unreleased tracks on the internet were secretly leaked by B
  3. Free Britney, please! She has worked so hard. She deserves her freedom!
  4. So I did some more research on this. Based on what she has earned throughout the course of her career, her net worth should be over 600 million. She technically could be richer than Rihanna, who has been named the richest female celebrity/performer by Forbes. The lawyers have been charging exorbitant amounts as part of the conservatorship. Is it possible that they are stealing all her money?
  5. Very plausible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true. Most of the rumors surrounding Britney post 2008 have had some shred of truth to them.
  6. Why did she continue to dance in heels despite the discomfort? I mean it’s possible to do it but complex choreography can really damage your feet. She never wore heels in the dream within a dream tour...I don’t get why she kept doing it.
  7. I don’t understand why she slays during rehearsals but puts little to no effort during the live performances. She always missed steps or moved out of sync with the other dancers. I am starting to believe that she might have deliberately sabotaged herself by making her performances lackluster in order to spite her father and team, which is incredibly sad.
  8. Where is this podcast? Link? I tried tape in extensions while I was growing out my hair. They were a nightmare. I had to cut my natural hair shorter and start over again.
  9. Can she actually grow out her hair though? I used to think she had long hair during the BOMT era (Sometimes music video) but Now I think she even had extensions then!
  10. Mickey Mouse club? Yeah, I don’t think she has had naturally long hair throughout her career...Baby one more time onwards
  11. She’s never had naturally long hair...even when she was younger. Her natural hair has always been relatively short. Even when she shaved her hair off, she had extensions in. I’m guessing that she has never been able to grow out her natural hair. It probably starts to break apart after reaching a certain length? Correct me if I’m wrong.
  12. He exploited Britney Spears to boost his own fame after their break up. If it had not been for her, JT would have ended up like the rest of *NSYNC. I think it was cruel that he had to malign her in order to control the narrative. The whole Super Bowl fiasco was also problematic. He just distanced himself from the situation, while Janet Jackson suffered immense backlash. I do believe that JT has a manipulative streak and possesses some narcissistic personality traits. It is quite clear that he has cheated on Jessica Biel multiple times. She is just too codependent to move on from him:
  13. Honestly, I believe that the Britney Jean album is more of a conspiracy than original doll! For the record, I refuse to believe that Myah Marie sang 100% of Body Ache, Till it’s Gone, and Work B***. Britney’s presence is there but maybe toned down a bit.
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