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  1. Was that the other dancer in touch of my hand? I forget his name. I thought he was also gay? Wasn’t he dating one of the other male ones? I knew the one guy with the baby was straight, as well as Chase Benz. I didn’t realize that he was in POM until recently. Femme fatale had more masculine dance moves. The male dancers were total players. They seemed to be into Britney but she was with jason at the time. I honestly think Britney and Chase would have made a great couple. They are both dancers and seem to have similar values. Chase also comes from humble roots and has a strong connection with his family. He also seems to be emotionally healthy: Britney wanted more kids and he clearly wanted to be a dad. Maybe if the stars aligned differently, they would have continued their relationship after the Circus tour and she would have been the mother of his two children. Then they would have performed together as a couple and lived happily ever after. It sucks that Britney has always fallen for guys that ultimately betray her and break her heart. Men who are unfortunately like her dad. Chase is the one that got away!
  2. I thought they were planning to hire a completely new set of dancers. Chase was definitely not asked to come back. It would have been great because they weren’t able to find a choreographer for months. He could have totally choreographed the show. Instead Britney had to do it all by herself and then the new choreographers scrapped her routines…
  3. I don’t think he choreographed all the dance routines. I read that his family is super religious and they did not like Britney’s overt displays of ***uality. Yet, they approve of his provocative dancing? Double standards to the core. I mean the New Yorker article claimed that Jamie would interfere whenever someone got too close to Britney and then push them away. He did that with men, dancers, female friends, hairstylists/makeup artists, housekeepers, etc. I know that he tried to break her and Sam up but eventually left them alone when he pushed back. I imagine Jamie discouraged Chase from having a relationship with her. They definitely were very much into each other at one point in time. Maybe, he still has lingering feelings for her. And I don’t think he liked the feminine dance moves and costumes during POM. I’m pretty sure he was the only male dancer who identified as straight during the residency.
  4. Britney and Chase definitely had some sort of fling during the Circus tour. At least, that’s what has been implied. You can see that they had a great deal of chemistry during the performances. Apparently, they weren’t able to pursue a formal relationship because his family did not approve of her. They moved on to different people but continued to work together over the years. He eventually got married and had a family. Chase and Britney remained professional and cordial with each other. You can tell that Chase was making a deliberate effort to keep a distance from Britney during the POM residency. Even during the sensual performance of Touch of my hand, he does not make much eye or physical contact with her. I think he did that due to their shared history. Maybe, he does have some lingering feelings towards her and is upset that they could not have a relationship. Jamie might have also hampered their romance. Contrary to what people like to believe, it’s not really possible to maintain a close relationship with someone whom you were romantically involved with. It’s even harder to work with someone when you are required to dance in an intimate and provocative manner with them. You can tell that Chase did not really enjoy being part of POM and probably agreed to participate because he could not find a stable job. He didn’t really fit in with the other dancers and seemed kind of cut off from the rest of them. I’m not surprised that he did not take part in the POM tour. I don’t believe that he had planned to be part of Domination either but then again none of the POM dancers were asked to return for that residency.
  5. Jamie Lynn’s role isn’t that big. She’s not one of the leading characters. If anything, she’s a very small supporting character. I don’t know why people are trying to get her fired. The show doesn’t revolve around her.
  6. That was the culture back then. It’s not right or fair but it happens. I’ve been in toxic work environments where people in charge have abused their power and targeted others for no reason other than to boost their own egos! We all had to turn a blind eye due to fear of retaliation. Everyone just had to put their heads down and stay out of trouble, and wait for something better to come up. People can be cruel!
  7. I feel terrible for Britney. Anyone who has gotten close to her has been pushed away by Jamie and the conservatorship team. They really don’t want her to have any support from others. People who have worked with Britney over the years have had to keep a distance from her due to fear of losing their jobs and being blacklisted from the industry. I heard that her backup dancers during the POM residency deliberately kept an emotional distance from her because they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves from the team. It’s ludicrous! Britney deserves to have good people in her life!
  8. Nope. Beats me why he would say that. But it did happen believe it or not. If you don’t want to believe it, that’s fine. I do not need validation from you.
  9. Everyone in town loves Lynne and know how toxic Jamie can be. They have empathy for Lynne and all that she has gone through. You also have to remember that Lynne is actively involved in Louisiana. She’s very close with the governor and his family. Lynne also supports charity and reformation movements in Louisiana. People in Kentwood are very protective of her.
  10. I think New Orleans is pretty bad but neighborhood scout ranks this city as higher in terms of crime.
  11. I’m in a city in the middle of both Shreveport and Lafayette.
  12. I honestly believe that Ryan Murphy will use Britney’s story as the basis for a season of American Crime Story or create a mini-series on her life and the conservatorship. If he does, Britney should honestly star in it and play herself. With all the advances in technology, they can go back and make her look younger and all.
  13. The city I live in is between both Shreveport and Lafayette. It’s in Rapides parish. I won’t give you the exact city but it’s fairly easy to figure it out if you live in the state.
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