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  1. He didn’t mean it ********, he said scored as in he was lucky enough to do a cool thing/return the gesture for her, too. Like when someone says “how’d you score those tickets?” Or something like that! Lol
  2. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that her mom works for the company that Brit uses to take boat tours while she’s in Hawaii and that the ONE request she makes is to have hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies on board. We stan a humble queen, y’all
  3. I might still have mine at my parents house in storage! Haha that thing was the focal point of my room, my nearly 30 year old married mom *** wants to be “groovin’ like Britney” so bad
  4. As far as I know, it’s the first time someone came right out and said what happened that was actually in the “inner circle.” Interesting that she said they were “both doing their own thing,” though. I mean, honestly I stan Brit AND JT but if he was cheating too, that’s pretty shady that he got so bent out of shape over what she did. I get that Wade was his good friend and she absolutely was wrong for doing it but idk...kinda like “don’t point fingers if your hands aren’t clean.” Who knows...they were insanely young, rich, famous, attractive and on tour. It’s definitely not right but I’d be more surprised if they both DIDN'T cheat in some way or another.
  5. It’s District of Columbia, which is Washington, DC, not the country of Colombia. So confusing! Either way, this is such a sad mess
  6. Yeah, I wouldn’t say that about Heidi either. But for whatever reason, with Brit, it just has a different vibe to it. Heidi’s a totally free woman who probably shares high quality, artfully done “model worthy” photos, while Britney posts very quirky, random videos in bad bathroom lighting of her striking poses in thrown together, mismatched outfits. And I love her for it, I promise I’m not trying to sound rude! I just think they have two totally different lives and reasons to share. That’s just me, though!
  7. Am I the only one that thinks it really could be Britney posting this herself? I don’t think it’s a reach to imagine she’s bored, lonely, missing her kids, stressed out about her c-ship details being broadcast and imploding around her, and wanting to negate those negative thoughts by putting out some photos she thinks she looks hot in, regardless of when they were taken. She’s an immensely insecure woman who does seem to find some sense of validation in taking selfies and videos of herself in bikinis or tiny little outfits because she’s been conditioned to think that’s where her worth lies. So when she’s feeling down, or just simply bored (which I imagine she is a lot of the time because she ya know, essentially lives in a a fancy, luxurious prison) I think she does her little fashion shows and shares them, hoping people will focus on her beauty or her body and ignore the drama surrounding her. Not that it works like that, but I think that’s what she’s attempting to do. orrr I’m way off base but who knows
  8. Verrrry interesting. I believe her, tbh. If it was really her blocking Brit, she had to have known that **** would cause a stir and I would think that with a new show coming out, she wouldn’t want to be seen as publicly siding with her dad or anything else that blocking Brit might imply. Right? Plus, I don’t see her siding with Jamie regardless if the allegations are true. This is all such a mess :/
  9. I’ve seen a lot of threads lately about JL, especially with that Zoey 101 drama being talked about again. What’s the consensus about her on Exhale? Any fans? Anyone ever met her? I remember thinking she seemed pretty snotty as a kid (I’m a couple years older than her but I always kinda got that vibe) but I think I’ve grown to like her more as we’ve gotten older. I guess I just don’t know enough about her to really form an opinion. Thoughts?
  10. Idk if AP but apparently Jayden’s shirt at Disneyland is advertising Cookies which is a company that grows cannabis and makes “cannabis cartridges” for vapes https://weedmaps.com/brands/cookies
  11. I genuinely take the whole photo thing to mean they don’t always like photos with mom (who, lets admit, might embarrass them from time to time. They’re teenagers!) and the JL thing was simply because she’s their aunt and maybe they don’t feel like they can tell her no? I was a brat to my mom at that age but if my aunt asked for a photo, I wasn’t going to be a **** and say no. I saved that for my parents. Just a thought! I love seeing her happy, that’s all that matters.
  12. I honestly thought she already had this dress Seriously though, am I crazy or does she have one super similar to this?! And I see you there in the corner, Sam, get that dressing room ***, girl I’m kidding...unless she did.
  13. Zoey wasn’t a part of my era of Nickelodeon (I’m almost 30 ) but my husband’s kids and all their friends watched it religiously so I feel like the 16-20 set would maybe watch the reboot for nostalgia’s sake the way I tried watching the new Full House lol. That being said, Austin Butler’s career is taking off so I don’t see him coming back and will JL want to juggle doing this, the Netflix show, her music and her family? More power to her if she can but damn, I can barely handle running the house with my 7-month-old and I’m a stay at home mom.
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