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Britney Spears "has no estate" so what is the deal with Britney Brands?

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A comment on Britneys legal case has claimed "there is no 'estate' of Miss Spears, there is just Ms Spears herself."

Does this mean her brand(s) and institutions definitely don't belong to her? As Britney Brands DEFINITELY exists. I'm unsure what this says (if it even says anything) about her brands & institutions (which 'she' moved to Jamie/Lou, or dissolved, to my understanding)

Anyone have any insight?


(Background: Britney Brands is a company that produces merchandise, clothing and cosmetic products ((such as Britney Spears: Fantasy)) for Britney Spears.)


EDIT & UPDATE: Now including a list of companies allegedly handled by Lou Taylor and/or Jamie Spears that (apparently) surround the brand of Britney Spears. Some of these companies have been inactive for a period of time.

- Britney Brands, Inc (And its several branches)

- Miss Britney Recording, Inc

- Fairy Zone Productions, Inc.

- Shiloh Standing, Inc.

- Jamie and Lynne, Inc. (Since 1982, the year after Britney was born)

- Til The World Ends, Inc.

- Britney Films Ltd

- One More Time Music, Inc.

- Gold Pomegranate Events, LLC


Britney Brands Inc, as of the last time I edited this post is Active & In good standing. MICHAEL KANE is the director, president, secretary and treasurer. As of the last report. (Source: Louisiana Secretary Of State, Commercial Division)

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16 hours ago, 3IsACharm33 said:

All I know is Britney brands is still owned by Jamie. No idea if  his companies he created during the con to launder Britney’s money have been dissolved and returned to Britney.

I am deeply disturbed by this information. Most everyday people do not know this.

Jamie could potentially use this brand to continue to cash out from Britney, and wouldn't HE be the one with her trademarks in this case? It's my understanding that Britney established BBS Entertainment Inc, to serve the same purpose.

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22 minutes ago, mocha latto said:

Anyone have any insight?

No one knows what the ownership structure of Britney Brands is.

I’m sure Britney will let us know in due time if her name is being used by the CONs to make money. But until new information becomes available, the public will not know if the CONs are making money from Britney’s name and image.



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4 minutes ago, MadameFreedom said:

Dude, estate is just a word used for the probate court. When there is a case in a probate court your money are in estate.

But outside the court if you are not in conservatorship or there is no estate to handle like in a case of someone's death you have just your money.

Basically,it is another proof that Britney is fully free and her money belong to her.

Britney doesn't have any estate that is established and controlled by court.

You for example don't call your money,houses or other investments "estate". It is just your money, properties,trusts or investments.

But if your would have case in the court all of that would be called estate controlled by the court.

Same as in Micheal Jackson's case.

As he is dead there is estetę controlled by the court.

As long as he was alive there was no estate. Just Michael Jackson,his money,his trusts, properties, investments.

I think this document is a nice sing for us.

And Britney owns her brands but they are now hers not a part of estate controlled by the court. Because remember Jamie as a conservator he was working on the behalf and on the directions and supervisor of the court.

No conservatorship no estate. 

I guess no one talks about for example Gaga's money as a estate 😁 it's just her money.

so if god forbid Britney passes, does Michael kane, her business manager, handle her money? He decides who the money's given to?

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3 minutes ago, Applejack said:

It's not. It's owned by Britney.

The estate ceased existing because Britney is legally a person again and she owns her ****, therefore there's no one owning her stuff on her behalf. So that's why there's no more estate - because she owns her stuff again.

Exactly! Any free alive person has no estate.

Estate exists in probate court either when someone is in conservatorship or someone is dead.

When Britney was in conservatorship her money,trusts, properties,brands, investments were in estate.

When Michael Jackson died his money,trusts, properties,brands, investments came into estate.

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18 minutes ago, mocha latto said:


Tri-Stars' music catalogue. Make with it what you will.

that's just management, because they were her management back then



besides, not saying the info is false, but the info is modified by anyone. Those 9 submissions pending were submitted by the likes of "benjiizone", "ajt77", etc


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Just now, AmandaJankins said:

so if Britney passes, does Michael kane, her business manager, handle her affairs?

No,it will be all about what her last will is.

In Micheal Jackson's case it was based on his last will from 2001 that he decided who will be in charge. And probate court monitors it.

If fact if Britney decides she wants to leave everything to for example her kids ,they will be able to fire Michael Kane same as Britney can do that now.

Michael Kane is just a business manager. He can't do anything without Britney's approval. She is in charge of her money. He just handles it according to her wishes and instructions. He pays her bills,taxes and etc. 

Britney can fire him anytime and decides she wants another business manager or that she will do everything herself.

But I guess all stars have business managers as handling big money is not easy I guess. Especially,as you must to pay all the bills. Take care of paying all taxes.

So in the case of Britney's death it will be all about her last will and what those people from her last will will do. If they decides to keep Michael Kane or not or they want to handle everything themselves or they need business manager.

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