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Both Britney and her Kids are acting like FOOLS, let's be real. SOLVE THIS PRIVATELY FFS.

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1 minute ago, annonymous said:

Glad someone said it. Britney always said she is a private person, but lately it looks like she really likes to get the attention. Everyone is bashing Lynn for writing posts on social media for Britney instead of just texting her, but when Britney does the same with her kids its suddenly fine. 

Yes Britney is free and she can do whatever she wants, but that doesn't mean that everything she does has to be accepted. Bashing your kids on social media is just wrong. 

Recording your own mother (she didnt do anything wrong Btw), giving an interview about your own mother who’s been a slave for 15 years is worse. They are no longer 4 years old. They should responsible for their actions 

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11 minutes ago, Adam Wiatrowski97 said:

So Britney should just remain quite? She’s been silcenced for 15 years!

Is it really useful to blast her own kids in front of 42 millions of people? Is it really interesting content?  It's doing more harm than good.  Don't you think she should focus on the good things like maybe her art? 

6 minutes ago, annonymous said:

Glad someone said it. Britney always said she is a private person, but lately it looks like she really likes to get the attention. Everyone is bashing Lynn for writing posts on social media for Britney instead of just texting her, but when Britney does the same with her kids its suddenly fine. 

Yes Britney is free and she can do whatever she wants, but that doesn't mean that everything she does has to be accepted. Bashing your kids on social media is just wrong. 

This is exactly what i think. I am tired of being silenced too by crazy Britney fans that can't accept divergent opinions. I have the right to think differenty. 

I've been a fan since day one and it's just so dumb to witness this whole thing. They could solve this privately. Britney is just acting as ridiculous as her family. 


The Spears family is so weird. 

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I agree SOMEWHAT. If I was Britney I would literally give NOTHING to the media. Let Kevin and her kids talk all they want. Put at one statement that acknowledges their interviews and conversations and leave it alone after that. Tell the media and the general public that she anticipates a certain narrative to be sold to outlets as they have been doing to “me” for the last 20 years. Then log out and LIVE your life! She got everything she wanted and more finally and she’s wasting time on Kevin of all people?

I’m also like, she hasn’t been able to publicly speak her own mind for the last 13 years and I’m sure if feels so powerful to finally speak up and defend yourself so I get why she’s doing it, to us who haven’t been trapped under a rock for years and years it feels kinda “delayed”

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But on a serious note, I said this before in Exhale, NO ONE wins when family fights on social media. No one. Am I disappointed she chose to respond to them in such a way on IG. Yes....but that's because I'm a bit biased. I had a mom who struggled alot when I was the same age as Britney's kids, in some ways I empathize with them. As I've said before, (speaking from experience) coping with a parent coping with their own trauma is HARD. Immensely hard as a child. I hope the boys understand more when they get older,  HOWEVER...

No matter what happened, me and my sister NEVER once trashed my mother publicly whether on social media or to others. My dad would have NEVER allowed it either despite what she put him through as well. That's family...at least what it should be. You protect each other. It breaks my heart that Britney's family repeatedly sells her out to the media. And yet, Sean and Preston were more concerned about Britney's IG posts???How does an IG post compare to your father and grandma selling out family to tabloids? It's heartbreaking, utterly heartbreaking that none of them realize just how horrible it is to do that to family especially someone who has been through what they've been through.

My mom is now THRIVING and doing amazing and has been for a while. And a big part of that is because us, her family, never gave up on her and never threw her to the wolves of public opinion. I only pray when the boys grow older they can truly appreciate their mother and all she's sacrificed for them to have the life they have. I also hope Britney doesn't lean too much into social media, I personally hate social media rants because I know them to be made by people in pain. So many fans cheers when she rants like that (YASSS QUEEN SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!), but I just feel sad. There's no joy in watching trauma play out this way, however I do hope that it at least helps Britney heal in some way now that she can speak freely publicly for the first time in forever. But I still look forward to the day when her IG is filled with just love, quirky and cute posts and photos of her growing family with Sam bc she deserves the life she's always wanted and worked for.

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1 minute ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:

I love Britney just as much as you guys do but this definitely is something that should be handled privately from both sides. 

Ok, now think just a tiny bit. You want her to deal with these people privately even though they cut her off? How? Meanwhile they are going on a worldwide smear campaign against her from the UK to Australia.

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26 minutes ago, Void said:

This is coming from a real fan that's been a fan of Britney since 1998. I AM TIRED of this whole situation. 

Her kids literally live in the same neighborhood as her and Sam . They literally live right down the street. Isn't this really weird? Britney has these people's phone numbers!!!! Britney could call or text, email, Skype, anything, Facetime, she can Instagram dm her kids

But no

She wants to put this on blast, for everyone to see. Because britney craves the attention and she craves the sympathy

Any Britney fan manages to reach her kids on social medias but Britney can't?? LOL 

Both sides are in the wrong. Her boys choosing to do an interview involving information about Britney can be seen as passive aggressive. I wonder if the boys chose to do that interview or if their father set it up i mean it's obvious.... 

Then Britney choosing to post **** pics and choosing the attention from strangers over her own children is narcissistic and wrong. Bashing her own children on social media is immature and hurtful. They all need to refrain from talking about one another in public, whether in an interview or Instagram. This is just pathetic and trashy from everyone involved. 

Why the hell do people insist on living their entire lives via social media. Nobody needs to know the intimate details of a stranger's life and frankly nobody cares.

How much effort does it take to STOP posting **** photos and start to repair the relationship with her kids? 

She's supposed to be the princess of pop but her behavior is far away from ROYAL ...It's just so trashy and absolutely nauseating. Tasteless.  Distasteful. Please Britney stop being a trainwreck. 


get a life, you wouldn't be so worried about Britney's if you had one.

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@mods, a Spears family account detected 

These are criminals weaponizing kids against their mother to cover up their criminal misdeeds and human rights violations

They are taking it to the public domain to silence and intimidate her. She responds with love and grace. They expect her to stay silent?  They have had plenty of time over the years to show support.

It is mindboggling a child doing an interview to belittle and  lay down the law to a parent is considered ok and good parenting.  That entire clan thinks she should be obedient to her kids???? 

They are laying their attitude towards her bare for all to see 


@mods please lock

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a lot of you guys never had family problems and it shows… i came from a dysfunctional family and i understand that even a few blocks away can figuratively feel like countries away… especially from someone who is ignoring someone else… if britney were to try and contact her kids repeatedly they would use that against her… she can’t win ever… she is using the same fire that is being shot at her… it makes no sense for her not to use their own tricks against them.. i’m sry but you guys live in rainbow and unicorn land if u think it’s simple to just text… especially if ur britney effing spears… i’m sure every thing she sends them.. calls text are all screen shot so why not do it this way??? why not void?

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Shut up! Can someone ban this user? How do you expect her to treat everything privately when everyone’s trashing her publicly? She has to address things in public because everyone around her tries to destroy her public image, she has to defend herself and control the narrative! Stop trying to silence this woman who has been abused for more than a decade!

Everything around her has been super secretive, no one could reach to her, everyone had to sing NDA’s around her to “protect her and her privacy”, no one could ask her real questions when she did interviews, she was put in a conservatorships because she was so unstable and mentally fragile that she needed protection and now that she’s free and living life how she wants, now that Britney having a good reputation is not profitable for them and now that she exposed them all they are all suddenly tearing her down and telling the world all about her private life!

If they really think she’s so ill mentally why would they want to tell the world every negative aspect about her? To make her collapse? If they really had her best interests in mind they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. They want to make her go crazy in front of the whole world to save their a.sses and say “see I told you”.

LET THIS WOMAN BE! Enough is enough! She shouldn’t tolerate any type of violence or harassment ever again! Not from her family, not from her kids, friends, peers or fans! Now she’s free to speak! To be heard and to tell the world her side of the story! One of the reason this twisted situation and conservatorship went for so long is because everything was kept in the dark and she was silent so the world thought she was okay! 


Don’t ever let anyone silence you ever again Britney Spears! Your have not done anything wrong! We will keep supporting you no matter what! 

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