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  1. You have a great sense of humour! 🤩 But Yeah, Myah recorded a great Album. Great debut
  2. Oh no! Dont even remind uswe really dont know what happened, maybe Brit was just lazy everyone needs to forget about this album, I dont count this - it has some nice Songs (the ones that are sung by Brit). But! Dont forget that Jamie recorded a Song with Myah and Britney said that only her sister has such a similiar voice
  3. Omg. Can you stop acting as if everyone has to agree with you. No one is ******* hating on you. We all have opinions
  4. What the ****? It was just supposed to be a funny Video? It shouldnt be taken seriously at all. I dont want to defend her but come on...
  5. Nothing weird about it. If my bf took my phone, I'd yelling at him too. Am I handler too? Not everything has to be a CONspiracy
  6. There is no need to overreact. It happened to me as well technology if my friends took myphone, I'd be yelling at them too. Not everything has to be a CONspiracy and that isnt.
  7. Why do you think everyone is attacking you? girl, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. You cant get praise allt the time.
  8. Yes !!! God bless you all 🥰🥰🥰💘💘🙏🙏🙏💅🌷🌷🌷🌷
  9. Wow, Britney is an A-list celebrity. She has worked with MANY people! Why would she keep his phone number? Why would she pick someone from the FF era? If He wanted to help her, he would do it in a different way. He wouldnt go online, he would try to find a way to reach out to her team or Sam to ask if she is fine.
  10. And I loved your kind words! Positive energy will do wonders someday 😊😊
  11. Fine then. Based on the videos alone: easy moves, being forced to perform with almost no passion. Yes I love her to death! thats why I will never go to her concerts! Its not like she is the one making money. CD vocals is not something we should accept. I know how good her voice is so I'm not okay with her lipping to 1998 vocals Its only my opinion😊 And again, I am glad I didnt support the project she did not want to happen at all
  12. No I havent. I wanted to see her in Berlin but Im glad I didnt support the project she didnt want to be part of. Well, the show may look nice overall, but Britney wasnt the best part: bad dancing (Yes, 2016 was better and there were some good moments), CD vocals were a joke.
  13. You cant use "best" and "vegas" in the same sentence when talking about POM. I wish they had used prerecorded tracks. The CD vocals make the show look even worse
  14. her team allowed her to read a forum that is trying to expose her team?
  15. Hi guys, I've seen a lot of poems written for Britney by you. I love your kind words (and you should spread them because positive energy can do wonders) but let's be real: Britney does not read BH. Neither did she call her "ex" and that makeup artist. As we know she is not allowed to have full internet access. How would she be able read BH? We dont even know if she runs her own insta. Also, do you really think she'd reach out to some random make up artist? (from FF era) Dont believe everything you read on the Internet (like Madonna who thought Covid wasnt real) And no, I'm not hating but we cant be naive.
  16. I have a serious question: Do you guys ******* believe she reads BH? Like really? She is not allowed to have unlimited internet access!!! I love your kind words you want to share with her, but dont believe everything they say to get attention
  17. It doesnt even sound like Britney AT ALL Myah didnt even try...
  18. I am not offended. I just don't care if my favourite pop star had a threesome or not. Even if she recorded songs like Touch of my Hand, we shouldn't cross the line. Privacy is privacy
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