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  1. But still the idea behind conservatorships doesnt have to be Britney’s case. and Thanks for providing me With new information! I am not German I only graduated from German studies and used to pass my A levels there
  2. We do but it has a different name (Germany has die Vormundschaft) 🧐😑 conservatorships are sometimes needed - there are people who cant really funcion properly and are danger to themselves. You cant free everyone.
  3. Plus I would deactivate my socials too if my fans were following my every step including eating ice cream with my bf
  4. I cant with this fanbase. You all need a break from social media. Meltdowns wont help you. What if it has been blocked due to her naked pics? Oh God Team con knows that we're watching their every step Lol at those saying they will kill Britney, how can you even think of this
  5. Being straight or gay doesnt have anything to do With being „average” or „great” 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 I know boring gay people as well. ***uality has nothing to do With your personality, arent we all the same? Equality?
  6. Yes! She co-wrote every song on her most personal album Britney Jean 😍
  7. IMO there is no need to Look for reasons and conspiracy theories (Team Con let her sing in 2017 + her mic is on during some parts) - she chooses not to sing. She has almays lipped almost everything, even before the conservatorship. Baby voice or not. That's why I couldnt fully enjoy her tours at all. Is it hard to pre record New vocals? Lip syncing to CD vocals is pathetic. Fans are to blame too, Britney could always get away with that. Plus she doesnt have to dance all the time, people would praise her for live singing
  8. Yes! „Performances” of Lucky, Everytime and Alien during POM were on of many reasons why this cheap show was pathetic Why did she lip Lucky?
  9. She simply doesnt care. She started lipping to CD vocals in 2001 (I always hated that, how can a Singer lip sync to autotuned vocals?) . Its not like she stopped to sing live because of the conservatorship. No conspiracy
  10. I dont want her to comeback unless she wants to. And her performances need to improve: CD vocals from 1998 and bad dancing wont help her. All of her concerts since 2009 are cringeworthy. POM was a joke that should have ended after one year. New generations sing Live and dont lip sync - or at least use good pre recorded vocals. and I understand why her tours were so bad. I would perform the same way if my parents were in charge of everything.
  11. Why are we even talking about her mental health? Are u all doctors? No. Thats her business. Mental illness isnt something to be ashamed of, but people can Live a normal live without the conservatorship let Britney have privacy!
  12. Ok so to answer your question again: Its not boring for me. Also, gay couples arent something special for me. We’re all the same. I see No difference. Gays can be smart, stupid and kind etc. Just like straight people. Being gay doesnt make us special, thats only our ***uality
  13. I see gay people everywhere (Netflix shows, TV series). Straight people are the majority thats why they are being shown more imo. I dont expect TV series to focus on gays only. But I like the fact that movies etc focus on gay people too its not boring for me, I dont like to label people.
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