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Kind of turns me off how blase Britney is about Paris - no acknowledgement?

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    I think Britney tbh is weary of peoples motivations. I think they are friends and had the conservatorship not happened I'm sure they would have became really close. Britney had her whole family, Kevin and Jive and RCA...etc fraudulently put her into that Conservatorship... everyone she trusted conspired against her so lets be easy on her. Can you imagine for 13 years being a prisoner and having other celebs just turn a blind eye and not extend out help and claim they knew nothing about it but now are #freebritney?

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    Things like this makes me suspicious on how free Britney actually is or if her “supported decision team” is hiding information and are together pulling strings while acting as if they are her BFFs. Britney can do what she wants for me so I’d never judge HER decisions, I am just wary if she actually is free for real or like having a better controlled life now, but still surrounded by controlling people who are working together to keep outsiders of their little group out.

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    18 minutes ago, monkeystar88 said:

    I think Britney is asking where was she prior to #freebritney like not just her but why didn't anyone speak up about it before 2020? Even Miley had to have heard and seen first hand the abuse but instead of talking about it she used her as a feature on her album.

    That is a fair point. She had many years of enslavement when nobody said ****. The same goes for Cade though. 

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    16 hours ago, Pfefferminz said:

    "I hope Britney stays as far away as possible because that's not a good influence/genuine person to have around imo."

    People seem to forget that Paris brought out, in my opinion, the worst in Britney. She encouraged her to show her v*gina to the paparazzi. Those photos are still available on the internet.

    Ew. You sound like a Catholic nun in Ireland 1963. Ew, a *******. How many male rock stars have not shown their ****s?

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    Can we PLEASE stop this?

    The entitlement. The unnecessary part of it all 

    Why do we need Britney to publicly announce stuff to other celebrities/friends?

    Who would that benefit? Just you, right?

    I'm not trying to be mean, I just hate this. Britney doesn't need to do this, she can and could have reached out privately.

    Or maybe Paris did something to Britney in the past that we don't know. Point is, we don't know their relationship, and it's not our business. 

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    On 12/4/2021 at 9:43 AM, Peter Paulin said:

    Paris arguably has been speaking out for Britney for at least a couple years now. Always extending kindness and compassion to her (remember the Andy Cohen interview). I don't know, Paris really seems to love her. I kind of wish Britney would at least comment back or acknowledge her (she nearly done dragged her in her court testimony) on Instagram. I wonder why she doesn't seem to care. 

    Stop having hog expectations from Britney..let her live! She will do when she want to

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    23 hours ago, Prachi said:

    Is it only me or other people are also noticing that new members are making accounts just to ask stupid bizarre questions and throw shade at Britney? :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue:

    That's been like that the whole time here lmao.


    Regarding the OP, like why would you measure that in Instagram posts and mentions? They've got real live and phones they use. They dont have to publicly acknowledge every interaction to make it official. Do you?

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    I don't what's with Britney's behavior with the Gaga/Xtina mess, because if she can do that she can start ot unfollow her sister on IG then. That situation was really off to me, so idk, maybe it will be the first year of starting to do everything she can do because she wants to like a small thing like to log in to her IG.

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