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  1. Jeff helped to push the "WHITE SUPREMACY" narrative just like Paris Hilton kinda funny no one on breatheheavy wants to talk about it. This site is becoming more popular for suppression rather the latter.
  2. I ask In a world where African men get shot or arrested and KILLED for taking out the garbage, having skittles, having a "fake" 20 or driving while black with an freshener...you guys wanna glorify this **** sympathizer?
  3. I hate this topic title. It's a reflection of the time she isn't currently dragging Joe. It was her feelings as a young woman at the time not as the mature woman she is now. The idea that she dislikes likes him now and is dragging him now is so basic and is being used in the media to make her seem like a bitter ex.
  4. She would need a proper music career to compare...she is more in the league of Lindsay Lohan
  5. the word iconic is thrown around so much! I'm older and every time Britney hit the VMA stage or did a magazine cover it was in every single NEWSPAPER, on every persons tongue...mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, friend...every news channel...cnn...ET...every gossip rag...it's something I've never seen replicated again. Rihanna has a different story and a minority story(we don't talk race a lot but it is a lot harder for minorities). Rihanna defied all the odds. Her ICONIC performance will be coming up out of the islands, becoming a legendary singer/entertainer and DOMINATING with her influence, cosmetics and fashion.
  6. please think about your comment as well...I am a male and I've been **** a few times as a child and adult
  7. every person in the WORLD has but I think she's gotten used to the idea that whether it's true or not all she has to do is say somethin and people will pay attention to her...that's poisonous thinking
  8. Not victim blaming just the manner she goes about things. The more her projects are "unsuccessful" the more these allegations keep coming from her(over the decade). As a former user I believe anything is possible but especially when you try to sell that and monetize it. Her rise to fame started by admitting she had a drug problem and getting help so now that very success seems hinged to it. Her success seems hinged to new trouble and allegations...attention seeking but for her own personal gain not in the traditional sense. Her relevance now is based not of her work but every so often she's like...I was this and I was that and this happened to me...in an attempt to be in the headlines...Britney NEVER did that. SHE WORKED. Britney was always was launching major albums, records, singles, dolls, tours...perfumes... I think it todays climate we need to start asking what people can prove and that's who Britney is. Britney doesn't want to be looked at as a victim unlike Demi who wants to base her career on it. I'd say just remember that Demi and her team tried to blame her drug dealer for lacing her ****** without acknowledging that the real problem was she was using ******.
  9. The problem we have is longevity. Britney remained relevant and still is. Her last album launched a top #20 hit. Britney has survived 20+ years and had hit after hit. Let's see where Katy is in the next 10 years.
  10. I like Katy but we would need certified numbers even the latest are not as impressive as they should be. If Prime Britney had the opportunity of YOUTUBE and Instagram and social in general she would have broken all the records while Katy is barely hanging on. Katy is throwing a pity party for herself while mocking Britney's mental health.
  11. Its an excuse for underperforming(I'm sure they weren't aware of how much further her other records would sink). TBH it's years and years of being snotty and cruel to everyone.
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