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  1. They are from the survival show Girls Planet 999, during a mission (Creation Mission) they formed a team and presented an original song titled "Snake". 6 members are in the final airing tomorrow with the possibility of debuting in a girl group. (My favorite, Cai Bing, got eliminated last week , the only member from this group to not make it) The premiere stage with other contestants reactions: Full Stage:
  2. No. I always loved how she did almost all of her singles as a solo artist with some collabs here and there. Today's scene is doing collabs for the sake of it.
  3. I'm a fan post-Spicemania but I really adore their heydays. I looove their interviews because they were so full of personalities! I love their first two albums, I just bought them (used ofc), and I really like Holler. I'm kinda sad that they stopped promoting after Spiceworld because since that album to Forever there's too much of a difference.
  4. Every idea for her MVs tbh and pushing to release Toxic as a single.
  5. It's so tricky because during cship she got her other 4 #1s (out of five) and her first #1 in 2008 since 1999. But then again maybe she will release music without promo, she already knows (I hope) that even by doing nothing more than the MV she charts.
  6. She was already sick and tired about the cship and it was just months into it. We see a weird relantionship with her father and that she was controlled. But she did looked excited about the new album, and we saw her personality in the interviews with the red shirt. When I borrowed the DVD, I didn't get why it was a big thing to drive a car, I thought it was because she was alone, now we know.
  7. After hearing in her own words during the June hearing I'm ok if she retires (if it matters lol) She loves performing, but for 13 years she did that not because she wanted to, because she was made to. So idk if that changed her way of seeing performing. BUT I will be there for her return <3
  8. It always said that Britney is no the type of artist to take credit for something she didn't wrote, even for little changes in lyrics she doesn't take credit, producers and writers has said so before, so it was weird when she did write every single song tbh But looking back, it was the cship that will receive money for royalties, so
  9. I still can't believe Madonna is stuck as a visionary, you look at her career and her sound was fresh or new, like a new proposition, but in the recent years she seems desperate to be like by young people. Living for Love era was cute tbh a really Madonna sound kinda new
  10. Why tho? These are actual copies not units. They already changed the rules and make more sense now, count when they actually ship and not before. Plus she is selling vinyls too, and they take more time than CDs to produce.
  11. Seeing Blackout as #1 and ITZ as #2 makes me agree with the list because for the rest they always change in my personal ranking but those two NEVER. And BJ at #9
  12. Sadly, I never followed Little Mix because I never heard of them until they were way into their careers I was shocked to knew they were in their 10th year!!! But I did heard A LOT since Jesy leaved the group with very confusing statements, and they don't stop since then she's like I left the group in good terms, then implies is the girls that haven't talk to her but she is "open" to talk, then say the opposite and so on. So this just seems natural to happen tbh
  13. BOMT OIDIA Britney ITZ Blackout Circus Femme Fatale Britney Jean Glory Are you being shady to BJ and I'm missing the mark?
  14. A cultural reset, literally. I fell in love with her inmediatly after this song, and then the album, and I lover her since.
  15. If this is true, work For the rest, I hope isn't true, because
  16. They look so different! When they were kids I always thought they were twins lol
  17. I love the picture of her in yellow, wow! (I think it's the first tiI see the word "british" on the cover of British Vogue, I always wonder why they didn't do it if the American version it's the OG and every single local edition adds their name, it's this because of Conde Nast reestructure?) P.s. is she the cover for the American AND British Vogue?
  18. Well, Britney can do whatever she wants for the first time in 13 years, so whatever she wants will be good. I do hope she release her 10th album because I don't like that her last one is her 9th, I need a the tenth lol but at her time ofc. And I do think she would likely do a residency again, at least until her sons are older or if she has a kid again, because she would like to be close to them. But I do think she would like to start a new family so maybe nothing for the next 5 years. I hope she can have her baby girl
  19. Freakshow, Toy Soldier, Perfect Lover. If I can handpick songs I skip those three, but when I listen to the album I must listen every single one (except Outta This World because idk why is not on streaming). But again, like you, I don't hate them, it's just when I handpick the songs.
  20. What an awful video for an amazing song and lead-single. BLACKOUT deserved better
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