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  1. I am a little late but lets be here for Britney not ourselves. I am aware that idea is a little too mature for people but why not?
  2. I hope so to they all get rich and Kevin is an allegedly in on the con the pulled to get her in the c-ship
  3. Guys lets remember why we are here...we are here to be Britney....not to try to act like Gods online to other fans. WE are here to appreciate Britney not tell each other their opinion doesn't matter. Everyone that listens to a Britney record or buys a perfume or just likes her post matters!
  4. I never thought of it like that but they would have been PERFECT but I think Collin probably wasn't feeling that POP STAR Machine. I would have loved to see her and HEATH
  5. They allegedly had a real connection. Even several years later he retains that he was "truly in love" with her. How can we sit here and bully someone she chose to party, hang out with and marry him(and knew from childhood)? WE DON'T KNOW THE STORY but what we do know is that he has said very kind things about her. If I may say we are all disgusted by Britney's treatment but why do we do it here still?
  6. Britney is a legend in music, video, entertainment and pop culture...a LEGEND and she is gonna become the first artist to change LAWS. Nations are holding rally's and singing her songs and I remember this site(in 2004 I think) and Jordan was one of if not the first to fight and talk for rights on a international scale. We all obvi love her so lets love her and put our egos aside and fight for her!
  7. should i post them? wait what did you say...an easy one "don't take what people say on here so seriously..." I kinda think you werre trying to get us to fight fight and @RoxxyI do apologize right now Britney needs us and Jordan told me what a good person you are
  8. And i'm pretty sure we can post the convo's right? What did you say everyone knows @Roxxy is a bully you just can't stand up to her...ooh dare I paraphrase
  9. If telling someone to kill themselves because the have mental illness(an easy low blow) than you must not consider Britney human as you must think of all of us the same
  10. Got dragged? I don't remember but I do remember someone trying to sneak in my DMs and tell me @ROXXY was a jerk
  11. To all members this is a forum where debate is highly prized. Where we appreciate other peoples views. Have an opinions ALWAYS but if you post it convince me why I am wrong not attempt to discredit a variance because of your "status". We all love Britney and she needs as much support from whomever she can get it from.
  12. When you supported her tirade against people with a mental disorder like me and Britney. It's kinda funny
  13. Britney needs all of us to forget our egos an do whatever we can to help her! So remember that when you to bite of someone's head first! She needs allies!
  14. Im sorry and you are in touch with her? What do you prefer clown, mime, jester...friend I'm not sure what title you prefer but if you are serious about freeing Britney let your ego aside because she will need all the allies she can get and not only the ones you deem worthy friend. Open your mind
  15. I'm aware friend but it's funny none of the media is playing that clip of her or Mona Lisa her professing the future. I wonder if her team is still buying Harbey and Perez
  16. She was aware of her team and family before they imprisoned her...don't forget. This was going on long before the C-Ship!
  17. So I can say Britney is fake but I can't say ROXXY is fake or any other mods? Kinda strange rules
  18. Jeff helped to push the "WHITE SUPREMACY" narrative just like Paris Hilton kinda funny no one on breatheheavy wants to talk about it. This site is becoming more popular for suppression rather the latter.
  19. I ask In a world where African men get shot or arrested and KILLED for taking out the garbage, having skittles, having a "fake" 20 or driving while black with an freshener...you guys wanna glorify this **** sympathizer?
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