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    Freedom. Free Britney, duh. I think the mod Slayer on this sub is so out of line with their bullying of the entire fanbase and movement, Jordan should close their account. Slayer repeatedly calls “this fan base” “crazy”, “insane”, “stupid” etc and punish everyone with an opposite opinion. That kind of behaviour doesn’t have a place as a mod on ANY forum, and especially not among Britney’s fan base who is all for freedom and democracy.
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  1. It is not allowed to ask questions and think critically here. I have been aware but didn’t really care, but now I see no point anymore. It is like most fonts works for the conservatorship with the choir being in ecstasy over really old videos posted to Jamie’s Instagram. Where is Britney? Is she alive? Is she locked up? Her Instagram just looks like a business opportunity for the family, now Britney is going to write a book in response to J-L, which just gives J-L more attention and as long as Britney is not OUT, SEEN and speaking for herself, you guys have no idea who writes those captions and why. After everything that has already happened, which is worse than any crime/horror novel, you still go from there to “I am 100% sure she is released, free and safe now. Because her boyfriend said so. Since when are spouses not the first suspects in murders, kidnapping etc, I mean, obviously we can just take the word from anonymous insiders and transphobic make up artists that routinely defame and bully other people”. Time will tell but this is just pointless. I care about Britney, not the prestige of the mods.
  2. Did SHE or did team Con who was the one making ALL of her decisions and making her comply with constant threats and punishments?
  3. THIS!! She has had no possibility for agency for 14 ******* years so everything that has happened when stamped as a minor with no human rights is abuse because she can’t consent when she lacks the RIGHT to consent and that right has been given to conservators!!!
  4. I love Kristin Davies ❤️ She is my favourite in SATC. She is SO beautiful. Probably the most beautiful actress I know.
  5. Weird how some fans have an alternative view on civil courage. In the world I live in, people at least pretend to or THINK that they would act if their sister or best friend was kidnapped and trafficked. People go to prison for defending freedom and human rights all over the world. I also think it is weird how someone who think they are a FAN of Britney think she deserves to have had bystanders letting this go on for 14 years. Why doesn’t she deserve to have friends that actually would have taken a bullet for her, whistleblowers, people who would have fought for her and not accepted this? I think she deserves that. I think everyone deserves that. What would YOU do if your dad or boss kidnapped YOUR sister or best friend and trafficked them with the blessing of a court? Cut off everyone else, forced them to take heavy medication and silenced them?
  6. Honestly, are they? All of them? Where is she? Is she free?! Is she locked up somewhere, is she free from harm done to her? The most dangerous time with an abuser is when leaving and I haven’t seen any proof that she is free and doing what she want.
  7. I think she is the voice of reason among the vocal Free Britney supporters on social media.
  8. She is only famous for being Britney’s sister, so not a celebrity, singer etc. The only reason I am tired of seeing the threads are because the new ones promote her book and it shouldn’t be advertised. If anything should be banned it should be to be pro conservatorships IMO.
  9. Oh, do you say so Jamie Lynn’s PR agent. Who cares about a photoshopped picture of a psychopath human trafficker?
  10. What the hell. Fake account detected. NO. Britney needs her damn human rights and she better be released now. If SHE wants to explain or tell the story it is up to HER, not her psychopath sister who has been living off of human trafficking of her own sister for 13 years. I don’t even understand why OP post about this book. Stop promoting it, don’t help out!
  11. If she is so free now, why would she have to talk in riddles like some prisoner doing morse code through the prison walls?! If she is as protected by Rosengod as fans here hopes, if she is more free than any other person on this planet as Sam claims, why would she post cryptic messages that can be interpreted in a hundred ways? I know who else post cryptic vague posts on Instagram. Lou Taylor, Lynne Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears.
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