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Nicki Minaj reveals she's done with Twitter, and reveals the White House wanted to talk to her privately without her fans knowing the conversation

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Nicki Minaj is done with Twitter, but spilled that the biden administration wanted their chat to be private, and her posting it on Twitter, pissed them off.


She revealed they went to her management and publicist and it added more furor, that they wanted her to look like a liar to her fans..


She also revealed a not so hidden secret, that many of our favorite artists think like her, but are afraid to speak out cos they don't want to be cancelled or watch the whole world turn on them as they did with Nicki Minaj..



@Jordan Miller



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Imma believe Nicki Minaj over hyenas from the white house any day.

Actually, correct that. I would rather believe the biggest pathological liar this world has ever seen, than i would believe anyone from the White House.

I don't think people are aware just how much and how far politicians from any country are ready to lie and manipulate in order to stay where they are and continue having any sort of power and money. 

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Didn't she go on IG live and heavily imply that Twitter had banned her? Then some Twitter representative countered her claim by saying that they'd put no restrictions on her account at all? Who should I believe, Mrs. Petty with her history of lying and supporting problematic people including anti-vaxxers now, or a social media platform? :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue:

Edit: She's still using Twitter. She apparently threatened to leak a reporter's phone number. So Nicki supports doxing now. :beysip_sipping_drink_hoodie_starbucks_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_giggle_cackle_cackling_laughing_lmao:

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