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ACLU reportedly encouraged the court to allow Britney unrestricted access to the internet

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26 minutes ago, sunny_liston said:

Does anyone know the mechanics of how restricting some - but not all - internet access even works? How does a home computer or iPhone filter what she can or cannot see?

I work for a major phone provider, and I know each carrier has specific content blocking filters you can add as an additional feature. Down to even automatic times of the day, or adding different addresses to block. Think of it like blocking a contact, but for a web address instead.

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5 hours ago, Buffybot said:

So... We can assume Britney never had actually "internet freedom" and she edits and sends her stuff for Cassie buddies... Because obviously she has control over her Instagram even tho she barely access whatever she wants.

K... :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

I remember when Britney was posting videos in 2016/2017 of her using the filters, fans figured out that it wasn't instagram or snapchat she was using, but free offline knock off filter apps, so I'm guessing Britney's phone has limited and restricted Internet access, mainly for cloud purposes, and was loaded with free apps so she would have content.

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