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  1. “What am I gonna do with my life? (You will find it out Don’t worry) How am I supposed to know what’s right? (you just gotta do it your Way)” and the forever iconic: “ If. I. Get. On. TOP, you gonna lose ya mind”
  2. For all you saying she ruined her face… please tell Me which one looks more like “primney”. 2011 2016
  3. Does she even still have fans at this point? Does she actually think people believe she’s some sort of victim Here? Literally no one cares about you outside your connection to your sister and you’ve very publicly burned that bridge. Give it up Bit h
  4. I mean not even Adele can touch Queen Mandy so.. take what you can get.
  5. Incase anyone was wondering.. this is what PTSD looks like. She’s got a long road ahead of her on addressing trauma and how to move forward in her life. She has a strong support system in Sam but she’s been lied to and manipulated by everyone else that’s been supposed to be supporting her. Her family, her attorney, her team. Ending the conservatorship is the first step to healing. But it’s just the first step. I think the more the world rally’s behind her the better she will feel. But she really needs therapy. And I’m not saying that in a negative way at all. She needs to know that she can be safe.
  6. Judgmental gay reviews don’t work on Adele. She is in a different league of pop music. You don’t sell 3 million albums in the first week for appealing to only the typical pop audience which is gay and teens. She will go down as one of the greats
  7. Can’t wait until she goes after him. If she can get out of a conservatorship without an evaluation there’s no way a family court judge is going to require one for custody. The state of California fumbled the ball too many times. And now that she will be in control of all her money she will have access to a team of lawyers that can tear Kfed and Kaplan to shreds. This ***** really is going to go full Kill Bill…
  8. girl, fire your team. THIS is what you come up with to be your debut single as a solo artist? Imagine how much money the label paid for that sample and this is the **** you put out? Get new management. Fast.
  9. It’s funny.. they are clearly both more open and free with what they post on IG now Bc Jamie is gone. Let them enjoy themselves. Some of you have a lot of nerve given the **** you’ve written about her AND Sam over the years that can be labeled distasteful at BEST
  10. Sorry the only thing ppl gonna be talking about is Britney’s freedom on November 12th…
  11. Those poor kids. Imagine finding all of this out? That you were kept from your mother because of baseless bull**** all so your family could bleed her dry and manipulate her?
  12. I wish she gave these things a chance. The last time she had a voice in a documentary was For the Record. And let’s be real.. half the time she was unkempt and drugged out of her face. Heavily edited. EVERYONE wants to hear straight from her, but until then at least there are people and corporations (despite their intentions) shining a light on what so many ignored and made fun of for YEARS
  13. It’s unfortunately a necessary evil at this point in time. I get that Britney is A, embarrassed and B, sick of other people speaking for her and telling her story. But until she’s free from the restraints she’s under then this is what is going to happen. You can’t just pretend this isn’t happening because you want it to Go away. This is your life sis. Own it. Then start controlling the narrative when you can control who you can and can’t talk to…
  14. Some of you make me lmao… documentaries are meant to be informative and raise awareness through film. It’s designed to dissect what has been going on in the conservatorship and expose it to The public. This isn’t video documentation of a criminal investigation.. some of you talking about it not Doing anything for the case… what would you like Netflix to do? Provide the offshore account of Lou Taylor siphoning money directly from Britney’s estate? Christ. Some people are never happy. Sad for you
  15. See! Told you MFers it wasnt Pro con. This looks so good!! Can’t wait ❤️
  16. Whatever you know of Rihanna (good music) don’t expect that. Wonderful. She knows well enough to get ahead of the meltdowns her fan base is going to have. This way she can fall back and say “ i tOlD yOu I wAs tRyIng SoMeThInG dIfFeReNt”
  17. There’s no way that this is going to be “pro conservatorship” everyone needs to calm down. Wait until the actual trailer to see what they will be covering. The fact that they highlighted that she wanted to end the conservatorship 12 years ago in the teaser I think says it all. I’m hoping they will explore conservatorship law and why the **** it’s taken so long for something to be done.
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