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  1. I disagree with saying that since she didn't write it, a song can't be aimed at someone. Like when she covered "You Oughta Know," we all knew that was aimed at Kevin even though it's not her song. I think "Womanizer" is probably just a song to her, but I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason she chose it was to address Kevin. And when it came out, I'm guessing people thought it was targeted at one of her exes
  2. You guys have achieved so much PERIODT Since #FreeBritney started: Lou Taylor quit & had to sell her Nashville office Andrew Wallet left, was rehired, then fired again Bessemer is co-conservator there are literal LAWS being made Jamie is on his way of being OUT of the conservatorship completely the movement has resurged two times, on TikTok with the younger generation and the NYT doc catching everybody else up In such a broken and corrupt legal system, the steps this movement has taken soars over what happened in the past 13 years
  3. If she goes back to making music, I hope she feels less anxious and more passionate about performances. Ever since the conservatorship started, it's always felt like she was being forced to perform. Even the 2006 club performances that were messy af had so much more passion and were fun! Outperforming everybody at awards shows was Britney's game when she was on top, and I think having good shows and music vids would definitely help her singles stand out again in a Britney way
  4. Nobody is saying Britney is a better live singer than Dua, but she's a hell of a better performer and had a better vocal technique when she was younger. I'm not hating on Dua, but to address the OT, she doesn't come anywhere near overpowering Britney imo
  5. Yes, I actually agree with Doja the most! Not in terms of fame or chart success or finnicky things like that. But she's so down-to-earth and into the music & performances that it reminds me of Britney but a 2020s version. Gaga always gave me pretentious vibes (and that's okay cuz I still listen to her music, but it's just not Britney)
  6. Inspired by this old PopJustice thread debating Britney versus Rihanna in 2008 Idk about Rihanna, but I know a bunch of Britney fans switched to Little Monsters when Just Dance blew up. Curious to hear if there were any other notable ones
  7. And Britney lost more fans cuz she went through a much much much rougher time. There's no merit in comparing the loyalty when Taylor's fanbase has never had to deal with anything nearly as bad as 2007
  8. There is no way an online feud was nearly as bad as what Britney was going through. The comparison is actually laughable to me, no offense. Do you really think being made fun of in parody videos and on Twitter is equivalent at all to having your marriage driven to the point of divorce, losing custody of your kids, and being the laughingstock of the entire world for a year while you were having a breakdown?? I don't support comparing the misery of two people, but this was just too far over the line. That's why Brit fans who've stuck through it all are more loyal imo PS. You lowkey got what you deserved for playing LWYMMD in public lmao
  9. Exactly, acting like the "controversy" Taylor had in 2016 is even 1% as heartbreaking as 2007 and it's fallout. Brit fans who have been around since '98 are so loyal
  10. I believe the original California law is that conservatees can choose a lawyer if they have the capacity. But Britney was declared to not have the capacity and was given Ingham instead of her own choice of lawyer. And we’ve seen what he’s done over the years
  11. Always thought it was weird how she said "and/or their mothers" in this vid. Does anybody who was keeping up with the magazines back then know what the tea was?
  12. I think if the March hearing actually accomplished what it had set out to address instead of pushing everything to April and ending in five minutes, Lisa's prediction would be more feasible. She is so correct in addressing how Ingham has such a lack of energy. It took him 13 years to even start doing anything above the bare minimum. And now his errors pushed back Bessemer yet again and he is taking months to do something a competent lawyer could do in weeks. All while being set with his half a million per four months paycheck
  13. at the end of the day, collabs are more a product of artists' teams working together than the artists themselves. of these, sms makes the most sense because brit & miley shared the same management and label (at the time ). s&s made sense because will.i.am was executive producing BJ, so it was a cross promo type of thing for his album. s&m was a surprise because rihanna & brit were never on the same label or had some other association. if brit had a better team that could follow through on collabs (like with selena, for better or worse) and she had a label with a better roster of artists, she'd probably have more collabs
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