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  1. If she is truly as narcissistic as she seems, I feel like she would lurk BreatheHeavy to see all the constant discussion around her…
  2. I will never understand their justification for how they treat Britney. She made some mistake 15 years ago, but it’s not like Jamie Lynn or that rancid uncle are perfect angels?? I mean, getting pregnant at 16 is one of the worst things that can happen to those super religious families, yet they don’t treat Jamie Lynn like she is sub-human. How have they let their greed manipulate them so much
  3. Hopefully 🤞 a big reason Kevin used in asking to double the child support in 2018 was because he made practically nothing while Britney was making a lot of money on tour (which is doubly sick cause she was forced to do that tour). Now that she’s on work hiatus, she could hire a competent lawyer to argue that the payments should be lowered
  4. There’s no way Cade is on the same level as Larry or Robin. For one, Britney actually hangs out with him for fun in real life. I really struggle to see the benefit in scrutinizing the people Britney is close to. It’s so alienating and for what reason? This roundabout argument assigning blame to people? What are you going to gain from accusing one of Britney’s best friends of being involved in the conservatorship? Edit: I’m not replying in this thread anymore. It’s not right to place your conspiracy theories on people Britney is engaged to or close friends with. Don’t forget she’s a real person who has actual relationships with these people. Think about how she would feel if she couldn’t hang out with anybody without hundreds of people digging through their history to “investigate.” Give her her well-deserved privacy and truly believe that she can make her own decisions jeez
  5. All of y’all acting like this conservatorship could’ve just been removed if Cade did something earlier… “he should’ve called the police”?? Even fans saw a glimpse of what was going on since the very beginning, and if they called the police, you know what would have happened? Jack. Stop blaming the few people Britney can trust in her close circle and trust her judgement
  6. It’s not a question of whether it’s legal or not. It’s about whether you’re supposed to have it around kids, which Britney is absolutely not allowed to do, but Kevin can do as he wants apparently.
  7. Girl this is abuse in no world is busting a door down because of an argument with a 12 year old a normal response from anyone, especially a grandparent and especially from someone who is deemed capable of taking complete control over a multimillion dollar estate
  8. Idc much for rumors but hope this one is true. Columbia seems likely because Miley moved there too after finishing her RCA contract. There have a been a bunch of anniversary editions of her other albums so that might explain why this is the last one needed to fulfill the contract. And to those of you who think RCA isn’t that bad, RCA is horrible at promotion through radio and streaming. Britney was busting her *** at interviews and performances in 2016, but you can only do so much if your label can’t get their **** together. Doja is also on RCA and her hits would have been way bigger if RCA could get them more on radio
  9. Yep I remember when I first became a fan last year, she had like 22 mil and has now gained >10 mil followers in a year. Even before her testimony, she was gaining a lot of followers in 2020. Ik some people say the dancing vids damage her brand/legacy/whatever, but damn have they boosted her engagement!
  10. PLZZZ I wasn’t expecting it to be that funny (time stamp is 13:30 btw) I saw a viral tweet a few months ago with that clip in it. Girl was vibing!
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