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  1. Not saying he isn't trash, but I'm not gonna fault him for not responding to an accosting papz in the middle of the day. Incidentally, has there ever been any specific negative comment by Britney about her brother? Maybe I missed it but seems like he's been just mostly irrelevant in her life.
  2. The NYPost isn't wrong, at that time there was a lot of controversy in the US media about BOMT. There are plenty of newspaper articles / magazines from those days available online that touch on the moral panic.
  3. I had always assumed (based on nothing in particular) that the Britney era was the last of the fun times. It was a grueling schedule, 3 albums/tours in 3 years, but something about her Britney era interviews seemed like she was still enjoying her meteoric rise. And then the negatives quickly started outweighing the positives.
  4. Yeah there wasn't a late night host who consistently treated her worse. Someone could prolly compile an hour long montage of his **** 06-08 jokes at her expense.
  5. At 16 she was a complete unknown. By 19 she was one of the 5-10 most famous humans in the world. I think the speed with which her name went from nothing to highest global commodity actually WAS unprecedented and remains so today. Can anyone think of another story like that?
  6. So many thoughts: 1. INCREDIBLE footage.. what a freaking treat! seeing behind the scenes for these iconic performances 2. how tall is wade Robson? dude looks massive 3. she was already a seasoned pro at 18 4. the live performance of oops ended up being their most perfect take. you can tell some of the timing was slightly off in these rehearsals 5. who is the hero leaking this after 21 years?? what else exists and is being kept under wraps?? 6. relating to #5 I hope we eventually get to see BOMT era concert footage, whether concerts themselves or rehearsals. it's a crime that none of that (#1 single / #1 album) tour was professionally recorded 7. never noticed the spider leg look of that raised platform at these VMAs 8. she was already DWAD era ripped here, good lord
  7. Yeah I think this basically answers OP's question. The "basic white blonde" thing is a legacy criticism from all the way back in the beginning when Britney haters dismissed her as a manufactured product of the corporate pop machine. I do think this label has faded through the years, though clearly not all the way.
  8. It is honestly hard to overstate how iconic this is. To this day even non fans are peripherally aware of the "snake performance". They don't know the year, the song, or anything else but *that visual* has etched its place in pop culture history. Maybe have my fan shades on but I'm thinking of parallels to the Beatles on Ed Sullivan show or Michael Jackson performing billie jean on the Motown special. Rare stuff.
  9. I know right. Great article, but why is carrie Bradshaw on the graphic.
  10. Agree with everyone else that the hologram thing is creepy and definitely don't want Britney to have anything to do with it. Unrelated to all that - how freaking great is it to have ABBA back in 2021 (!)
  11. Agree that Britney's topless pics are legally irrelevant in the c-ship fight. It is a fact though that in the court of public opinion they are relevant. Anectodaly, I recently had two friends - not fans obviously but also not haters - on separate occasions reference the pics in the context of "are we sure she's mentally ok..." when the topic of her c-ship came up. Is it fair? Of course not. But what has been in her career and life.
  12. IMO early-Britney Max Martin pop is very tiktokable. I can see something like What U see is what U get catching on with the kids.
  13. I too am interested in getting the answer to this from people who understand these things. Also - how about some low-key credit to the NFL for putting Britney on. Sure she was on top of everything in those days but the overlap between big NFL fans and big Britney fans must have been very small (that would be me!)
  14. Not top priority of course but do want details to emerge about whose idea the surgeries were under the c-ship.
  15. Not sure why there's a difference of opinion on this. There's a direct line connecting the defensiveness that some of the fandom has to this marriage to k-fed. With the benefit of 15+ years of hindsight it can objectively be said that it was a horrible development in her personal life and was the catalyst to her current c-ship nightmare all these years later. That said - there's currently no evidence that this will at all go down the same road so we should all be supportive of her decisions.
  16. Reminds me of her hurricane Katrina donations in '05. No press conferences, no public relations - just quiet charity. Reminds me also of those stories of her giving out $100 bills for xmas to anyone and everyone in Kentwood when she first made it in '99. We know why we're here.
  17. I'm sympathetic to what you're saying. For example, I overplayed and ruined the Beatles catalogue in my high school days (2001-2005 lol) and there's good and bad news from my experience. The bad news is that despite not playing those songs for ~1.5 decades they mostly still don't sound fresh if I intentionally play them today. The good news is that if you unintentionally hear any of those songs in the course of your daily life - radio, stores, and especially when out at bars/restaurants - they are as exciting as ever. Fortunately for me - I have many, many Britney plays left before I reach that point. Yeah that's me keeping her Spotify #s up.
  18. Prenup is 1000% obligatory. But in fairness, they've both been open for a while about wanting and waiting for this so I don't know how much he's in fact swooping in. That said, why he was allowed within the walls of the c-ship remains a mystery.
  19. Hey have they once clarified what specific substance she was allegedly abusing and addicted to? Generic "addiction" to nothing in particular is not real. They may as well come out and state what it is if they want it to be taken seriously, assuming of course it's not all entirely bull****.
  20. Cant make you love me, Cinderella, I will be there, and especially Where are You Now ... don't need to see the rest of the list honestly, I already approve.
  21. In my opinion, and I'm trying to take the fan goggles off, it has aged phenomenally well. This song is a legit 1-b to the 1-a of BOMT
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